Slavery reparations, Abenaki land bills advance to committee discussion

By Guy Page

Bills on slavery reparations and Abenaki land rights will be discussed today and tomorrow by the House General, Housing & Military Affairs Committee.

Scheduled for 9:30 AM Thursday, H387 would establish the Task Force to Study and Develop Reparation Proposals for the Institution of Chattel Slavery. Rev. Mark Hughes, Executive Director of the Vermont Racial Justice Alliance, is scheduled to testify. 

Friday, the committee will review the following bills:

  • H520 – creating the Office of Native American Affairs, sponsored by Rep. James Masland D-Thetford). 
  • H618 – providing the Abenaki with access to State land, sponsored by Rep. John O’Brien (D-Tunbridge). 
  • H620  – Abenaki land ownership and land repatriation, sponsored by Committee Chair Tom Stevens (D-Waterbury). 
  • H668 – protection of Abenaki sacred sites, sponsored by Stevens. 

All of these bills may be read at the Vermont Legislature website.

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  1. What about the Neanderthals?…They should get first dibs on any “Diamond mine” money…There’s a few of them just down the road from me…

  2. And will reparations be available for those who pay these reparations, who themselves, are generations removed from these original actions ? (present day taxpayers) How long will it be before American citizens be called upon to pay reparations to every country we have defeated in a war? Does the North still owe the South reparations for their defeat, and the accompanying damage they incurred during the Civil War ? Should we pay money to the British to compensate them for land we took during our war for independence ? When will we learn that the real money, and moral high ground, is evidently in losing wars ?

  3. Hmmmm. My family didn’t fare so well in Europe; where’s MY money?

    This is getting insane. We, who are many generations removed from those who lived in the US during slavery or battles with Native Americans, or whom are descended from those who weren’t even here at that time are supposed to pay money or give special privileges to people who are many generations removed from those ever affected. Uh huh. Sure. Sounds like our legislators trying to find new ways to part us from even more of our hard earned money. What on earth is their problem??

  4. I propose the entire communities of Burlington, Brattleboro and Montpelier be deed to the Abenaki. Also, a surtax on every Vermont taxpayer of $1,000 be levied with resulting revenue provided as reparations to all Vermont reisdents of African American heritage. Let’s do this!!!!

  5. My great-great grandfather was named Africa Davis and he was from Pittsfield, Vt.
    According to the town historian, he was the only man from Pittsfield to be tarred,feathered and run out of town on a rail. They still don’t know where his body rests, nor can anyone tell me why. Was it because he was part black?
    One day I asked my grandmother what nationality she was. She told me that she was just a Yankee – part, English, Dutch, and Indian. She also told me that her grandfather and his family were part of the underground railroad helping slaves get safe passage to Canada before, during and after the civil war.
    So, I’m an 8th generation Vermonter. Can I get credit for all of that when we must pay reparations or will I be penalized because I am a “white” appearing, systemically racist, native Vermonter? (Asking for a friend).
    We need to let God judge mankind and get on with living our lives without further persecution for the past.

    • There are people who live in VT without running water or proper heat. Mostly White. We all need equality.
      Martin Luther King and Malcolm X are turning over in their graves.
      However, we definitely should preserve Native American sites. Please.

      • @ phantom rose

        Yes indeed. Former employment took me to many many homes in VT that were occupied by low income families, probably 99.9% of whom were white. Many of these homes were in abysmal condition and absolutely horrifying. But according to the leftists who run this state now, these white Vermonters were “privileged “ and should be giving reparations to the descendants of black slaves and Native Americans.

  6. I guess im a “yankee” as well. My great grandmother was “full blooded ” Abenaki. Where do i stand??

  7. The irony is that Native Americans are not indigenous to North America. The word indigenous means “originating from”. The people we call America Indians came over from Siberia, Mongolia and other parts of Asia, thousands of years ago. They migrated multiple times back and forth over the same land bridge. These people were trapped here when the land bridge receeded.

    There was also a land treaty that lasted for 100 years that allowed Native tribes (including the Abernaki) to cross freely between Vermont and Canada, no proof of citizenship required. This privilege was extended to their children and spouses, many of which were white men, as white pioneers we’re marrying Native American woman. Today, many Vermonter’s are mixed race descendents of the Abernaki people.

    My grandmother was a French Canadian Indian from Canada. I would like to think her ancestors benefitted from this treaty. For all I know, she may be a decent of a Vermont Anernaki, who chose to leave Vermont in favor of living in Canada.

    • Great facts, but I hope you don’t expect anyone in our leftist legislature to know about this or any history that they would like to erase. Vermont is so wealthy now that we can buy off all the people who would of course vote for democrats if they got a check for being some pronoun that fits with the pay out. What a farce! There’s two reasons for these bills, identify future voters for the democrats and to show how virtuous they are with taxpayer money. Someone out there, please show me how this helps the average Vermonter who gets no help. I don’t mean welfare, I mean common sense. Someone said there are 1,200 proposed new laws to be shifted through when 1,200 laws should be repealed and that would help everyone!!!

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