Shepard: Reaching again toward America’s mission

by Mark Shepard

Following the overturn of Roe, a young woman protesting in Lynchburg held a sign saying, “I’d have more Rights if my Vagina shot Bullets” (exact quote). How sad that any woman would try to portray her reproductive organs, which are to bring new life into the world, as a weapon to end life.   

Ironically, her sign aligns best with the pro-life goal of applying the same high value of human life, which necessitates the right to bear arms, to the child in the womb. Like with guns, innocent human life should be worth defending and illegal to take.

“We as neighbors can finally work together to address the tragedy of unwanted pregnancies in a humane, and more effective, way.”

– Mark Shepard

Thankfully, 50 years of shutting down this important and consequential conversation has ended.  We as neighbors can finally work together to address the tragedy of unwanted pregnancies in a humane, and more effective, way.  Clearly, laws that eliminate personal responsibility failed. Character has weakened and unwanted pregnancies have become a crisis with people rising to the streets begging for the right to kill the unwanted.

Rebuilding a society that affirms human dignity and the human capacity to self-govern, by exercising and strengthening internal laws, is what empowers and liberates people. When human weakness or evil prevails, surely no child should be forced to pay the ultimate price for these failures or crimes of adults.

What an incredible opportunity we have to move our nation toward its 1776 mission statement: that all people are created equal, with eternal value.  We must undo the caste-type mindset that embraces inequality and instead love our neighbor as we love ourselves, in all areas of life. Societies fail when people have low concern for the welfare of others. That is why our free-market capitalist system requires a culture where people seek good for others for it to reach its great potential to empower and enrich the common person.

18th century Americans defeated the tyranny of a king. 19th century Americans defeated the tyranny of slavery.  20th century Americans shamefully and cowardly allowed a nine-member court to unconstitutionally enact tyranny over the weakest. Let us, 21st century Americans, commit to defeating tyranny against the child in the womb.

Success requires we reject that which dragged Americans backward into a caste mindset of inequality.  Just as the First Amendment prohibits government control of religion, we should not give education control to the government. A government of the people is impossible when government shapes the thinking of the people. 

People who reject human equality and live in fear are easily ruled over.  For decades government education has pushed, as fact, theories of imminent calamity along with evolution, which, by definition, is anti-equality and strips humanity of value.  Meanwhile, the great ideas that form the basis for human equality, value and hope have been suppressed. Lost is the wonder of being made in the image of God, male and female, with attributes of creativity, conscience, intellect, emotion and the ability to self-govern and forgive, which are uniquely human and do indeed portray an image of the Creator.  

Can we, especially churches, embrace God’s call to Israel in 2 Chronicles 7:14 and humble ourselves, turn from wicked ways, including giving discipleship of children to the secular state. God promised forgiveness and healing of the land.

The author is a Virginia resident and former Vermont state senator from Bennington County.

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  1. I am glad Mr. Shepard addressed especially churches because people of the Christian faith have the answer many are searching for. We must have compassion on our neighbors who have bought into the humanistic mindset that is now prevalent in our society. For the most part they have done this unintentionally because this is what they have been fed by the secular world outside our churches and the churches have either been asleep or part of the problem.

    We must have compassion because humanism has put them in a world of hurt. In the humanist attempt to cut God out of everything and from man alone to find meaning and purpose, they have only succeeded in defining man out of existence. We have come to the place in our social order that C.S. Lewis called the abolition of man. Witness our recent inability to agree on what a the word “woman” means.

    The inability to find meaning and purpose has tremendous practical consequences. Mass shootings, abortion, drug use, and suicides are evidences of this lack of purpose and meaning.

    It is time to blow the whistle on humanism. The emperor has no clothes. We have good news. Humanism doesn’t work because the starting premises are wrong. God does exist. There is objective truth outside ourselves. The idea of being accountable to a supreme law giver may not sound appetizing, but once consumed it is found to taste quite divine. Meaning and purpose obtained thereby are easy to swallow. This happens not by an irrational leap of faith but by a rational intellectual process of weighing the available information. This may not be satisfactory proof for a skeptic, but for an honest seeker, the evidence can be overwhelming.

    Good news! Good news! There’s a way out of this mess. Trust Jesus Christ. When he knocks on the door of your inner being, let him in. O taste and see that the Lord is good!

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