Sexton: evil isn’t hiding. It’s right in front of you

By Jim Sexton

I have outlined numerous times how Gov. Scott has betrayed Vermonters and burdened them with huge financial and Constitutional restrictions. Attacking your freedom and God given right to live as you believe. 

When this pandemic nightmare began, Gov. Phil Scott made these decisions:

1. Planned Parenthood was essential and would stay open. 

Jim Sexton

2. Liquor Stores were essential and would stay open. 

3. Your job wasn’t essential and you must stay home. 

4. Churches weren’t essential and must close. 

One of his highest priorities was the slaughter of innocent lives. And then he takes one of the most important Constitutional Rights you have, Freedom of Religion. Choosing to support the destruction of babies in the womb and then denying you your right to go to church. 

Evil isn’t hiding. It is right in front of you. 

Governor Scott has given the abortionists many hundreds of thousands of our tax dollars, while he has taken away your right to praise God with others. 

He is not the only one to blame. The churches that shut down are complicit. We all needed to step up and protect each other, especially the most vulnerable. You aren’t stupid, if you were sick you stayed home. Just like every other instance before. But he weaponized you against each other. 

Funny thing happened though, some didn’t throw away their freedoms. They went to church, they didn’t wear the rag on their faces, they went to work, they gathered with families and friends, they refused the jab. And they were attacked, they lost people they thought were friends. Family members attacked and fear them, even still. 

Ironic how thousands of us aren’t dead and dying in the streets. 

Covid is real, it has been a contributing factor in many deaths. Almost all of them elderly and otherwise health compromised people. Each one is a terrible loss. Not one death attributed to the flu all this time though. An average of 85 people die in Vermont every flu season, none since Covid.

None. Get that?

Scott and the rest of the fearmongers told you where to shop, who could work, stuff your face in a rag and follow the arrows on the floor. You were the greatest threat to everyone else. Strange thing, though – where are the biohazard receptacles for all the masks ? If our breath is going to kill grandma surely they are the most dangerous part of the equation.

Where are the biohazard receptacles? There aren’t any. There never were. In fact many were thrown on the street and in parking lots. 

Does anyone care?

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  1. We need to Organize. There must be a platform for common sense American Patriots in Vermont to take action against a tyrannical, unconstitutional, lawless Vermont government. We all see, who have common sense, exactly what you’ve just pointed out in your article and thank you for writing what needs to be said. There are a few Vermont Representatives and Senators that should back an organization of the People to oppose the VT tyrannical government. However, the majority is the People of Vermont. We must move forward! How best to proceed, anyone?

  2. 1. Planned Parenthood is a whole lot more than abortion. It is a major provider of women’s healthcare apart from that. Healthcare is necessary during a pandemic.
    2. Fortunately I can worship at home. I don’t believe my Lord would want me doing something that potentially endangers others. I can’t speak for others’ perception of God though. There are so many examples of selfish behaviors resulting in spreading COVID and leading to death. Sure many deaths were in older people, but not all.
    3. Staying home when you were sick was a start, but with a virus that was easily spread prior to symptoms, it made it a lot harder–so people should have been wearing masks. Funny how all the mask wearing might well have cut down the flu season too.

    I am glad my government had the wisdom to put some protections in place for the people. What is tragic is that there wasn’t a way to do this without causing almost everyone pain. Perhaps some would have preferred to risk having COVID spread like it did in some states and potentially overwhelm the medical system. As a healthcare provider, I thank God we didn’t take that path.

    • You mention “COVID spread like it did in some states…” Indeed, illness spread fastest and most broadly in blue states with draconian, unconstitutional restrictions and requirements imposed. Ironically, red states that largely remained open never suffered this same fate.

      Surely you find it curious that vast numbers of isolated people somehow contracted COVID despite draconian lock-downs?

      As Jim noted in his article it is illogical to assume that other seasonal illnesses such as the flu or common cold disappeared. The logical conclusion – increasingly confirmed by whistleblowers within the healthcare industry – many unrelated causes of death were falsified, declared a result of COVID.

  3. The virus is a bioweapon created and funded by the very people telling us to stay home & wear a mask. When will those responsible for this genocide be taken to the military brig? More people died from suicide and putting off important surgeries so Fauci and Gates could role out a gene/dna altering concoction that is likely killing more people than the Wu-Flu bioweapon.

      • “The virus is a bioweapon” – The virus is a virus, doing what virus’ do. Virus’ are actually extremely good at their fundamental business; infecting hosts and spreading themselves around. The more excitable among us might assume that efficacy equals “bioweapon”, it doesn’t, it just means nature and evolution had time to refine. Unless someone comes up with an actual plan, facility, seedstock, precursors, involved witnesses, etc, which would indicate actual intent as opposed to “sometimes mammals get sick”, outlandish claims like it being a purposefully released “bioweapon” are irresponsible and frankly lazy.

        “This genocide” – Words have actual meanings and using genocide to describe a sickly season is not only ahistorical, it is deliberately obtuse. Real people suffer in real genocides, and using them to make a rhetorical point is evil. A “genocide” requires a specific targeted population, yet somehow Ms. Casey fails to identify the targeted population? It really isn’t “genocide” if it kills everyone, it is simply a “-cide”.

        “Military brig” – Ahhhh…what? Why would civilians be imprisoned in a military jail? What kind of fundamental misunderstanding of our system of government could lead someone to utter something like that? Who would misuse our military to enforce their own peculiar views on their fellow Americans? And what makes you think the US Military is comprised solely of people who agree with you? I have no patience for those with such little respect for the US Constitution and the rights of others.

