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Sponsored: Crime & Punishment in Burlington

Participants include (clockwise from top left) former U.S. Attorney for Vermont Christina Nolan, former U.S. Dept. of Justice senior counsel Brady Toensing, and Burlingtonians Ericka Redic and Christopher Aaron-Felker.

Keep Vermont Safe to Hold Workshop

on Improving Public Safety in Vermont  

Keep Vermont Safe will hold a public workshop and panel discussion at City Hall in Burlington 6-8 pm Friday September 9, titled “Crime & Punishment,” to discuss the current state of public safety in Vermont, with particular focus on identifying impediments around policing, prosecuting and  whether changes to the law should be made through the legislative process.  

In 2020 many special interest groups around the United States began advocating for criminal justice  reform. The hallmark organization leading the charge was the Black Lives Matter Organization which  advocated for a “Defund The Police” Movement. The BLM movement was welcomed with open  arms into many statehouses and municipalities around the United States and as a result many  candidates for office also adopted similar “Defund the Police” policies. Since voting to Defund the  Police, in 2020 Burlington, Vermont has seen an increase in burglaries, vehicle thefts, coordinated  retail theft groups, increased drug crimes and gun fire incidents in the city.  

This is the first in a series of three public workshops Keep Vermont Safe will host. This format will be  a panel discussion with Michael Hall, Executive Director Vermont Police Coalition, Brady Toensing,  Former Senior Counsel United States Department of Justice, Christina Nolan, Former United States  Attorney for the District of Vermont hosted by a moderator addressing these topics: 

> A Closer Look at Crime Statistics 

> Examining Qualified Immunity  

> Providing Law Enforcement and Prosecutors Appropriate Tools Through Legislative Action > How Law & Order is Being Restored in Other States 

This workshop is free and open to the public, and will be held in Contois Auditorium, Burlington City  Hall, 149 Church Street, Burlington, Vermont from 6 PM to 8 PM. The event will be moderated  by Christopher-Aaron Felker and Ericka Redic of Burlington. 

If you are interested in attending, please register at:


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  1. One would hope Sarah George will attend as that a major part of her job description.

    • I’m not sure that Sarah George knows that “keeping Vermont safe” is part of her job description, so maybe someone ought to enlighten her about that…the voters of Chittenden County certainly haven’t. It seems her job description is to enable the current level of crime in order to assuage white guilt and impose some level of reparations. The harm caused to crime victims is supposed to represent some small symbolic penance for the sins of white, capitalist, colonialist forebears. If you as a Burlington resident have had your car broken into or stolen or the windows of your home smashed in the middle of the night by a repeat-offending raving lunatic, this State’s Attorney will allow you to experience some level of consolation about the situation so you can feel good that you have contributed in some small way to “equity”.

  2. Crawford the guy just arrested for the Burlington murder has 8 felonies and had a warrant for his arrest outstanding from New Jersey. What kind of justice will he receive this time from Sarah’s office? I might be wrong, but it appears the word is out that Burlington is a sanctuary city for felons. In the meantime, Phil Baruth and Martin Lalond both legislators from Chittenden County, will find a way to blame this on the gun and progressive voters will keep a blind eye on the real cause of crime in their city and in Vermont. Until the voters change control of the legislature nothing else will change. They are too busy trying to heal the planet and are chasing more taxes and windmills.