Shepard: A nation without a conscience

“Tattered” by John M. Cropper

by Mark Shepard

We are now engaged in two wars, supplying massive military equipment, intelligence and support. Thousands upon thousands of people have been killed, with millions displaced and others kidnapped.  Did these wars have to happen?   How much did American foreign policies of pushing for Ukraine to join NATO and enriching Iran and the anti-Israeli Palestinian groups help bring these wars about?  In both cases the Biden Administration was warned repeatedly.  Understanding the mindset of those who disagree with you, even if they are an enemy, is very important to avoiding war.  To be sure, there are times war is the only reasonable option.   Sadly, Ukraine and Israel are now at such a place.

Many Americans are still working hard to recover from the government’s handling of COVID, with massive mandates that harmed hundreds of millions of Americans, including the forcing of a novel “vaccine” that neither protected people from spreading nor acquiring COVID.  Meanwhile less costly and less risky remedies were greatly thwarted.   I hope we citizens learned from that failure, because we can be sure that those who profited handsomely from it will welcome another such bonanza. 

There is another war being waged that is not well understood, but has far reaching consequences. If waging war on fossil fuels ever get their way, likely half of the planet’s population would soon die of starvation.  Alex Epstein makes that case in his book Fossil Future, as well as that we owe the cleanliness and livability of our planet to fossil fuels.

While it is clear that solar and wind energy cannot deliver affordable energy, due to their intermittent nature and limited capacity, the anti-fossil fuel fanatics are not at all engaged in advocating for more wind and solar, and they even oppose nuclear.   So their war is not simply against fossil fuels, but rather is truly against abundant affordable energy.  Why?

Consider who gets scarce resources; it is always those with money and power, which is still the West. Meanwhile, the populations in Africa, Asia and South America will be decimated. The anti-fossil fuel advocates also push for population control, especially in the less-developed world.  With human capitol being the greatest resource for making a strong nation, how is this effort anything but a means for the powerful people in the West to eliminate possible rivals.

Now, I am not against the West being the dominant world power, but that depends on what ideas are guiding the West and, by extension, what it is that makes the West the dominant world power.  There are two ways to greatness: either push others down or embrace ideas that encourage individual achievement and moral fortitude.

Whether we are dealing with international flash-points, how a virus is handled or the sources of energy we use, we must recognize that situations that impact millions, or even billions, of people have great potential to shift wealth and power.  To prevent harm and horrors, a strong understanding of and commitment to right and wrong – a conscience – is needed.

A nation without a conscience is left to be run by political expediency and fraudulent ideologies and should expect bad ideas to prevail.  For centuries, the conscience of the West has been the Christian Church.  While still capable of being lured by the lust for pleasure/comfort, wealth and/or power, the church also has had a self-correcting aspect from men and women who stirred by their faith took courageous stands against evil within the church and pointed the church back to its calling to be a great force for right in society.

It was and is a Christian idea that every individual human has value.  It was Christians who stood against slavery, first in Europe, then in America. It was Christianity that raised the value of women to be equal to men.  Christians, like Dietrich Bonhoeffer, who was executed for standing against Hitler, have given their lives standing against evil. Christians have been at the front lines when it comes to protecting children, both against executing children in the womb and against abuse from the insane gender confusion craze.

But sadly, with few exceptions, the Christian Church in America and Europe today desires comfort above truth and has chosen to be largely disengaged from its calling to shape society, doing little to nothing to influence nations toward good. While some may pray, few understand that God’s answer to their prayers is the Church, not pagan leaders.  The Church is called to get in the ring and bring truth into the debates of our day.  Expecting those who embrace lies to lead by truth is beyond foolish.

What we are witnessing has been repeated many times through history.  It happens every time a nation has power without a conscience.  Liberty is not being able to do whatever we want.  Liberty is power controlled by a conscience that knows right from wrong.  That is the recipe for a free and prosperous society.

It is our duty as citizens, who have a voice in directing our government, to do what we can to shape our government for the betterment of mankind.  We are not called to sit back while those consumed with power become super rich and powerful.  As Americans, citizens of the most powerful nation in the world with everything our government does impacting people all around the globe only increases our individual civic duty.  

We should be in churches that teach us about our God-ordained moral duty to our fellow man and  intentionally works to raise up truly honorable people to serve in government.  No longer can comfort be more valued that standing for truth.   No longer can we accept leaders in churches if they are silent about children in their churches being sent to pagan institutions to be discipled in ungodly ways.

There is no other answer. The Church was and still is God’s solution.  There is always hope with God, but we must join together in churches that are serious about loving God and loving their neighbor – being a force for good in society – for that hope to be realized.

“Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.” –  Dietrich Bonhoeffer

The author is a Virginia resident and former Vermont state senator from Bennington County.

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  1. “It was Christianity that raised the value of women to be equal to men.” Lol the Catholic Church does not believe this and I’m sure that most of the 33,000 branches of Protestants are too different. No disrespect, but the church is literally the last group of people that should be telling me how to educate my kid, unless I want them to learn Jesus rode a dinosaur.

