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Scott talks infrastructure with Biden at White House today

Gov. Phil Scott will meet with President Biden, Vice President Harris, the Secretary of Commerce, Secretary of Labor and a small bipartisan group of governors and mayors today at the White House to discuss the Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework and the importance of making infrastructure investments.

“As I have long said, smart infrastructure investments are needed to repair America’s roads and bridges, invest in rural broadband and clean energy systems, create good jobs, and secure our economic future,” said Governor Scott. “I am looking forward to meeting with the President and my colleagues today to discuss the bipartisan infrastructure framework and its benefits to our nation, and encouraging leaders in Washington to continue to try to unite our county by seeking opportunities like this to work together on goals a large majority of Americans share.”

The meeting will take place at 3 p.m. in the Roosevelt Room of the White House.

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  1. Phil getting his palms greased for playing along with the Biden crime family and the corrupt regime installed in DC and elsewhere. 10% for the Big Guy! I’m sure he’s excited – his payday has arrived! What a good boy!

  2. Scott is quoted as going to “discuss infrastructure”. Is he discussing the 600 Billion infrastructure- roads and bridges plan- or the 3.5 trillion “human infrastructure plan that may get passed by reconciliation? Scott has already given Biden what Biden wanted, now it’s grovel for federal dollars time.
    It is very disturbing that Vermont is now beholden to the federal government for dollars to support the vast spending programs that have been enacted here. Vermont government has no choice but to acquiesce to whomever is the majority party in DC for Vermont governments’ continued existence.
    We have been forced into indentured servitude for state and federal government. No matter what promises are made to Scott by Biden, it’ll still cost the taxpayer dearly.

  3. There’s nothing ‘bipartisan” about it Commie Governor Scott, and you know that’s true. I wonder what role China will play in this new “infrastructure” project, remember China is pushing the “One Belt, One Road” initiative. Look what China has done to other countries, they build the infrastructure and the country is in a debt-trap. Take at look at the White House page and see what’s on the list, 5G, water supply, clean this and that, electric this and that. China is the most dirtiest place on the planet not America. It’s all about control, control of food, water, electricity, making serfs out of the middle-class. The Elites want to have perfect power. Global Reset.

    Oh, speaking of paying for this $1.2 trillion project, here’s the so-called list from the Fake Biden White House page. Big Brother is coming after every citizen of the U.S., trying to destroy the middle-class, and all the Commie Governors have their hands in it. The appointed Governors all seem useful for now to promote the Marxist Agenda. I wonder what will happen when they are no longer useful?

    Proposed Financing Sources for New Investment:

    – Reduce the IRS tax gap

    – Unemployment insurance program integrity

    – Redirect unused unemployment insurance relief funds

    – Repurpose unused relief funds from 2020 emergency relief legislation

    – State and local investment in broadband infrastructure

    – Allow states to sell or purchase unused toll credits for infrastructure

    – Extend expiring customs user fees

    – Reinstate Superfund fees for chemicals

    – 5G spectrum auction proceeds

    – Extend mandatory sequester

    – Strategic petroleum reserve sale

    – Public-private partnerships, private activity bonds, direct pay bonds and asset recycling for infrastructure investment

    Macroeconomic impact of infrastructure investment

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