Stabbing on Gore Road


October 4 shortly after midnight, State Police in Saint Albans received a call about a stabbing on Gore Rd in Highgate. Caitlin Bockus (age 29) called to advise that she had just stabbed someone, and her ex-boyfriend was bringing that person to the hospital, police say.

It was later determined that an altercation occurred between Bockus and Amy Plattner (age 41). Bockus was stating she stabbed Plattner in self-defense after being attacked, but according to Plattner and the ex-boyfriend, Bockus was the aggressor. Both of them advised Bockus was never assaulted, and she stabbed Plattner without warning.

Plattner went to Northwestern Medical Center but was later transferred to UVM Medical Center. Her injuries are considered serious but stable, and she was able to speak with the Troopers at the hospital to give her side of the story. Bockus was charged with the crime of aggravated assault and was lodged at Chittenden County Corrections for lack of $1000 bail.

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  1. A knife ! We should ban them all. Especially the assault knives the ones you can stab 30 times or more with.

    • Disagree, because we need them for kitchen cooking sometimes, and if someone for example robs you, you can stab them and protect your self (which is legal) and most likely save yourself. Also, knives are used in lawn care occasionally, and where i live, knives are a daily part of life, we use them all the time, and we keep a pocket knive for protection

    • Well, where I’m from, we can have up to 20 rounds a mag, depending on the type of firearm, assault rifles are 31 rounds of 5.56/5.73 or 21 rounds of 7.76/7.36. with handguns its 20 rounds of 9mm, 380acp, 40cal, 22lr, 22sh, 357mm, 44mm, 45cal. Rifles its 12 rounds of 5.s or 7.s or 8 rounds of 50cal, with shotguns its 12 rounds of slug, 12 of buck, and 18 of bird.

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