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State pays commuters to carpool, walk, bike

by Guy Page

A new carbon-emissions program funded in part by the Vermont Department of Transportation (VTRANS) is paying single-occupancy commuters to find another way to work.

Before the pandemic drastically reduced Vermont commuter traffic, climate change activists in the Vermont Legislature were targeting what they called “pleasure car” travel by single occupants to and from work. According to VTRANS statistics (see below), the average Vermonter drives more miles per capita compared with other states, even other rural states.

These figures predate the pandemic and its impact – both shortterm and longterm – on commuter traffic. According to research by AAA, the average number of all daily personal car trips nationally plunged 45% in April 2020 and 40% for trips by all modes of transportation combined. The dip in travel moderated later in the year but remained below 2019 levels. Despite pandemic-related reduction in commuting, VTRANS is plunging ahead with taxpayer-funded carrots including $76 gift card incentives to reduce commuter-related carbon emissions.

Vermont lawmakers will be among the gift card recipients. According to WCAX, one of the gift card providers is the Farm House Tap and Grill, a popular Burlington pub.

The Commuter Incentive Program offers gift card incentives and individualized support in order to help more employees commute to their workplace sustainably and affordably rather than by single occupancy vehicle (SOV), its website says. “Our participants commute to a wide array of employers, including the US House of Representatives, the City of Winooski, Diggers Mirth Farm, LONDONMiddlebury, Beta Technologies and many more.”

The Commuter Incentive Program operates out of Sustainable Transportation Vermont, in partnership with CATMA, VNRC, and VTrans. It is a grant-funded initiative through the Vermont Mobility and Transportation Innovations Grant Project; its stated purpose is to “foster innovative strategies that improve both mobility and access for transit-dependent Vermonters, reduce the use of single occupancy vehicles for work trips, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.”

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  1. The goal is to have the utilitarian’s (Mr. & Mrs. Lunchpail) living in 800 sq. ft. apartments, eating rice and riding bicycles …. just like the nation they hold so dear – China. How do voters reelect Democrats who so revile western civilization.

  2. Would be great if people who chose to walk, ride their bike, and use public, were rewarded for their environmental choices at tax time, vegans too.

    • Anonymous, are htere any vegans here? I’m vegetarian, although I eat eggs. I’m a “curmudgeon” who refuses to support falseness either from the “right” or the “left”.
      Maybe there should be mor epublic transportation in VT. RCT goes right past my driveway but makes no stops until it arrives, empty, in Newport to shuttle between Newport and Derby.

  3. No insight into how they will administer the program. Take everyone at their word just like they do with voting?

  4. If the masses only knew the technologies that have been hidden from them to give abundance to everyone. Instead the these sick people want to eliminate us through attrition to guarantee their own selfishness. Don’t give them the satisfaction!


  5. Darn, and I was thinking of moving to SanFran and getting on their criminal qualifiers list for the $300.00 bucks a month pay out for not shooting anybody…Decisions, decisions….

    • Once crime is super high here in Burlington, I’m SURE they’ll offer that here in order to keep attracting as many “underprivileged” drug dealers, gang members, & illegals here as humanly possible —- so, not to worry!

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