UPDATE: Primary election software snafu should be fixed by Friday, Sec State hopes

by Guy Page

The Vermont Secretary of State’s office announced this morning that the 2022 Statewide and Federal Primary Election Canvass will be delayed.

This afternoon, Secretary of State Jim Condos told reporters his office expects the problem fixed by Friday. Software vendor Civix has been working non-stop to resolve the problem, which was caused when state vote canvassing software failed to correctly assign votes where a Chittenden County Senate district crossed the boundary line of a House district.

There is no doubt about vote totals gathered at local polls, only about the process of their assimilation into the final, state-certified vote count, Condos said.

The election was held Tuesday, August 9 – one week ago. Since the evening of the primary, the Senate tab on the SOS Election Night Results page has been blank. SOS has blamed the tech problem on the every-10-years legislative redistricting, which passed the Legislature in May.

The problem isn’t at the Town and County clerk level. Those voting figures have been submitted to the Vermont Secretary of State. The problem is a software snafu at the state level.

Screenshot from today’s Secretary of State Election Results page – note no tab for ‘Senate.’

The office’s priority is ensuring all vote reports certified as official precisely match the official return of votes as submitted by the Town and City Clerks, SOS spokesperson Eric Covey said. To date, the state’s contractor has been unable to resolve an administrative technology issue impacting the office’s ability to generate reports based on the official return of votes submitted by Town and City Clerks, Covey said.

The canvassing was scheduled for 10 am today.

The software problem is in no way connected to the replacement of computer chips in all Vermont vote tabulators, Condos said. The tabulators worked flawlessly, he added.

Office staff continue to work around the clock with the state’s software contractor to identify a solution and produce reports based on the official return of votes submitted by the Clerks.

“It is important to note that this process is separate and distinct from the official counting of ballots and the local certification of official results by the Town Clerks,” Covey said. “The Secretary of State’s office wants to assure the public that these administrative delays do not impact the 100% confidence we have in the accuracy of the vote totals for all candidates as reported by the Town Clerks.”

The Secretary of State’s mission is to provide a secure and accurate election, Covey said. The office will always default to a delay to ensure integrity and confidence of the results when they are certified.

The canvassing process is a careful and deliberate process defined in statute. There are numerous checks to ensure that the canvassed results accurately match the will of Vermont voters as reported by the Town Clerks.

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  1. Did everyone notice that our counting machines were all dominion? Why are we using them here with all the questions surrounding the 2020 election? Is Vermont that big that we can’t count by hand? I think not, and now we are having issues even telling who won the primary in certain areas. Boy, now I really trust our government, by the way that’s sarcasm.

    Josh Elkins Franklin County

  2. Incompetence or malfeasance? According to a previous article, the problem is from Gerrymandering by the democratic candidate for secretary of state and former legislative leader responsible for the issue at hand. Seems like it makes sense not to let her anywhere near the SOS office which is in charge of elections. Haven’t we seen enough with the potential avenues for election fraud and why are out of state students allowed to vote in Vermont? You get the incompetence that you vote for and with the dem/prog super majority, the end justifies the means. Vote smart or don’t vote at all. Voting for what’s happened to Vermont is not voting smart. Live free or enjoy your misery. YES, IT IS YOUR REPRESENTATIVES FAULT and your vote!

  3. weren’t those dominion voting machines just updated? updated to do what?
    this is unacceptable!

  4. We should not be using Dominion machines. You really need to watch “2000 Mules” There needs to be 100% accountability and ballots should not be given out by the Sec. of State. We need stricter rules and ID should be a requirement! Only those citizens who can not get to the poles should request ballots from their town Admins.

  5. So if votes can’t be tabulated due to the redistricing how do we know if people voted in the right race to begin with?

  6. Well now….I read it twice….what I see is “its not the vote count, those are correct” several times… .sorta like someone telling you “Their honest” over and over

  7. Leftist moonbat Jim Condos should spend less time writing fiction about how the 2020 election was so secure and more time doing the job he was regrettably elected to do.

  8. So…..what is the difference? The House vote is listed…and in many cases marked as official. The House reps also had NEW districts. Just does not look good.