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State Police collect 3 tons of body armor for Ukraine

Among the 1000 body-armor vests collected by the Vermont State Police and scheduled to be sent to Ukraine. VSP photo

Law enforcement agencies and members of the public have donated about 1,000 body-armor vests and 45 helmets to the Vermont State Police, which coordinated an extensive effort to collect the items and prepare them for shipment to Ukraine.

The donations came from across Vermont and throughout the Northeast and totaled roughly 6,600 pounds — or just over 3 tons. The donations included about 875 soft-armor vests and 125 tactical vests. VSP received donations at all 10 barracks statewide, and then consolidated all the items at the Williston Barracks. The Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles on Thursday, March 24, helped weigh the items and prepare them for shipping to the war zone.

“This is a good use for this equipment, to help protect the people of Ukraine who are fighting for their freedom,” said Capt. Mike Manley, who coordinated the project for the state police. “We’re extremely grateful to our fellow law-enforcement agencies, the people of Vermont, and members of the public from outside our state who stepped up and made generous donations.”

Photographs of the donated body armor are available for media use at this link.

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