Scott supports, signs bill to study legalized sports betting

by Guy Page

Gov. Phil Scott on June 8 signed into law a bill to study legalizing sports betting in Vermont – something he supports, he said.

H313 also legalizes home delivery of alcoholic beverages, a practice begun during the pandemic lockdown when bars and restaurants were closed to indoor service. Section Six of the ‘miscellaneous’ bill calls for an impact study by Oct. 15 on how other states manage legalized betting.

Governor Scott issued the following statement when signing H.313:

“Among other important initiatives to assist with economic recovery and growth, this bill extends the provision of my executive order to allow restaurants and bars to continue selling to-go drinks. This has been an important revenue stream for the food and beverage industry, and in many cases a needed lifeline for these businesses and their staff, which have been hit especially hard by the pandemic.

“For years, I have also proposed that Vermont legalize and regulate sports betting, as more than a dozen states have done. We know thousands of Vermonters are already participating in this activity, and the State should take steps to ensure fairness and safety, while also generating new revenue to support enrichment opportunities for our youth, increase affordability of childcare, or support universal access to afterschool programs. This bill includes a study that I hope will lead to action on this initiative next session.”

Gov. Scott also signed into law these other bills:      

  • H.106, equitable access to a high-quality education through community schools, extends the influence of public schools into providing social services and family support.
  • H.183sexual violence, defines as sexual assault having sex with a person who cannot give consent due to being asleep, unconscious or under the influence, and creates an Intercollegiate Sexual Harm Prevention Council to create a coordinated response to campus sexual harm across institutions of higher learning in Vermont.
  • H.289, professions and occupations regulated by the Office of Professional Regulation
  • H.426, addressing the needs and conditions of public school facilities in the State
  • H.436, miscellaneous changes to Vermont’s tax laws
  • H.439, the state budget
  • H.449, membership and duties of the Vermont Pension Investment Commission and the creation of the Pension Benefits, Design, and Funding Task Force

Governor Scott issued the following statement about signing H.360, funding community broadband:

“Expanding access to broadband is critical in a 21st Century economy, and after more than a year in a pandemic that required us to be in our homes and online more than ever, that fact has never been more apparent. That’s why I proposed spending more than $250 million over the next few years to connect more Vermonters to broadband and cell service than ever before. This is essential to helping our rural communities thrive and attracting and retaining more workers.

“The bill helps us work towards these goals by establishing programs to connect unserved and underserved homes and businesses to high-speed broadband service, working in partnership with communications union districts (CUDs).”

To view a complete list of action on bills passed during the 2021 legislative session, click here.

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  1. Legalized Betting another way for the STATE to AMASS funds to support their favorite projects!!!, this will also line the pockets of those running the SCAMS.

  2. Thousands of Vermonters and he knows! Guess those foreign friends like to have something fun to do when they visit. It’s just amazing how many international news outlets watch what goes on in VT and report our admins accomplishments. Cha – ching!!

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