Sexton: it takes a good person with a gun to stop a bad person with a gun

by Jim Sexton

This latest attack on innocence is evil. My heart hurts for every child, parent and family member affected by this act of evil. May God hold and bless each of them. 

Jim Sexton

On April 11, 2018 Gov. Phil Scott signed three gun laws that did nothing to protect anyone or prevent any gun crime in Vermont. He was afraid there would be a school shooting in Vermont. 

But the unconstitutional actions Scott took on that day did nothing to protect any Vermont student or school. He was called out by many who asked why he went after lawful Vermonters, but did not make any effort to secure any school in Vermont. 

No law enforcement or security personnel were hired. No metal detectors were installed at school entrances. 

And we are rolling the dice every day the schools are not protected. 

Too many politicians and Vermonters are afraid of guns to the point where they refuse to have trained professionals protect their children. 

It could be an armed teacher, school administrator, janitor, coach or any other staff member. Whether it is armed and trained security professionals,  law enforcement officers or military veterans. There are so many ways to protect our students and every person in the school. 

One thing that can never be questioned is that it takes a good person with a gun to stop a bad person with a gun. 

In the aftermath of another school shooting, we don’t need more gun laws. Which of the thousands of gun laws on the books failed ? One more gun law will not stop these evil acts. But proactive mental health counseling might. Especially because so many of these shooters are known by law enforcement. 

But a wall of protection is the best way to stop someone from getting into  a school. 

We need locked, secure entrances in our schools. We need armed and trained professionals who would step up immediately to end a threat before it becomes another nightmare. 

Phil Scott has been most cooperative in working with the legislators who continue to remove our Constitutional Rights. Maybe he could spend some of the federal Covid money to hire professionals for every school in Vermont to prevent a school shooting from happening in Vermont. 

Attacking the rights of law-abiding Vermonters won’t prevent any criminal from striking. In fact, it will make it more likely.

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  1. It’s just inevitable it seems; another horrific shooting and the demands for more gun control begin. And what on earth will more gun laws accomplish? Do they really believe that by restricting gun ownership by law abiding people that there will be fewer shootings? Here in VT it appears that most of those involved in shootings aren’t even allowed to own guns due to felonies or mental health issues but that hasn’t stopped them from obtaining a gun through illegal means.

    What we really need is to look at WHO are doing these shootings, nearly all of whom are males, mostly young. What is going on that is driving men to do this; to slaughter a bunch of little kids, people at a house of worship, the grocery store? Is it video games? Mental health issues? Drugs? Broken dysfunctional families? Whatever it is, working on fixing it will accomplish a lot more to stop the violence than another spate of gun regs.

  2. Cutting or limiting the rights of lawful citizens should never be the answer to how to deal with criminal intent, or actions. That’s how other lesser governments impose their will on their citizenry.

  3. Enforce ALL federal gun laws to the letter, no matter the perpetrator’s melanin content or background and there will be no need for ANY new restrictions.

  4. Perhaps Phil Scott and Joe Biden to name just two who are very obvious, should evaluate and ask themselves why so many young people behave in ways that reveal their hopelessness, depression, suicidal tendencies and lack of value for themselves or other human beings.

    Are you role models for doing what is right and moral? If they follow your examples will they be deemed to be doing what is right? Look at ALL the obvious Laws and Constitutional Rights these men have and still are flagrantly continuing to violate. Look at the lack of values these men project. Are they so arrogant and blind they think we can’t see what hypocrites they are? You oppress people and lead them into dark pits of despair.

    We used to have good, moral role models to show our young people how to live; to help to give them hope, value, direction and purpose. What happened to all the strong, courageous, protective, moral, male role models?

    • Those people that you lament the passing of are still here. They may have been censored by a “woke” media, or their voices rendered less than acceptable by the political left, but they are still here. Sadly, you will probably have to seek them out as due to the state of political discourse these days they are not as obvious as they were even a few years ago, but they are still here. Maybe someday after the collapse of the left’s experiment in Socialist wokeness, these people will again be elevated to their rightful place in society.

  5. Thank you, Jim. Still watching the effects of the Australian gun grab (1996 National Agreement on Firearms) and the the continued loss of personal protection and freedom for those folks. Take guns away from good, law-abiding people and only the bad guys, the military, and the police have them. I’m not interested in being in a police state or living in a town that looks like the “new and improved” Burlington.

  6. Gun owners need to step up and police their own and law enforcement needs authority to confiscate guns from those that are not of sound mind. I would also add that the parents of these devilish kids must also be legally responsible for their minor children.

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