Sen. Becca White slammed on social media for ‘throwing other women under the bus’

by Aaron Warner

Yesterday CNN’s Jake Tapper did a segment on the Mid Vermont Christian School girls basketball team choosing to forfeit rather than put their girls on the court against a Long Trail School team with a 6’3” boy who identifies as transgender.  CNN brought a female reporter Brynn Gingras to get the story.  Mid Vermont declined to be interviewed almost certainly to avoid the kind of hit piece journalism the network is now famous for and why they have plummeted in the ratings.  

Sen. Becca White

One Vermonter who CNN did interview was Windsor County senator Becca White who represents the families at Mid Vermont.  Instead of standing up for the girls in her community as well as the religious freedoms protected by the United States Constitution White chose to support the wealthy enclave of Dorset, VT, home of the Long Trail School.  Dorset has a median income nearly six figures ($92,386) and the white collar to blue collar worker ratio is 172 to 4.  

After her interview on CNN the savvy politician decided to share her moment on television via her Twitter account.  The feedback she got was overwhelmingly negative.  As of this morning with over two hundred responses I could only find two that supported her.  Senator White tweeted: 

“Proud to be a Vermonter, where while the other parts of the nation fumble, we rise above and stand against discrimination of trans youth. #vtpoli #TransRightsAreHumanRights” @BeccaWhiteVT

Here is what the rest of Vermont, the United States and the world had to say: 

“I’m a Dem & would love to know why you think 1 male is more important than 100s of girls who lose fair sports when they’re forced to compete against him. What’s the lesson? Girls, it doesn’t matter how many of you this is unfair to, what 1 male wants is more important.” – @SunshineSunnier

“Mediocre male athletes who can’t make the grade in their own sex class have no place in female single-sex sport. There’s no difference between men competing against women & male athletes taking performance-enhancing drugs to cheat against their peers. They’re all #CheatsAndLiars” – @TinCanSquat

“You really like throwing other women under the bus, don’t you? What a good Men’s Right’s Activist you are. You are grovelling to male power and privilege.” – @CatFinola

One account posted a quote from Kara Dansky of the 

“Only men could oppress women for thousands of years, then turn around, put on a dress, and complain they are the most marginalized group in society.” 

Another woman asked: 

Why do you believe that masculine girls and feminine boys are a problem that needs to be fixed? – @Serena_Partrick 

@Anne_on_gd, sporting her LGBTQ pride flag support icon was so bothered by Senator White’s interview she tweeted twice asking: 

“What message are you sending to girls? That the feelings of a single boy matter more than the hard won rights and dignity of 100 girls? That they must prioritize the needs of other’s ahead of their own? How’s that progressive?”

Then demonstrably exclaiming: 

“Stop treating girls as state sanctioned sacrificial emotional support humans for males with (claimed) identity issues!

Mark in California tweets: 

“Every student is free to play in his or her sex class. Only a misogynist supports letting boys play in girls sports. Why do you hate women and girls?” 

VTcommonsense tweets: 

“No one is discriminating. We’re saying that confused kids don’t need to be sexually mutilated. How do you people sleep at night?”

Probably on $400 virgin, organic, goose-down pillows. 

Finally, Ginny ads: 

“Things like this are making it next to impossible to remain in support of Democrats. Males do not belong in female sports. It’s astonishing that’s even a controversial statement. Shame on you for shutting these young women up. Being pro-woman is not anti-trans.” – @tazerface43

After the 2020 election debacle over 1 million Democrats left the party and registered as Republicans.  It appears Senator White’s CNN appearance likely added to that number as of last night.  

Which raises the adage – how do you make a Republican in Vermont?  Keep voting Democrat. 

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  1. This is why I donate to Vermont Daily Chronicle. YOu won’t see these kinds of stories aywhere else in Vemont~ IGNORANCE IS NOT Bliss…just leaves the population in chaos, as we see here with what is happening all over Vermont and the wolrd.

    • This so called ” Vermont State Senator ” needs serious psychiatric counseling in my opinion Why does she permit this abuse to her own sex’s hard won rights and social advances made over the decades ? She seems socially diseased .

  2. Three thumbs up to Kara Dansky’s retort, spot on……..and it’s SO spot on that if this wasn’t a true crying shame, one would have to be laughing regarding the sheer anti-women attitude and the preposterous anti-science lunacy. It’s all like a B rated movie that the vast majority of people cannot sit through. Aside from all that though – Balint is a Communist, though call herself what she will, and would publicly spit on the US Constitution if she thought for one second that she could get away with it at this point in time. Or, if George Soros simply asks her to. Whichever comes first.

  3. It is Becca WHITE, folks. She is the Senator? from Windsor County. She has proven herself to be a true flamer. Do you suppose the voters in Windsor County could get rid of her in 2024? She is not a communist, she’s just stupid.

    • Stupid seems to flourish in the Vermont senate. Like Ann Watson, Washington county senator who chimed in related to the shortage of workers to install heat pumps in the senate committee discussing the Unaffordable Heat Act. She asked why can’t propane and oil delivery drivers switch over to heat pump installers in the summer months. Little did she know that electricians and plumbers do not moonlight as delivery drivers in the winter or any time. This is the lack of intelligence in our legislature that in frightening. Thank the heavens that not all women are liberal moonbats, but the democrats in this state vote them in and we suffer. Thank a democrat for voting in chaos, insanity and now the not so common anymore sense. Young men and women who have done nothing, know nothing and feel something is not how to govern real people who make thing work. Maybe they should leave us alone to live our lives as we see fit as long as we are good citizens.

  4. Here’s how this is going to play out. The NYT reports that the percentage of young people identifying as trans has doubled in recent years. If that trend continues, there will not be a girl on any girls sports teams because the trans girls will beat all the girls in the tryouts. Even now, if 1300 student Champlain Valley in Hinesburg had the same ratio of trans girls on its girls basketball team as 100 student Long Trail, (1/100) there could be 13 trans girls and not one girl on the girls basketball team. Equity, diversity, and inclusion on steroids! Or rather, puberty blockers.

  5. Well I’m sure the parents of these biological females won’t forget the betrayal come election day.

    • I hope everyone clicks on your link to Becca’s campaign resume, she is what’s wrong with the Vermont legislature. And she’s not the only one. Her current job before being elected senator was front end cashier at the food co-op. She has very little life experience and a lot of woke ideas. The people of Windsor county sent a person to the senate who has done nothing but sit on broads and committees. This is not how to govern a state with many problem, mostly financial and the legislature itself. Add that to a republican in name only governor and here we find ourselves in a big unconstitutional mess with these controllers in every aspect of our lives. Thank a democrat, they are responsible for the destruction of Vermont and the overwhelming meddling in our lives. We are free people not toys for progressive legislative social tinkering. Take Vermont government away from these unqualified controllers. Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

  6. Great comments!
    It’s nice to see that there are still a few common-sense Vermonters in this state. We all to to stand up to the nonsense that plagues our “once-independent” state.

  7. So easy for Becca to comment on how to raise children. She doesn’t have any of her own but supports mutilating someone else’s child. Which is another bill she backs. As for men on womans teams this is just wrong. It is time for Vermonter’s to stand up and vote her out.

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