Scott vetoes juvenile crime bill

by Guy Page

Gov. Phil Scott June 1 vetoed S.6, a bill for law enforcement interrogation policies that “would make it more difficult to investigate and prosecute young adult perpetrators involved in serious crimes.”

It’s the sixth veto of the 2023 session, and the fifth likely to face a veto override at the June 20-22 special session of the Legislature. 

Gov. Scott offered the following explanation:

“This bill started out as a reasonable approach to expand existing constitutional protections prohibiting deceptive and coercive interrogations for juvenile offenders under the age of 18. 

“As passed, this bill would make Vermont an outlier by offering these expanded protections to young adult offenders up to the age of 22, despite Vermont’s already robust constitutional protections. There was uniform testimony in opposition to this bill from the entities charged with promoting public safety, including crime victim services and child advocacy centers, that this bill will remove tools from law enforcement used to investigate very serious, violent crimes at a time when our communities are not feeling safe and are asking us to do more. 

“This bill would make it more difficult to investigate and prosecute young adult perpetrators involved in serious crimes, such as narcotics trafficking, sex offenses, including sexual assaults that happen on college campuses and child sex abuse cases, and internet crimes against children.”

Other bills vetoed by Gov. Scott include:

S.39, legislative pay increase

H.386, underage voting in Brattleboro 

H.494, state budget

H.509, non-citizen voting in Burlington

S.5, Clean Heat Standard (overridden by Legislature last month)

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  1. More people need to call the legislators to help Gov. Scott. Doing nothing isn’t going to help, and neither is giving up now! KEEP CALLING PLEASE!

  2. Yep. Another override is in store. How about the legislature simply proclaim that no one under 112 years of age has the level of brain maturation or mental capacity to be responsible for their actions and call it a day? The Marxists have their wish fulfilled: no imprisonments and thereby no prisons.

    The entire reasoning behind this is simple, of course, via CRT Criminal Style. Since the majority of those committing violent crimes and drug-related crimes in Vermont are at this point young African-American males – this enables Vermont to fully allow these dangerous thugs, sometimes controlled by cartels or organized crime, to always be bestowed with the perpetually “revolving door” style of phony justice and never held responsible for crimes they perpetrate against innocent victims.

    In this manner, VT radicals prove how non “racist” they are against criminals of color whilst the rest of our community members suffer, are maimed, or die in the process.

    Justice for All!!! Well, for a few anyway…….

  3. In one breath D and P want to pass a bill to allow 16 & 17 year old the ability to vote and run for office. Then they take another breath creat a bill that would make investigation of minors up to age 22 difficult at best, even for serious crimes. Is there anyone left in Montpeculiar with any common sense ?

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