Senate approves pharmacy Covid-19 vaccinations for five-year-olds

Bill now returns to House for reconciliation

By Guy Page

The Vermont Senate gave final approval today to authorizing pharmacy techs to administer the Covid-19 vaccination to children as young as five years old.

The Senate version of H305 allows child Covid-19 vaccination by pharmacy techs, whereas the original, House version limited it to adults. An amendment passed by the Senate Government Operations Committee expanded pharmacy tech vaccinations to five years and up. The bill received preliminary approval yesterday and final approval today, with just one senator voting No on a voice vote. 

Because it was amended by the Senate, H305 will be returned to the House for its agreement or rejection. Child vaccination could be discussed on the House floor at that time. 

The amended bill “trivializes very real vaccine risks and serious reactions by allowing pharmacists and pharmacy technicians to administer possibly life-threatening vaccines to young children,” Jennifer Stella of Health Choice Vermont said Friday morning. 

The Senate amendment was first raised on April 14, following written testimony April 12 by Deputy Secretary of State Lauren Hibbert. An April 12 letter from the Vermont Retail Druggists headlined ‘Testimony H.305’ refers to oral testimony given sometime the previous week.  

Stella raises several objections to pharmacy techs vaccinating young children. 

Training. Will pharmacists or pharmacy technicians have the equipment and training to be able to tell the difference between cardiac arrest, anaphylaxis, fainting, and act accordingly to save the lives of small children who react at the time of vaccination?

Doctor-patient relationship. This bill undermines the doctor patient relationship and removes critical health history screenings prior to vaccination. Neither pharmacists nor less qualified pharmacy technicians have the necessary medical history of five year old child or the time to prescreen for contraindications based on a child’s personal and family history and unique heath needs prior to vaccination. Vaccines, just like all pharmaceutical products, can cause injury and death in some people.

Product risks. Neither pharmacists nor pharmacy technicians have enough training on product risks, prescreening, contraindications, emergency interventions for reactions, reporting reactions to Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS), and advising parents about the statute of limitations and instructions for filing a claim with the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program.

Adverse reactions. In Vermont alone in just two years COVID shots have been associated with 2,471 adverse events, including death. Flu shots have been associated with about 30 adverse events per year in VT. By contrast, children are not at risk of death from COVID or FLU. These VAERS reports are often discredited by authorities but stand as testimony of the actual consumer experience. VAERS reports are largely submitted by healthcare providers and required by law.

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  1. This development makes perfect sense. The legislature is doing everything exactly opposite of what is rational and logical. So why shouldn’t they be totally consistent on vaccine policy. If you’re not going to be driven by facts or by reasoning when enacting policies on climate, on finance, or on school safety, why would facts or reasoning get in your way on this? If you’re going to be insane you should surely just go all in on it.

    • We have since learned that the entire ‘scamdemic’ came down from the DoD – not the CDC / NIAID ~ none of this had nothing to do with healthcare;
      it is a depopulation agenda.

      the U.S. Military Runs COVID Vaccines, Former Pharma Exec Tells RFK Jr.

      COVID-19 vaccination effort is a biological weapon project run by the U.S. Department of Defense, according to Alexandra “Sasha” Latypova, is a former pharmaceutical research and development executive.

      If you want to know the truth, please watch this interview; the death rate around the world has dramatically risen & it’s not from covid19
      (these mRNA injections are NOT Safe, NOR Effective)


      Anyone interested in the USA exiting the WHO that want to have control over the USA “healthcare” PLEASE sign this petition for the USA to withdraw from the WHO and then share this link with friends/family.

  2. Sadly I fled my beloved Vermont because of the insanity reigning there. Save the children.

  3. A needle in every arm…

    Only makes sense in VT, largest two sectors of Vermont is the Government and Healthcare.

    Seems like they are partnering well – Medical Socialist state.

  4. Why did they even waste their time and our money on this?? Its a fact that no child should get a C19 jab. period. This just makes them (“representatives”) look evil and idiotic.

  5. There is big money still being paid out to the state and hospitals to keep injecting this bio-weapon into all of us.

  6. Why would they approve for a useless vaccine in children, parents don’t do it

  7. and here is another tidbit from Greg Hunter USA….