        However, if you have a reasonable number of sources to review (.gov, .edu, .org) that support your viewpoint, I’d be happy to look at a couple.

  4. Vaccinations are an effective method of preventing disease.

    Good rules for intelligent discourse from Jonathan Rauch of Brookings Institute:
    “Rules for reality-
    Say you believe something (X) to be true, and you believe that its acceptance as true by others is important or at least warranted. X might be that the earth revolves around the sun, that God is a trinity, that an embryo is a human being, that human activity is causing climate change, that vaccination saves lives, that Joe Biden was lawfully elected president, or some other consequential proposition. The specific proposition does not matter. What does matter is that the only way to validate it is to submit it to the reality-based community….

    What the reality-based community does is something else again. Its distinctive qualities derive from two core rules:

    The fallibilist rule: No one gets the final say. You may claim that a statement is established as knowledge only if it can be debunked, in principle, and only insofar as it withstands attempts to debunk it. That is, you are entitled to claim that a statement is objectively true only insofar as it is both checkable and has stood up to checking, and not otherwise. In practice, of course, determining whether a particular statement stands up to checking is sometimes hard, and we have to argue about it. But what counts is the way the rule directs us to behave: You must assume your own and everyone else’s fallibility and you must hunt for your own and others’ errors, even if you are confident you are right. Otherwise, you are not reality-based.

    The empirical rule: No one has personal authority. You may claim that a statement has been established as knowledge only insofar as the method used to check it gives the same result regardless of the identity of the checker, and regardless of the source of the statement. Whatever you do to check a proposition must be something that anyone can do, at least in principle, and get the same result. Also, no one proposing a hypothesis gets a free pass simply because of who she is or what group she belongs to. Who you are does not count; the rules apply to everybody and persons are interchangeable. If your method is valid only for you or your affinity group or people who believe as you do, then you are not reality-based.”

    • Indeed there are effective rigorously tested then FDA approved vaccines. None of these rushed-into-usage COVID concoctions are FDA approved as such, none. Humans are the laboratory test animals and the results are a mixed bag which includes illness and death. Long-term effects are a complete unknown.

      • Your objection is the vaccines were not rigorously tested enough?
        So what do you define as tested “enough”, what’s the finish line? And does that finish line move if enough people die?

      • The FDA has an easily found multi-step rigid process for vaccine development. These COVID concoctions have not undergone this process and are not FDA approved as such.
        How many people must be injured, made ill or die from this injection to make you believe it’s tested “enough”? If you don’t believe these reactions are happening you can visit the US HHS’ VAERS website to confirm for yourself. Intentionally or not, our own government provides some eye-opening information.

      • I have no doubt some people in the immense heaving sea that is humanity have had negative reactions. Just like any other medication, food, drink, salve, unguent, tincture or herb. Because people are unique, weird, and there are a whole lot of them.

        However I don’t believe rigid adherence to big government bureaucracy is an intelligent or practical response to what is objectively an emergency situation. Restrictions on individuals (eg – telling them what they can’t do) are a completely different story; they must bear strict scrutiny. But getting government and risk averse petty bureaucrats out of the way so we can solve our problems through science, innovation, and genius? I’m all for it.

        Better to save some lives and miss dotting a few “i’s” and crossing a few “t’s”, don’t you think?

      • You win the award for the lamest attempt at refutation. FDA and VAERS are both gov. websites I have mentioned to you. You should actually visit these sites and study the issue prior to commenting and, yes, that requires you must be at least somewhat objective. The US is not the only country reporting significant, widespread negative effects from this injection.

      • It’s an honor just to be nominated.

        To be clear, I’m not claiming the vaccine is reaction or risk free; absolutely nothing is. I also don’t care.

        What I am pointing out is your hysteria is not commensurate to the risk.

        I am also pointing out that more and more government regulation is generally bad for industries that rely on innovation; ie pharmaceutical companies. Your call for ever higher and higher regulatory hurdles and unending government “review” will stifle innovation and would inevitably result in deaths. There’s really no telling if it would be more or less deaths than caused by drug reactions, but the longer term impacts of your drive to regulate and mandate to industry would echo for generations and would spread to other areas. Because once you start centralized economic planning it is hard to stop even when you can obviously see it doesn’t work, because it is fundamentally about power and the illusion of control.

      • Obviously, you have not researched either the FDA or HHS/VAERS sites I mentioned so you have zero credibility, none. Now, previously, you were triggered by other commenters words “which have meaning” yet you laughably, gratuitously accuse me of “hysteria.” As for accusing me of promoting more government regulation, the thread speaks for itself. I thus surmise you to be a subjective, uneducated troll and not a worthy opponent for disputation.

      • “Troll”. Fun.

        Back to the point; you are claiming the existence of some sort of cover up of vaccine deaths…right? Or are you simply saying that the numbers themselves justify your level of over the top panic?

      • You are blissfully ignorant. The sources I’ve mentioned are actual US gov. sites and provide the data. Apparently, you are unwilling or too stupid to research the data and facts. That’s on you, not me.

  5. Yes. I get it. You can call strangers names on the internet. Somehow I will manage to carry on with my woeful fate…

    Back to the point; you are claiming the existence of some sort of cover up of vaccine deaths…right? Or are you simply saying that the numbers themselves justify your level of over the top panic?

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