Scott unconcerned about vax discrimination suit

By Guy Page

Gov. Phil Scott isn’t worried about the lawsuit filed May 10 to prevent discrimination against people who decline Covid-19 vaccination.

“This is not a new lawsuit. This is something that happened a few weeks ago, maybe a few months ago. We feel secure in our position. We don’t fear this lawsuit,” Scott told Stewart Ledbetter of WPTZ at today’s press briefing.

On March 2, Jim Hogue of Calais, Emily Peyton of Putney, Karen Eddings, Morningstar Porta, Kathleen Tarrant, and Deborah Dailey filed for an immediate emergency injunction in US Federal Court against Gov. Phil Scott, Attorney General TJ Donovan, and Health Commissioner Mark Levine “to halt orders, rules and enforcement regarding the lifting of quarantine solely for those who vaccinate” and other measures.

The lawsuit alleges the defendants are guilty of constitutional overreach and of misrepresenting the medical facts about Covid-19.

Under further questioning by Ledbetter, Scott said Vermont’s vaccination strategy has been successful. “Just look at the data and the science…..our rate has reduced dramatically, our deaths have reduced. We’re not mandating anything, it’s your personal choice. But it’s working, and our numbers show it.”

Also at today’s press conference, state officials provided the following Covid-19 update:

  • 62% of Vermonters have received at least a first dose
  • About 50% of black Vermonters have been vaccinated
  • Cases are down 69% since April 1
  • Hospitalizations are down 29% in the last 14 days
  • The State of Maine is a cautionary tale for Vermont – almost five times as many people/capita in the ICU, including many young people. 

Scott also confirmed that by May 15 he will extend the State of Emergency for at least another another month. Commissioner Mark Levine said the likely ‘endemic’ nature of Covid won’t require longterm public health practices of masking, social distancing, etc..

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  1. First & foremost, I’m so sick & tired hearing about or seeing stats about what percentage of “black people” are vaccinated. This whole culture is demented at this point. WHY do we need to know this?? If ANYONE wishes to get vaccinated, they can and it’s free. Is the government going to let us know how many red-headed people are vaccinated or how many people who have hazel eyes are fully vaccinated?? The State legislature recently had a black VT citizen explain to them that MANY disparities are NOT attributed to race, but to other socioeconomic factors.

    WAS ANYONE LISTENING????? Doesn’t seem so. Give this crap a rest.

    • Indeed. I’m sure black people are as capable as any other colour people to get the vax should they want one. But their lower percentage likely allows for the SJW’s to continue to bleat about systemic racism and create more programs to atone for it. Of course the likely reason is that the black population of VT skews younger than the white population and thus is less likely to even be eligible for the vax.

  2. The stats are constantly manipulated. For example, PCR tests run on vaxxed peeps are done now at a lower cycle threshold. Lower threshold = few positives. Starting May 14, the CDC will no longer count breakthrough cases of COVID after the vax unless someone ends up in the hospital. Folks who die within 15 minutes or a few days of the vax are simply a coincidence. Before the vaccine, everyone died of COVID no matter what.

    This is how the magic works to make the vaccine look effective.

  3. What ever suits the State, IS SUPPOSED TO BE GOOD FOR US!!! what WILL HAPPEN IN 6 MONTHS WHEN the state realizes they made a horrible mistake about the Viruses and Vaccines. When people start reacting in strange ways due to the Vaccines. POPULATION CONTROL BY PLAN?????

  4. The Governor has danced around the subject just all “politicians” do. He said that he hasn’t mandated the “vaccines” (these are not “vaccines” they are unapproved experimental shots), however, his actions of coercion are very plain to see. It is UNLAWFUL to coerce, misinform anyone about the experimental shots. The citizens of Vermont are being coerced by him throwing the private sector into forcing people to get those shots, creating division for the people who are “unvaccinated vs. vaccinated”. He has misinformed people about the experimental shots, all people are to be FULLY INFORMED of the risks and benefits and of ANY ALTERNATIVE MEDICINES that you can take instead of the experimental shots (Ivermectin, Hydroxychloriquine, etc.). He can be sued and he is liable for his actions. Only the Pharma Co’s. are exempt from liability because of the 2005 PREP Act.

    Our defense is the Nuremberg Code of 1947, also Title 21 Section 360.

    I believe it’s time for a major Class Action suit by all Vermonters, not just a few. Our Freedom is at stake. People cannot be divided against each other, or segregated, it will bring forth the Agenda that they want, socialist-commie control.

    Liberty is from God not men.

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