    People in large numbers are becoming disabled and dying from the CV19 bioweapon/vax, and yet folks in power ignore it and act as if nothing is wrong. Money manager and number cruncher Ed Dowd said on USAW that 30% of the workforce is either dead, disabled or chronically ill from the injections – so far. The trend is not turning down, and this has huge implications for the economy and the readiness of our military. Keep in mind the demonic powers running our country have war in Ukraine and probably one coming in China, too, in the not-too-distant future.
    People need to wake up!!

  8. It is flabbergasting to me that only one senator voted against this. There is great shame in the cavalier way they consider the health of our children. These are not “senators” as any reasonable person would expect, rather they better fit the title “simpletons”.

    • neither safe, nor effective … I’d say $$$ (Congress was bribed to turn a blind eye)?

  9. 2 Chronicles 7:14 KJV- “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”

  10. Exactly what is required by law? The V in VAERS stands for what? It is well known in health care circles that actual events are under reported by as much as 90%. Minors should be exempt from receiving that shot known to be neither effective nor safe.

  11. CDC Director, Rochelle Walensky, resigned. WHO declared end of COVID global emergency. US Health and Human Services COVID declaration expires May 11, 2023. Evidence presented in US Congressional House hearings regarding alternative treatments and gain-of-function research was surpressed by NIHS, Department of Defense, and HHS by means of backdoor ops with private media corporations. Fauci lied. Debra Birx (aka scarf lady) lied. Insurance actuaries report statistical evidence that death and disabilities increased exponentially after introduction of the vaccine. The virus, to this day, is not isolated, there is no evidence presented of a patient zero, or the exact components of the virus or the vaccine. Anyone injecting a child with a toxic bioweapon should be charged with attempted murder. Ignorance is not a defense.

  12. Jesus turned and said to them, “Daughters of Jerusalem, do not weep for me; weep for yourselves and for your children. For the time will come when you will say, ‘Blessed are the childless women, the wombs that never bore and the breasts that never nursed!’ Luke 23: 28-29

    While I’m not what some might characterize as a religious man, this 2000-year-old prophetic notion does not escape my wonder and respect.

    “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they do.” Luke 23: 34

    Let us pray.

    • If these people in the senate are so blind as to what they are doing to children, they deserve no forgiveness. Ignorance is not a valid defense in the law. Vermont is being destroyed by money, greed and a uniparty agenda. We have a voting public that can only be described as blind and uninformed. Learning is an obligation of lawmakers before they make decisions. If they ignore the warnings, that’s on them and the idiots who voted for them.

      • “We have a voting public that can only be described as blind and uninformed.”

        “Give us Barabbas!”

        Postscript: Forgiveness and Accountability are not mutually exclusive.

  13. Healthy children are born with a near perfect immune system already in place, then along comes big pharma with as yet an experimental gene therapy drug that is not approved through normal trials. Any parent that allows a doctor or medical worker to inject this poison into a child should not be allowed to make any medical decisions for that child. Think before you act, if your child isn’t sick don’t make them sick from this poison. I can’t believe that with all the information available to our legislators related to the horrible results of these injections that they promote and approve of this drug for kids. They will eventually reap what they sew, this is another disgusting political act from people who should not be making decisions for parents. I am glad that my children were raised in the time of sanity and the respect for parental rights. Make your child sick and you will be sick for what you did to a perfect immune system already in your child at birth.

  14. After all that has come out about the “vaccines” how can anyone continue to take them or give them to their children?? It’s pretty evident what the intent is of those that keep pushing it and it’s frightening!

    • Its because there is a large segment of the population that only listens to the mainstream media that is bought and paid for by BIG PHARMA. All you have to do is watch a bit of tv and every other ad is for some pill for something you have never heard of before but might get. All or many of those people are not seeing the information many of us are. We all know that children do not die from Covid and its not much different that a flu which we all get. We know that young men are dying from heart issues and the number of events are piling up. But the mainstream media is helping to tamp down the voices who speak against the jab. People are slowly waking up and some countries had stopped the jab back in 2021 (Germany, Denmark, Ireland, Norway and a couple more). It is beyond imagination that anyone is pushing the jab on children. We have lost our sense of humanity.

  15. What right do these non medical people have to make health decisions for your children? Talk about a situation ripe for an unrebutted affidavit of fact stands as truth.