Speak out tonight against legal prostitution

Monday 7 pm (tonight) the Burlington City Council will hold a public hearing about repealing city ordinances about prostitution. It provides an opportunity for all Vermonters to let city and state politicians know they will not just stand by while they work through the steps of fully decriminalizing prostitution (buying, selling, brothels, all aspects) throughout the state of Vermont (see H.630).

There is a direct connection between the Burlington ordinance change and proposed changes on the state level. The lead sponsor of H630 is Rep. Selene Colburn, a Burlington lawmaker who has spoken out strongly in support of the Burlington ordinance. If Burlington becomes a hub of prostitution, other communities will be affected as vulnerable people from all over Vermont – notably the young and drug-addicted – are induced to participate.

Furthermore, many ‘progressive’ issues (such as decrim of prostitution) are often approved in the more friendly environment of Burlington government before being pressed on a state level.

All Vermonters may testify via Zoom. The link can be found by going to the Burlington City Council agenda page here.

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  1. I’d be surprised if a leftist city council would respect the voice of citizens opposed to something it already wants…it’s been played out all over the country on matters like mask mandates in schools, vaccines, CRT and what’s been seen mostly is intolerance from the left to the wants and needs of parents, citizens & taxpayers. When they want something bad enough…Taxpayers be dammed…I may be proven wrong in this case and I hope I am…But this is Vermont, owned and operated by the demonrats.

  2. The best way to deal with this renegade City Council is to stop patronizing the City of Burlington in any way you can. Any product or service that you can get in Burlington, you can get in the surrounding towns or online. You wont be paying for parking and will be much less likely to be accosted by vagrants or panhandlers if you shop in So. Burlington, Williston or Essex etc.
    Starve the beast.

  3. Disgusting Democrats will get their way no matter who speaks out. I’m sure they will be the first ones to visit the “corners” too!

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