Shapiro: The Barack Obama cover-up

Photo published in The Daily Signal

by Ben Shapiro, in The Daily Signal

This week, Tablet released a fascinating conversation with historian David Garrow, author of a massive unauthorized biography of former President Barack Obama in his early years titled “Rising Star.”

By all rights, the book should have been a massive hit upon its release in 2017. Instead, it underperformed. The revelations contained therein never hit the mainstream. And that simple fact, in and of itself, demonstrates a simple reality of the modern political era: The entire press apparatus has been dedicated, since at least 2008, to the proposition that Obama had to be protected from all possible damage.

Ben Shapiro

Garrow’s book carried multiple bombshells for Obama.

Obama’s first autobiography—the egotist has already written several—“Dreams From My Father” told a story about how he broke up from a white girlfriend in his Chicago years over her failure to understand his desire for racial solidarity with black America.

Actually, as Garrow’s book relates, the couple broke up because Obama refused to disown black antisemitism. Furthermore, as the book uncovers, Obama wrote letters to a girlfriend in which he “repeatedly fantasizes about making love to men.”

These are incredible allegations, to say the least. They were reported in the book. But as David Samuels of Tablet observes, the media were shockingly remiss in covering any of these stories: “‘Rising Star’ highlights a remarkable lack of curiosity on the part of mainstream reporters and institutions about a man who almost instantaneously was treated less like a politician and more like the idol of an inter-elite cult.”

That was true in 2008, when the media steadfastly refused to take seriously reports about Obama’s attendance at an openly racist and antisemitic church for two decades. And it’s true in 2023, when the media still refuse to cover the fact that a huge number of President Joe Biden’s closest aides are Obama’s closest political allies.

Obama resides in Washington, D.C.; all of the people who made policy for him now make policy for Biden. And yet nobody talks about the Obama influence in the current White House.

All of this is part of a broader pact on the part of every major apparatus in American life to mirror Obama’s perceptions of the world.

In Obama’s own mind, he was a world-historical figure; that’s why, in 2010, when he experienced a rather predictable shellacking in a midterm election, he responded by suggesting that his opposition was actually motivated by vicious racism and brutal bigotry. The media mirrored that perspective; so did entertainment; so did tech companies.

The immaculate, solid wall of support for Obama’s intersectional coalition is intimately connected to direct allegiance from the movers and shakers toward the Obama persona.

Just as our institutions were shaped for decades beyond JFK’s death by the myth built around him, so our modern institutions will be shaped for decades to come by the myth of Barack Obama.

Garrow concludes about Obama: “He has no interest in building the Democratic Party as an institution. I think that’s obvious. And I don’t think he had any truly deep, meaningful policy commitments other than the need to feel and to be perceived as victorious, as triumphant.”

But that victory—that triumph—came at the expense of the American people, who were promised a racial conciliator and a man of honor by a media invested in that lie. When the truth materialized and our institutions continued to perpetuate the lie, our institutions collapsed. We live in the era of Barack Obama still.

Ben Shapiro is host of “The Ben Shapiro Show” and editor emeritus of The Daily Wire. A graduate of UCLA and Harvard Law School, he is a New York Times bestselling author whose latest book is “The Authoritarian Moment: How the Left Weaponized America’s Institutions Against Dissent.”

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  1. Should be mentioned that during Obama’s period in office the IRS went after and destroyed The Tea Party who had different political views than him. Coincidence no!

    • Obama weaponized the IRS; to go after/audit anyone who spoke against him. I know, because it happened to a small business owner friend of mine.

  2. So much to add here…

    Joan Rivers says that Obama is gay and that Michelle Obama is a transgender:

    (Just so you don’t think that vid is a fake – July 3rd 2014:

    The newspapers all play it off like she was joking, but if you watch the video above, that’s not a person telling a joke…. She was dead serious even slightly ashamed.

