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Six reasons why Sarah George could lose

Photos from “Meet the Movement” page on website of Fair & Just Prosecution, funded by George Soros.

By Guy Page

There are at least six reasons why Chittenden County State’s Attorney Sarah George could lose to Ted Kenney in the Democratic primary two weeks from yesterday. 

  1. Unprecedented opposition. Sitting state’s attorneys almost never endorse another sitting state’s attorney’s opponent – especially when they all belong to the same political party. But Monday Jim Hughes of Franklin County and Doug DiSabito of Grand Isle County publicly endorsed Kenney. Their public ‘vote of no confidence’ was joined by former Chittenden County prosecutors Lauren Bowerman and Bob Simpson. 

Kenney also has been endorsed for four firefighters unions. Furthermore, Burlington business interests are unhappy with her unwillingness to aggressively protect public safety and prosecute retail theft. She’s been criticized for suggesting that taxpayers reimburse stores for retail theft losses

  1. Other George Soros’-backed prosecutors are being rejected by voters in Democratic/Progressive strongholds. George is member of Fair & Just Prosecution, a national organization funded by billionaire George Soros to get progressive prosecutors elected. Last month FJP-backed Chesa Boudin of San Francisco was recalled by voters unhappy with the rise in violent crime, retail theft, and homelessness. Monday, another FJP prosecutor, Marilyn Mosby of Baltimore, was defeated in a Democratic primary. LA’s George Gascon faces a likely recall vote. Chicago’s Kim Foxx has been criticized for failing to stop frequent mass shootings in her city.  
  1. Republican crossover vote. Commenters on Vermont Daily Chronicle and on call-in shows like WVMT’s The Morning Drive are talking about Republicans “crossing over” and voting in the Democratic primary, out of concern for defeating progressive Becca Balint for Congress. If that happens in Chittenden County, it’s unlikely George will benefit. 
  1. College students won’t be in Burlington. Burlington on a summer day is a quiet place compared to when UVM and Champlain College are in session. The reliably-progressive college students won’t return en masse to Vermont until after the primary – which is bad news for George but very good news for suburbanite Kenney. 
  1. Growing awareness of George’s radical connections. Until a few weeks ago, even seasoned observers didn’t know that Sarah George was on FJP’s Wall of Fame with Boudin, Gascon, Larry Krasner of Philadelphia, and other leading progressive prosecutors. Now it’s more common knowledge. For example, until recently almost no-one knew that George was one of two members of the board of directors for the Women’s Justice & Freedom Initiative, an organization committed to closing all prisons. George claims she’s not an abolitionist, but does want to see progress on decarceration. 
  1. Most of all, George faces rejection at the polls because of her record of being unable to stop Chittenden County’s rising rate of drug abuse, shootings, homelessness, violence, and retail theft, as well as her unwillingness to impose bail or other stringent conditions of release for people charged with many serious crimes.  

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  1. An educated voter is a better voter. A non -ideological media makes educated voters . Thank you.

  2. College students shouldn’t be voting in VT to begin with – VT is not their permanent domicile…most dorm here. And I bet dollars to donuts that a good portion of them vote in both VT and within their actual State residences – if the VT GOP ever spent the effort to check, that could mean lots of fines & the situation remedied.

    Such potential abuses are likely costing us a number of elections especially in Burlington proper.

    This country requires a lot of fixing.

  3. To be rid of the societal malaise known as Sarah George, many people who do not think of themselves as democrats will need to vote on the democrat ballot on Aug. 9 for Ted Kenney.
    And while you are at it, give Molly Gray your vote so we can send her to DC, where she will do far less harm to Vermonters than if she stays up here and ultimately runs for Governor.
    She will simply be Peter Welch with a skirt so nothing much will change there. Balint is more of an extremist and will not pull as many centrist votes in an election for a state office. After you do that, you can tell your liberal friends that you are pragmatic and bi-partisan because you voted for some democrats in 2022. Just save your real political angst and motivation for the November election…

  4. “Drugs, shootings, homelessness, violence, & retail theft”? Mere drug possession is one thing, DEALING leads to shootings, violence, and those merely possessing them usually support their habit BY retail theft, so there’s THAT. A chain of crimes hurting people AND local business. We can thank the Guv & Legislature for “housing the homeless” in hotels & motels, once word got out (via “social media”) every BUM in New England “migrated” up here for the “services” offered by well-meaning balloon-heads & soft-brained do-gooders. And add to that a breeze-brain “de-carcerationist” like Softie Sarah, criminals run rampant knowing there’s NO consequences with HER revolving door polices. And WHO PAYS for this? Us, taxpayers, businesses, and innocents caught in the crossfire, literally. Taking a Dem ballot? Whatever it takes to remover her. It would also behoove our Legislature to INVESTIGATE why a Hungarian billionaire, or any other, foreign OR domestic, can shovel money into local elections? WHY do we allow this? WHY are WE being subjected to THEIR globalist agenda(s)? We need LAWS that keep OUT of state cash OUT of our elections, plain & simple. Money cannot equal “free speech”, a billionaire speaking here is one thing, using CASH to interfere or sway LOCAL elections is another, maybe time for a LAW & a new challenge for a NEW Supreme Court that will likely come from such a law. Damn the torpedoes! Full speed ahead!

    • Well said Steve. Couldn’t agree more with your relevance and timely comments. If only more would have the access to view and not just constant bs for media ads day after day.

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