Smuggler paid $2,000 to pick up illegal aliens in Derby, feds say

U.S. Border Patrol photo of attempted border crossing this fall

By Guy Page

The recent arraignment of an alleged illegal alien smuggler may reveal details of the “who” and the “how” of this fall’s startling uptick in illegal alien crossings at Vermont’s Canadian border. 

As reported in Monday’s Vermont Daily Chronicle, the U.S. Border Patrol reports that in October, apprehensions of illegal entries rose 676% in October: 334 apprehensions from 19 different countries.

U.S. Attorney records show that Antonio Alvarez, 45, of New York, NY was arraigned December 7 in United States District Court in Burlington on an indictment charging him with unlawfully attempting to transport individuals that entered the United States illegally.  Alvarez pleaded not guilty at his appearance before U.S. Magistrate Judge Kevin J. Doyle and remains on release conditions.  

According to public documents in the case, during the evening of November 7, a United States Border Patrol agent performing surveillance in the vicinity of Moon Road in Derby Line, less than a mile from the Canadian border, identified six Mexican nationals without identification or paperwork allowing them to reside in the United States legally. 

Shortly thereafter, another Border Patrol agent stopped a Toyota Tacoma with New York plates that was driving slowly in a remote area about a mile away. The driver of the Toyota Tacoma was identified as Antonio Alvarez, a Mexican national living in New York, NY who is in immigration removal proceedings.  Alvarez later admitted that he was to be paid $2,000 for picking up and transporting the Mexican nationals. 

 As currently charged, Alvarez faces up to 5 years of imprisonment if convicted. 

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  1. A foreign citizen who is already facing deportation proceedings and goes on to commit the crime of human trafficking is released on conditions?
    If and when he is prosecuted and sentenced, whatever it costs the American taxpayer to keep him in Club Fed is money well spent. Demoprogs need to shut up about their supposed concern for the high price of housing and the homelessness issue when they enable hundreds of thousands of migrants to flow into our land like ants.

    • Removal proceedings are administrative in nature and cannot be considered as a factor in his criminal smuggling case unfortunately.
      But hey, at least his case is already open. They can order him removed by video conference from fed- if he shows up in the first place (hint: he won’t).