    Here she says it again when she bans Michelle Obama from her own funeral calling her a tranny:
    She even likens her to Jackie O maybe making a joke, but maybe she’s telling us something else here…

    Furthermore that video is now hard to find and that’s why the link above is from an french news agency’s video. In fact CNN has that video however the video isn’t saying anything about Obama in the video, she’s talking about giving TSA crap about her passport:, must be a coincidence.

    Two months after Joan says this she passes away from a botched surgury

    “An investigation by the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS), begun days after the procedure and before Rivers’s death, found the facility failed to respond to the comedian’s waning vital signs, failed to record her weight before sedating her, performed procedures to which she did not consent and allowed a staff member to photograph Rivers while she was anaesthetized. These lapses violated federal regulations and the clinic’s own bylaws.”

    She was 81, but it’s an interesting coincidence (if you believe in those sort of things).

    Then there are the accusations from Larry Sinclair who the media says is a criminal and his story should be dismissed, but I ask the simple question: Who but a criminal would get a senator an 8 ball of cocaine? Duh.

    In his initial run for presidency in 2008 Larry Sinclair accused him of taking cocaine and having sex with him in a limosine in Chicago in 1999. These were all dismissed and in the papers they labeled him as a liar via a polygraph and said he had a long rap sheet. Here is his formal statement: (at least watch the first 10 mins)

    However according to the site the charges that this was knowingly fake were dropped as a frivilous lawsuit:

    Then there is his older half brother claiming “he’s definitely gay”:

    He even says “Michael and I” at one of his speeches which I can show on 3rd party clips like this one:, which could easily be faked. However if you go look at all of the fact checks they point you to a totally different speech (clothes are different and he’s inside instead of outside) where mysteriously the Michael part is missing from the CSPAN video even though what the fact checkers are pointing to is clearly in the transcript. Must be another coincidence that this is missing from CSPAN….

    At a certain point there must be something to this…

  3. The exposure of Barry, Big Mike and the “daughters” is a long running conspiracy theory (with much data to support the case) is being blown open at an opportune time. The “accidental” drowning of the chef seems to have some looking beyond the approved narrative or “official” record. The “birth cerificate” official who was the only casualty of the plane crash is another one that people have trouble explaining away. In any event, the Truth shall be revealed and that is why desperation is setting in bigly for the mid-level puppets – the disease-ridden house of cards is falling…more to come, carry on!

  4. One thing I have realized is that when the Status Quo voices a “fantasy” or “desire”, (Obama did verbalize that although he knows he can’t serve a third term it would be so AWESOME if he could just sit in the basement and call the shots from there) they let you know their PLANS. He’s living that PLAN, with incredible hubris and demonic glee.

    B/c, let’s face it: Waddaya gonna do about it?

    Americans sit home watching their Netflix, just waiting for prices to fall, food appear on the supermarket shelves; so comfortable since it’s summer time; not a thought to how they are going to heat their home in just a few months.

    B/c, let’s face it: Waddaya gonna do about it?

    This state of mind is nothing more than a carry over from Obama’s (legitimate?) years in the White House. We were given the message that to argue with the “Obamagod” mentality made We-The-People the enemies of the state. Then again, in the interest of honesty, let me just bring up an earlier travesty in the White House: a non-vetted woman was sneaked into MY Whitehouse to sexually gratify the married president at that time. Public response: It was only a BJ.

    B/c, let’s face it: Waddaya gonna do about it?

    Americans are lazy and selfish. Do NOT interrupt their Netflix orPornhub. Come on man! Get your priorities straight. Too busy to confront those in the highest position on the globe when they clearly lie, cheat and steal.

    B/c, let’s face it: Waddaya gonna do about it?

    And before any of you get up on their high horse, challenging my assertion that it’s MY Whitehouse-you obviously don’t get it. It is MY Whitehouse, YOUR Whitehouse, OUR Whitehouse. It is not the DC flophouse to enjoy in any deviant form the politicians wish.

    But then again: Waddaya gonna do about it?

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