Senate bill would pay $1000/month to youth exiting foster care

Bills also make it harder to fire workers, evict tenants

by Tim Page

A House bill introduced on February 14 makes law enforcement liable while policing rioters.

H.249 would “remove immunity and subject law enforcement officers and those acting at the request or direction of an officer to civil or criminal liability if they do not abide by the standards for law enforcement use of force in dispersing or apprehending rioters. This bill also defines ‘officer’ for clarity.”

The bill was sponsored by Representative Martin LaLonde (D-South Burlington) and referred to the House Judiciary Committee.

A Senate bill introduced on February 17 would grant direct cash transfers to youth exiting foster care.

S.92 would establish “a two-year pilot program within the Department for Children and Families for the purpose of providing monthly $1,000.00 direct cash transfers to youth over the course of a 24-month period upon the youth’s exit from the foster care system..”

The bill was sponsored by Senator Becca White (D-White River Junction) and referred to the Senate Committee on Health and Welfare.

A House bill introduced on February 16 requires State-developed Holocaust education in public schools.

S.87 would “require Vermont public schools to include Holocaust education in supervisory union wide curricula for grades six through 12 each year, beginning in the 2024-2025 school year. This bill also proposes to require the Agency of Education to provide assistance in the development and maintenance of Holocaust education. ”

The bill was sponsored by Senator Virginia Lyons (D-Williston) and referred to the Senate Committee on Education.

A House bill introduced on February 21 would strengthen employee protections, and abolish at-will termination.

H.298 would “provide two hours of paid leave so that employees may vote in primary and general elections and on Town Meeting Day. The bill also proposes to establish a good cause standard for termination of employment, to prohibit employers from taking adverse actions against an employee because of the employee’s exercise of free speech rights, and to prohibit employers from inquiring about employment status on a job application or interfering with an employee’s efforts to seek employment with another employer. This bill further proposes to make interference with an employee’s efforts to seek employment with another employer an unfair labor practice for public employers..”

The bill was sponsored by Representative Joseph “Chip” Troiano (D-Stannard) and referred to the House General and Housing Committee.

A House bill introduced on February 17 reduces the liability of the retailer for sale of alcohol to intoxicated persons.

H.288 would “amend the statutes governing liability for the sale of alcoholic beverages to reduce the scope of strict liability and limit the persons who may be subject to an action for damages resulting from an unlawful sale of alcoholic beverages.”

The bill was sponsored by Representative Logan Nicoll (D-Ludlow) and referred to the House Judiciary Committee.

A House bill introduced on February 21 provides protections for tenants against no-cause evictions.

H.301 would address the findings that ”Vermont renters are subject to eviction at approximately the same rate as prepandemic, but now nearly 50 percent of cases included a claim for no cause, leaving the tenant no defense to the eviction. In the past, only 18 percent of evictions were for no cause; 70 percent were for nonpayment of rent only.”

The bill was sponsored by Representative Joseph “Chip” Troiano (D-Stannard) and referred to the House General and Housing Committee.

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  1. Eviction is always a difficult process. This makes it harder, thus opening the door for abuse.
    Marxist policy is that all landlords are ipso facto abusive and the tenant is always right.
    Countless landlords are simply struggling and laboring to provide housing. It is a job.

  2. Having been a landlord, and NEVER again, landlords have next to no rights. Ive made my rentals nice and comfy to live in, my rents have been low, only covering the bills for the place, not a penny more. And i have been thanked by so called good tenants trash and destroy my property costing me thousands that i dont have to fix. On top of that rent never on time if at all. They conned me and stayed through winter while i still had to heat and pay bills. Finally getting them out. The place can sit empty…its more cost effective that way. Until those in power figure out that their laws are not fair for landlords and they do something about it fair rentals wont be available.

    • Now as far as S92 goes, does Becca White have children? It seems not if her idea of handing an 18 year old free money. How about you fix up the foster care system? Be involved in the childs care, keep track of how they are doing in school and help them with college, trade or job to earn for themselves. Handing people things for no reason does NOT help them want to succeed in anything. It is a handout under those circumstances. When people should be given a hand up is when they are trying as hard as they can and just need a bit to make it over the hump…that is appreciated. By the taxpayers too. There are not that many 18 year olds who would make good decisions in spending that kind of money.

  3. I think landlords should be able to evict tenants for non payment of rent, damages to property, being a nuisance such as loud partying, annoying other tenants or neighbors, abuse such as smoking, drug use or obtaining pets prohibited in the lease etc. As well, if a landlord plans on occupying the unit themselves, installing a family member in it or selling the property they should be allowed to ask the tenant to leave. If we actually had rentals available it wouldn’t be such a big deal. Now though if you lose your housing you may well become homeless and have to move to another state.

    Re giving former foster kids money, I’m not sure that’s a great idea. Probably better to work with foster kids prior to them aging out of the system to plan for either college, trade school/apprenticeship, entry into the workforce etc. And assist them with obtaining housing if needed, a security deposit etc. but not just a handout of cash to teenagers on their own.

  4. H249 just how many rioters have had their rights violated by police? Just another stupid bill by a stupid legislator

  5. ya cant fix stupid!! how bout giving that extra as long as they have a job and place to live………ok then for 6/6/6/6 months depending on status………