Six municipal mask mandates on agenda tonight

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By Guy Page

A municipal mask mandate will be on the agenda tonight (Monday) at at least six Vermont selectboard/city council meetings: South Burlington, Rutland, Morrisville, Stowe, Waterbury and Berlin. Shelburne will discuss a mask mandate tomorrow (Tuesday) night.

Meanwhile, vaccine passports reportedly are now being required at at least two restaurants in Burlington. Language allowing businesses catering to the public to require vax passports was included in the municipal mask ordinance passed last week. 

The South Burlington City Council meeting begins at 6 pm in the 180 Market St. auditorium. The Council’s mask mandate discussion (followed by possible decision) is scheduled to begin at about 6:45 pm. 

The Rutland City Council meeting begins at 7 pm at City Hall at 52 Washington Street. The first item on the agenda is “Claudio Forte: Discussion of Municipal Mask Mandate.” Claudio Fort is president and CEO of the Rutland Regional Medical Center. 

“They are moving to force a mask mandate in the City. The Town already has one,” wrote We The People organizer Greg Thayer of Rutland in a recent email. “We the people must fight this here in the City.”

“This government control must stop. These masks have negative effects on our physical, mental, & emotional health and well being,” Thayer added. 

The Morrisville selectboard will meet at 43 Portland St. at 6 pm. The mask mandate is the second topic under “New Business.”

Stowe selectmen have called a Special Meeting for 5:30 at the Akeley municipal building to discuss an Indoor Mask Mandate Resolution, stating that all establishments located in the Town of Stowe that are open to the public shall require both staff and customers (or visitors) to wear face coverings or face shields over their nose and mouth while inside the establishment when in the presence of others (within six feet).” Exceptions for children under 2 and others apply, and there is no specific reference to a vax passport. 

The Waterbury selectboard will meet tonight at 7 pm in the Steele community room at 28 North Main Street. At 8 pm, the board is scheduled to consider these three items:  

a.) Consider Graphics for Anti-Racism-Inclusion Banner

b.) Discuss Local Mask Mandate

c.) Schedule DEI Training with Mary Gannon

The Berlin selectboard will meet at 6 pm at the town offices on 108 Shed Road. Scheduled for an estimated time of 6:48 pm, the board will hold a “Potential Mask Mandate and enforcement by municipality discussion. (Carl Parton).” Parton is a Berlin resident. 

In Shelburne, the mask mandate is scheduled to be discussed Tuesday night at 7:35 pm at the Shelburne Town Offices at 5420 Shelburne Road. Items on the agenda are not up for discussion during the 7:05 comment time. The meeting begins at 7 pm. 

All of the meetings are accessible by Zoom; see links provided. 

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  1. “Language allowing businesses catering to the public to require vax passports was included in the municipal mask ordinance passed last week.”

    First I’ve heard that passports were slipped in ~ 🤦‍♀️

    • Yeah, it was tricky — the language was that “if everyone is vaccinated, then you don’t have to have a mask mandate.”

  2. These mandates make no sense. I’m really disappointed in Gov Scott. He should have stood firm on this nonsense. The people who want to wear masks are wearing them. The businesses that want people to wear masks already have signs up. Stores that will be “mandated” to put up “wear a mask” signs will not enforce the mask-wearing on the people who don’t want to wear masks, which will be most of their customers who already selected that business *because* they didn’t make you wear a mask. It’s like these mask-loving people believe that the “wear a mask” sign ALL BY ITSELF will prevent the spread of covid.

  3. …And all the little municipal dictators show their self-perceived importance & authority…Some of us must get off on being submissive to this childishness, cause these leftist imbeciles keep getting elected…

  4. The consideration of mask mandates is an unfortunate consequence of the politics of fear now paralyzing Vermont. A bit of thought and research into what is currently happening in Europe, Belgium and Austria, Scotland, England and Ireland would prove to those able to overlook their fear- that mandates are not achieving the demanded results. On the other hand, there’s Florida and California to compare as well.
    After the masks prove ineffective on your “Data”, what’s next?
    Mandated “vaccine”? After that proves ineffective- more “vaccines”?
    The future of Vermont under the current political leadership looks bleak.

  5. All this division, hatred and fear from something that most survive. Interesting, Dr Levine let it slip awhile ago saying something to the effect the delta made such a dramatic appearance because so many went for the Vaccine instead of getting a natural immunity. Have people forgotten that already?

  6. We shouldn’t be calling these people Liberals.
    They are authoritarians and should be voted out of office.
    We’re going to see if this is about power.
    Whether it’s the put up tyranny of vaccine nationalism, or mandatory mask mandates. If you’re fully vaccinated, what difference does it matter if someone isn’t? The story changes every 5 minutes ….
    If public serve employees are walking off the job, so much for the power struggle. 18 months of lockdowns messed up our society. They caused people to gain weight. They appear to have increased depression/suicide significantly among young people. Especially, they appear to have helped drive the worst year for drug overdoses in American history and this year maybe worse.
    They did a lot. Did they do anything to stop the spread of the coronavirus? Well, we’re now almost two years into the coronavirus, the virus is still going around and around this country and around the world. So I’d say the answer to that question is provably no at this point.

  7. According to Rochelle Walensky, if Covid is going to be endemic – with us forever, then the power that they’ve amassed and the silence they demand and the obedience they expect, will be with us also ‘forever’.

  8. Having recently moved from Texas, I can tell you that these mandates are a joke. These legislators don’t realize that there are other parts of the world that are getting on just fine w/o all the dumb rules. I don’t own any masks and don’t plan on buying any.

    Here’s an article I would recommend passing along:

    Also, the Brownstone Institute generally ( is a great site w/ links to tons of data. I’ve sent info to the governor’s office a couple of times already. In the meantime, I will cast my votes to get the fools out and I will not comply w/ mask rules.

  9. I find it interesting that so many of the people that were fully vaxxed are getting the virus. I thought a vaccine is supposed to stop the disease it was given for? ‘And now they are coming after your kids with this poison. I just don’t understand why it was alright to not wear a mask all summer and now when school started the masks came back. What changed? 2022 elections are right around the corner. Who are you voting for? How will we make sure that election won’t be stolen too?. We already know the 2020 election was. When is enough enough? This virus was always 99,7% to 99.9% curable since the beginning. We have been held hostage for 2 years now. When will it end? Or will it?

  10. Montgomery isn’t on this list but they just said NO! Was in Newport today too and there were very few masks. At least a little portion of Vermont seems at least a little normal 🙂

  11. Ahh the Woketopia towns…..same ones with extravagant ordinances and committees to check on committees. Democracy at its finest.

  12. Will each jurisdiction have a large sign at all entry points indicating the status of the Mask Mandate? Most travelers, even residents, have no way of knowing what jurisdiction they are traveling through and what are the mask requirements?

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