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Speaker of the House hiring more staff – job pays $47K

By Guy Page

The number of paid staff for the Speaker of the Vermont House of Representatives is about to double – from one employee, to two.

At present, the Speaker has a single paid employee, the ‘Chief of Staff.’ Although interns come and go, there are no other paid staff to be chief of. But that will change when the newly advertised position of “Aide to the Speaker of the House” is filled. 

Posted December 6, the newly-created, full-time position has a minimum starting pay of $47,050, “with adjustments based on qualifications and experience.” 

“This full-time, benefits-eligible, position is initially being solicited for a one-year period and is located in Montpelier, VT,” the ad reads. “The comprehensive State benefits package includes health insurance and retirement plans. Longer work hours are expected during the legislative session and as needed during other times of the year.”

The job requires a high school degree and 3-5 years work experience. An associate’s degree is preferred. Experience with communications in a professional environment, social media and strategic planning are a plus. 

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  1. Sounds like an aggressive agenda might be headed our way!

    Perhaps forced feeding will be necessary this year, as what we are being fed becomes less palatable and harder to disguise.

  2. Madam Speaker adds more expense to the taxpayers before the session even starts. Way to go!

  3. Only Wokester Jokesters need apply…they are accustomed to getting sinecure jobs…talented, qualified and principled common sense applicants need not apply…no room for them in Vermont’s self-serving government employ.

  4. The ad says one year. Since the Speaker is elected for a 2 year period, I imagine the one year time period makes since. If anything it might because one year position split into 2 six month time frames.