St. J man busted for L&L with child / Man tried to smother victim

A St. Johnsbury man was arrested for lewd and lascivious conduct with a child and luring a child following an investigation that began with a suspicious call on June 2, according to local authorities.

Corporal Johnson and Officer Guyer of the St. Johnsbury Police Department responded to the call on Eastern Avenue involving a reported meeting between a 15-year-old and a 28-year-old.

Though the claim was initially deemed unfounded, further investigation revealed another contact between the minor and the suspect on or around June 6.

As a result of the investigation, 36-year-old Johnathen D. Young was arrested and held without bail at the Northeastern Correctional Complex.

Young is scheduled to appear in Caledonia Superior Court on June 12 at 12:30 p.m.

Man smothered victim with pillow – David Razinha, 53, of Northfield has been arrested for first degree aggravated domestic assault in connection with an incident that occurred during the night of June 5-6, Northfield police said. The victim said they had been smothered with a pillow by Razinha at about 11 PM. They felt the pillow tight on their face and Razinha held it down over them. The victim advised fearfulness for their life that Razinha would kill them.

Razinha was arrested and brought to the Northeast Correctional facility where he was held without bail. He was ordered into Washington County court for June 8, 2023 at 1230 hours.

DUI#5, Assault in Richford – State police say Billy Pecor, 49, of Richford assaulted James Russel, 58, of Richford and also drove while being under the influence of alcohol and with a criminally-suspended license. 

The incident occured at 7:20 pm June 11 on Troy Street in Richford. Pecor was arrested, transported to the St. Albans Barracks for procession and was then lodged at the Northwestern Correctional Facility.

Threw stones at bus, made threats – A 55-year-old man was arrested following a stone-throwing incident in Berkshire Saturday.

Authorities say they were notified of an intoxicated man jumping in front of traffic on Vermont Route 105 at around 4:50 p.m. It was also reported that Robert Bushey, of Berkshire, was throwing stones at passing vehicles.

Police say they responded, at which time investigation revealed that Bushey had also threatened harm to 3 individuals, as well as caused damage to a Green Mountain Transit bus.

He was taken to detox and given a citation for the offenses of aggravated disorderly conduct, criminal threatening, and unlawful mischief. He is scheduled to be arraigned in court on July 18. – Police reports via Newport Dispatch

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  1. OMG, so the PEDO’s are really NOT safe in VT, what an amazing thing. I thought with all the PEDO flags flying at even churches, you would have let this guy slide. I find this an amazing story.

    Absolutely as antithetical to promoting that kids can make their own decisions and that kids feel sexual and kids KNOW what they want …SEXUALLY..

    Maybe just maybe people will start actually connecting what they are doing to kids ( puberty blockers , binding , tucking. ect. ) is really just another form of GENITAL MUTLIATION. You know what the muslims do to the women. What was BANNED in most states. In the lazy words of our illustrious potentate biden,,….. Come on man!

  2. Not that I endorse L&L behavior with children, I think it’s sick. But . . . if you want to engage in L&L behavior with children without being arrested, you need to be part of the Vermont Educational System. Then it’s okay !

    • I thought what I said was good, but no yours is so much better, Thanks. Wife love it too. She’s a woman. This also explains all the “teachers assistants” they need now a days. No wonder school budgets are going up. I also wonder if the high school being torn down is maybe just chocked full of “evidence ” that has to be destroyed. Hard saying with how VT is full of pedo flags and pedo marches and pedo commercials all over the tv they even advertise out of state to come here. ” All are welcome”.