Senate committee nixes free bus fare, e-bike subsidy in House transportation bill

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By Guy Page

The Senate Transportation Committee has approved the House Transportation bill – but with some significant changes. 

The Senate committee version:

  1. Ends Covid-era free bus fares after July 1. It allocates $1.6 million for fare relief. 
  2. Removes an electric bike subsidy. E-bikes cost under $300 at large department stores.
  3. Restores $3 million for maintenance to the Department of Motor Vehicles budget.
  4. Allocates $850,000 to VAST (Vermont Association of Snow Travelers) to replace old trail grooming equipment, and other improvements. 
  5. Funds a study of regionalizing the Burlington International Airport, now operated solely by the City of Burlington. Regionalization would allow other affected Chittenden County communities to have a say in the operation of the South Burlington-based airport. It also would protect the airport from possible negative impacts of a Progressive-run Burlington city government determined to make major climate-related changes at the airport. 

If approved by the full Senate, the bill as amended would return to the House for consideration of the changes. 

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  1. Didn’t know about the “determination” to screw up the airport. But, it figures. Welcome to the People’s Republic!

  2. How about that!
    # 5 actually makes sense!
    Someone is actually recognizing and proposing legislation to counter the destructive nature of the ‘woke’ progressive liberals now running Burlington.
    Way to go to that ‘Someone.’

  3. I fell out of my chair, reading #5. Proactively doing something that benefits Vermont’s residents?
    Who’d thunk it?

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