St. Albans cop in court for taser assault

The Attorney General’s Office yesterday announced Mark Schwartz, 32, of Cambridge was arraigned in the Criminal Division of Vermont Superior Court in St. Albans on one count of Simple Assault. Mark Schwartz, a former officer with the St. Albans City Police Department, is accused of simple assault arising from an on-duty incident that occurred in 2019 involving use of a taser.

During the arraignment, Schwartz entered a plea of Not Guilty. Superior Court Judge Michael Kupersmith presided over the arraignment. The Court released Schwartz on conditions that he attend all court hearings when told to, inform the court and his attorney of his current contact information, and that he may not have contact with or harass the alleged victim.

The state police investigation began in May 2020 at the request of the Vermont Attorney General’s Office. Detectives learned that while on duty, then-Cpl. Schwartz responded to a report involving a man who had just broken a glass door at a bar on Main Street in St. Albans at about 9:23 p.m. Feb. 28, 2019. Records reviewed by the state police show that Schwartz encountered Vincent Ford, who matched the description of the vandalism suspect, and then deployed his Taser, striking Ford, shortly after stepping from his police cruiser.

Body cam video published by Seven Days shows Schwartz telling the alleged victim of the assault to get down on the ground. The alleged victim did not comply. Schwartz then warns him of a tasing, and then immediately tases him.

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  1. Let me see if I understand this properly. Police were called to a possible drunk, and disorderly, with a violent act of vandalism resulting. (suspected intentional breaking a glass door) Upon arrival, the responding officer confronted a subject that met the description of the suspect. The officer issued an order for the suspect to “get down on the ground.” The suspect did not comply with the police officer’s order. The suspect was then warned that refusal to comply would result in him being tased. The suspect still did not comply, and was tased. Was the suspect in fact the individual that broke the door ? Had he been drinking, possibly leading to an act of violence, or vandalism ? Does someone who has been drinking and intentionally committed an act of vandalism present a threat to law enforcement ? Should a person defy an order by law enforcement to comply with a reasonable request that is meant to protect the officer from personal harm ? I may be of the of “the old school” but I believe that if law enforcement is questioned every time they use force to bring a possibly violent suspect into compliance, we are going to have a hard time finding cops that are honestly compelled to serve. I suspect that all you (we) will get is 2nd rate cops, with the wrong motivations for being cops. And who will be to blame ? A woke criminal justice department that is afraid of making righteous decisions for fear of inflaming, what, a bunch of lefty wack jobs ? God help us all !

    • You are absolutely correct Patrick Finnie. Where has common sense disappeared to? We must all write to Judge Michael Kupersmith to ask him to stop this nonsense of arraigning the good guys–in this case a cop, here Officer Schwartz, who was only doing his job properly, otherwise the criminals will be laughing all the way to our destruction!

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