State says unvaxed should wear masks in school

By Guy Page

After the first few weeks of the coming school year, students and staff at Vermont schools with 80% or more eligible students vaccinated won’t need to wear masks – except for the unvaccinated.

That’s one of the recommended – but not required – guidelines announced today by the Vermont Agency of Education (AOE) for Covid-19 masking for the 2021-2022 school year. These guidelines were shared by Agency Secretary Dan French at today’s press conference:

  • All students and staff at all schools must wear masks for the “first few weeks” of the school year.
  • After that initial period, all students and staff with schools with vaccination rates below 80% of eligible students (12 and over) must wear masks. 
  • Vaccinated students and staff in schools with above 80% eligible students vaccinated will not be required to wear masks. 
  • Unvaccinated students and staff must wear masks.

Masking “is incredibly powerful and it’s worked very well for us,” Health Commissioner Mark Levine said. There are no recommended social distancing requirements.

French was asked how Vermont schools will know they have reached the 80% threshhold. “We have a strong understanding of what goes on in our schools,” he said.

Wilson Ring of the Associated Press asked if following the guidelines will be voluntary, for either school districts or parents? “The State of Emergency ended in the spring,” French said. “School districts have the authority to not follow [AOE] guidance.” However, parents will not have the freedom to disregard guidelines established by school boards, he said.

Last year, under the State of Emergency, private schools were in compliance with masking and social distancing guidelines. This year, that decision will be up to the individual schools.

County Courier editor Greg Lamoureux asked if the urge to reach the 80% threshhold will lead to “condoning bullying and peer pressure” – the vaccinated putting pressure on the unvaccinated. Scott said he’s concerned about such confrontations, but that policy is about “trying to encourage and inspire others.”

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  1. This is seriously dumb. There is no harm to be had by allowing healthy kids to get Covid. Kids are little Petri dishes anyway; a case of Covid in a kid is just a cold. So what?

    Furthermore, wearing pieces of cotton material over ones face does zip. Not a single piece of evidence has shown any helpful effect. Masks do increase the CO2 levels in children, make it difficult to breathe, give them headaches and impair communication.

    And as for singling out the unvaxed and putting pressure on them to get vaxed in order to lift the restrictions? Sanctioning bullying by state government!

  2. The only thing such requirements for masking does is to create another fear driven campaign this fall to further the program goal of destroying our unity as a people, to divide the nation into “them” (the vaccinated) and “the others” (the unvaccinated)?

    For any adult who has raised a child to adulthood, is there any doubt that at this stage of life, in elementary and high school, that they will not want to be singled out as different? Those who are unvaccinated will be singled out and they will be bullied, ostracized and considered to be a danger by the misinformed.

    Imagine the pressure on those non-injected children who are attending an under 80% compliant school. Not only are they being forced to wear a useless, irritating mask but by not being vaccinated they will be accused, threatened and ridiculed for creating the situation where all must wear those worthless, irritating pieces of cloth.

    This is so evil! None of this is based on medical science but on flawed opinions by control minded people. Why did the state lift the emergency at 70% and these children are subject to the restrictions until 80%? None of this makes any logical sense. It is all about control because they can!

    What a burden to put on our children and for what? To wear a mask that we in the medical field, know does nothing but potentially impair the health of those forced to wear them all day.

    I have a solution for those parents who are distressed about this and have the ability. Home school your child! They will get a better education than in the public school and they can be allowed to breathe the free, fresh air of Vermont.

  3. Take a Stand Parents! Do Not Comply with Evil! This so-called administration in Vermont has the gall to tell Parents that they don’t have Freedom to go against the School Board! REALLY?! They have rights to your Children?! REALLY?! Your Children are YOURS, Show them your Freedom and Keep your kids OUT of those Schools who segregate and ridicule your children and make them wear USELESS MASKS! We All KNOW this Whole MASK scenario is meant to Control the People. They don’t care about your health. The experimental death shot is what they want you to inject into your body and your children’s body. The Vermont Government is EVIL to the Core.

  4. this is not and never was a pandemic, it was created as a tool to scare, control, intimidate, destroy, coerce, divide! In a pandemic millions would have been dead before a single vaccine was available nothing would have stopped it, not masks, not social distancing nothing! read up on the 1918 pandemic!

  5. What actual evidence does Dr. Levine provide to back up his ridiculous claim that masks were a successful tool in preventing the spread of the virus. It is a scientific fact that masks are not able to block a microscopic virus.

  6. As of April 9th, 2021, not a single death from Covid-19 in Vermont occurred in someone under 30 years of age according to the Vermont Department of Health’s weekly summary. Kids are more at risk riding their bikes to school than of dying from Covid-19. Where is the science behind this mask recommendation?

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