    • Dear Chris,

      So what’s the alternative to believing in GOD and Creation? Is it the fairy tale that the earth and universe was formed “billions of years ago” from a “big bang?” And, that humans are evolved from monkeys?

      What is your worldview?

  2. There was a time when religion and god belief ruled the world , it was called the dark ages. Time to grow up now.

    • The pot calling the kettle black?

      References to ‘the dark ages’ are generally considered mischaracterizations of the period after the fall of the Roman Empire in western Europe. It had little, if anything, to do with “a time when religion and god belief ruled the world’. Rather, the term ‘dark ages’ are today considered a misnomer, a myth in its “labelling this large period of history as a time of little cultural advancement and its peoples as unsophisticated”.

      If anything, I suggest that it is perfunctory and unresearched commentary like this, so prevalent in today’s progressive/liberal education lexicon, that is more accurately described as being ‘dark’ and ‘unsophisticated’.

      • It had little, if anything, to do with “a time when religion and god belief ruled the world.” Not true at all, it was called the Dark Ages because of the decline of science and culture in part driven by the Muslim invasions of Europe and ended by the Crusades and ultimately the Renaissance. We call it the Middle Ages now because of “woke” curriculums. I have never read you reply to one person here in a civil manner, only backhanded retorts straight from the thesaurus that always circle back to your big brain.

        It’s cool because I only thought liberals needed to feel smarter than everyone.

      • Re: “…it was called the Dark Ages because of the decline of science and culture…”.

        Precisely my point. And that characterization is a myth – “labelling this large period of history as a time of little cultural advancement and its peoples as unsophisticated”.

        The point is that the consensus of opinion in this regard is that the characterization of the period as the ‘dark ages’ is inaccurate. And it certainly was not a period in which ‘the world’ was ruled by religious monotheists, as Craig stated.

        Again, the ‘dark ages’ reference applies only to western Europe after the Fall of Rome before 500 AD. And even the first crusade didn’t happen until 600 years later.

        Nice try, Chris.

      • The Dark Ages start in 476, technically, but are generally construed to go from 500 to 800, 1000, 1066, or even up to the 1300’s. Muhammad was born in 570, so there is definite overlap, and yes, the Muslims assaulted Europe in many forms for hundreds of years before the Crusades (which start in 1095,) and thus, they did so during the Dark Ages. The Dark Ages was conceptualized by Petrarch, c1300’s, lamenting a lack of good literature post Fall of Rome until then. It did not become a proper term until the 1600’s, originally denoting specifically the 10th & 11th centuries, but expanding over time. The Middle Ages was a term arising in the 1400’s, and expressing the time between the Fall of Rome and then. It is now considered that the Dark Ages describe the early Middle Ages. All of these terms have shifted definition over time, and well before wokeism. Personally, I love the Dark Ages. 😄

      • Reminds me on an undergrad term paper blooper: “Petrarch stood with one foot in the Middle Ages, and with the other saluted the rising star of the Renaissance.”

  3. Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano has come out to state the obvious since 2020. Other pastors stating the “church” is about to be shaken and some destroyed as they have fallen away, refuse to rebuke and repent, allowed infiltration of evil, and do not actually teach the Word as written. The shepards have deceived their flocks, either on purpose or by sheer ignorance. The rabbis, priests, and scribes were doing the same when Jesus challenged them and the government. Nothing new under the sun.

    To those who deny or scoff at the power of God, will find out what is Truth and what is intentional deception. The mockers and non-believers will fall onto their knees or disappear in the blink of an eye. The spiteful, ignorant insults in this hour mean nothing. The Universe has not changed course or it’s benevolent ways to return balance to all that is out of balance. The simpleton nature of man has allowed evil to lead humanity to the brink of destruction this day as in days before.

    The warnings and the signs are everywhere for those with eyes to see and ears to hear. What terrifies the non-believers and the luke warm pew riders is the thought the Propshesies are actually True and manifesting, as written, right now, today.

    Free will to believe or not, right up to the final hour. I caution to hold the tongue of condemnation and mockery of the believers. As the remnant is on the rise, is standing up, and is prepared to fight like Gideon’s Army. See Judges Chapter 7 for more details. The days of darkness are closer than many comprehend. Be prepared or not be spared. The choice is upon every soul right now.

  4. Dear Mark Shepard,

    What about the Republican Party? You say a lot about the Church, but where are you on accountability for those who are leaders and elected officials in the Republican Party?

    It seems that Republicans are failing worse and worse every year in acting out and following through with what they say they believe and stand for. They have proven to be untrustworthy, because they call themselves Republicans yet, present platforms that they ignore; and support Republican Candidates and Office Holders that are really Progressives misusing the Republican name.

    Look no further than your previous home of the State of Vermont with a Progressive Governor who calls himself Republican. In spite of ALL his actions that line up with the Progressives and Liberals, and his betrayal of true Vermont Republicans, the Vermont Republican Party Leadership fully supports him. The Vermont GOP Leadership has sold out the Republican Party in Vermont to coddle and enable a very obvious fake Republican.

    The saddest thing is: they believe in their own bad choices to sell out the entire Party for a RINO and they pretend they are doing good things to build up the Party in the state. To many, they are delusional.

    Maybe you can talk some common sense into them?