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VT Headlines: Staff shortages as school year begins

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  1. So does that mean we are not number 1 in student to teacher ratio any more ?

  2. Lousy pay, obnoxious bureaucracy, and more annoying woke Karens than you can possibly imagine. But hey, you do get Summers off. Where do I sign?

  3. Re: Vermont students return to school as staff shortages persist

    Declaring a ‘staff shortage’ is a subjective assessment. That the North Country Supervisory Union makes the declaration doesn’t justify the remark.

    Keep in mind that the latest data I have from the Agency of Education says that there are between 75,000 and 80,000 K-12 public school students in Vermont. And, there are 23,000+- teachers and paraeducators currently employed throughout the State. That’s a 3.5 student to teacher/paraeducator ratio. Is this insufficient? By what metric?

    And what about the total AOE employee list? When counting all school staff, from bus drivers to counselors, from maintenance workers to superintendents, there are 75,000+- education employees on its list. That’s an approximate one-to-one student/staff ratio.

    In my Westminster, VT school district, we have a $5.1 million school budget funding fewer than 200 students. That’s more than $26,000 per student annually – even to educate a first grader.

    Compare that to the in-state single student cost of $26,000 to attend the Vermont State University schools for a full year of undergraduate course work – WHICH INCLUDES ROOM AND BOARD.

    And then consider that fewer than half of our K-12 students meet minimum grade-level standards when they graduate.

    Why do these folks want even more employees? Because the Healthcare/Education/Government labor sector represents the supermajority of the Vermont legislative electorate. Resist them and you lose your job.

  4. Message to Vermont Education: LIVE WITH IT. You have been way overstaffed for a long, long time. Figure out how to make it work with the staff you now have. Stop whining and having tantrums. Be adults. DO YOUR JOBS.