Second Amendment advocate today asks Sgt. Of Arms, Capitol Police to remove sponsors of H610, gun seizure/domestic violence bill

Jim Sexton of Essex Junction today visited the Vermont State House to ask the Sergeant of Arms and Capitol Police to remove sponsors of H610 from the State House because they “violated their oath of office by expressly trying to make a law which denies every Vermonter the presumption of innocence” and “denies legal gun owners the constitutional right to bear arms.”

Sgt. Of Arms Janet Miller received the packet of information and said she would provide it to the Capitol Police.

Sexton, a Colchester native and son of a police officer, also met with Rep. Pat Brennan (R-Colchester), a strong gun rights proponent, and exchanged information with a local TV reporter. He plans to follow up with Capitol Police Chief Matt Romei.

“Too many people sit back and don’t stand up,” Sexton said. “My grandfather told me to stand up if you believe in something.”

Jim Sexton presents his request to Officer Dale Manning and Sgt. Of Arms Janet Miller.

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  1. The expression on the face of the sergeant of arms (elbow on desk) says “don’t hold your breath”.

  2. Absolutely within his rights to oppose any bill that blatantly erodes a constitutional right ! Of all the bills presented, or drafts, this is the most atrocious i have ever witnessed !

  3. Thank you Jim for standing up for our rights. We need more proactive moves like this in order to defend what is rightfully ours.

  4. Their expressions say that they highly resent having input from the people. I applaud the efforts, no matter the results, at the very least it shows the government swamp of tyrants up for what they truly are !!!

  5. Sir, thank you for having the guts to do this. All of us citizens need to keep posting, speaking out, assembling peacefully, going directly to the Legislature as you did, and VOTING GUN GRABBERS OUT OF OFFICE!! Our elected officials work for us. They are violating both the Vermont and federal Constitutions.

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