Scott supports Biden vax crackdown

Online critic cites 18 VT ‘breakthrough’ Covid deaths since January

President Joe Biden announces strict new vaccination measures September 9. White House photo

by Guy Page

Gov. Phil Scott took to Twitter last night to support President Joe Biden’s new policy of mandatory vaccinations for employees of all companies of 100 or more employees, required testing for most Medicare-related health care workers and federal contractors, and elimination of the weekly testing exemption for federal employees.

“I appreciate the President’s continued prioritization of vaccination and the country’s recovery as we move forward. As Vermont’s experience shows, vaccines work and save lives. They are the best and fastest way to move past this pandemic,” Scott tweeted at 6:23 pm from his Governor Phil Scott account. In the same post, he retweeted Biden’s announcement from a couple hours earlier.

Most of the tweet responses supported Scott. For example: “Thank you @GovPhilScott. Now, drill some sense into your Republican friends.” And, “You are in the wrong political party, bro.” Some wanted even more action, like mandatory vaccination of teachers.

But not all responses were positive: “Jamie Riskedahl” wrote, “Except your own data shows that it isn’t working and increasingly more by the week. How many boosters will you be asking your citizens to take before you allow them to return to some semblence of life?” He added a recent graph from the Vermont Dept. of Health showing 1,906 vaccine ‘breakthrough’ cases, 51 hospitalizations, and 18 deaths so far this year.

As of this morning, none of Vermont’s three congressional delegates had commented on Biden’s new policy on their Twitter or Facebook accounts.

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  1. Of course Scott supports Biden’s decision. I am not blind to the fact that he supports everything and anything the current administration requests, regardless of the constitutionality, morality or legitimacy of the request. He is nothing more than a talking piece in support of complete government control over the population. These people are using a pandemic as a means to grab power over every facet of our lives, under the guise of keeping the public safe. Wake up people! If you don’t, we will soon look like Australia. Australians are being banned from even speaking to each other outside. I recently heard an Australian health official state that these restrictions are being put in place to support “the new world order”. The scary part is that I am not making this up.

  2. Sad. You are likely the only “Republican” Governor to support this incredible illegal trampling of our civil rights. I’ll vote for pretty much anyone but you! You will be on the wrong side of history.

  3. It is more amazing how Orwellin our co untry is becoming by the day. Loss of landlord property rights ,mandates on vaccines ,looseing control of our schools to marxist . People need to wake up very soon before its to late , Just as Orwell predicted in his book 1984.

    • In true Orwellian terms, biden’s order exempts Congress and congressional staff from his mandate. Some pigs are more equal…
      As to illegal immigrants, it would be out of the jurisdiction of OSHA and fall squarely on joseph robinette biden for each infection and death of or caused by an illegal immigrant. He ordered what is taking place on our borders and Afghanistan.The definition of Depraved Indifference will need to be changed soon, to accommodate what the Federal and State governments have done to humans in the United States. Phil Scott has also crossed the depraved indifference line, for his failures to allow treatment of SARS CoV2 by other that CDC approved methods.

  4. I believe if Klar was Governor that we would have ended up like Florida. I support protecting the American people. We get more people getting vaccinated for the flu than Covid-19 and the symptoms of the latter are worse. That is illogical.

    A superhero is a super helper. Help protect yourself and others and get vaccinated. If you can’t for some reason, wear a mask. I wear a mask and am vaccinated to be extra careful.

    • Wearing a mask is a FARCE and a LIE! It’s equivalent to throwing a handful of sand through a chain link fence and expecting the fence to stop the sand.

      It’s SO INTERESTING that ALL of the published SCIENTIFIC studies done over the many past years on face coverings/masks as a remedy for viruses are being IGNORED. They show that viral droplets cannot be stopped by masks/face coverings, maybe N95 Masks, but NOT others.
      So …… the masks are great for EMOTIONAL SUPPORT, and for being dutiful, people-pleasing, mindless, obedient Sheeple, but you are fooled if you think they stop viral droplets.

  5. This is the Marxist Playbook in action. Scott is a puppet of the Regime or he may be a true blue Marxist, either way he is part of the Traitors of America.

    This is all happening at this particular moment because their house of cards are crumbling fast about the Rigged November 3, 2020 Election, the experimental death shots that are showing they are deadly in real time, AND what the Marxist Regime in the White House did to our Military men, women, Americans and Allies in Afghanistan.

    We The People have our Freedoms, We Have Our God-Given Rights!

    Time is NOW for peaceful Civil Disobedience. We will Not Comply with the Lie! We will Not be like Australia! No World Order!

    Your Rights in the Law:
    21 U.S.Code Section 360 bbb-3
    The Nuremberg Code of 1947
    Title 45 C.F.R. Part 46

    Your Rights are also Guaranteed in our founding documents – the U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence and most importantly The Bible, God’s Word!

    ALSO – Don’t forget under the PREP Act of 2005 Pharmaceutical Companies are shielded from Liability. However, companies, schools, colleges, municipalities, local governments, businesses, etc. are NOT shielded from liability.

    Liberty is from God not men!

  6. As the Governor says “Vaccines work”. mRNA can not be considered a vaccine. A vaccine uses an attenuated weakened virus that has a proven health record. Governor your statement is a lie. How can mRNA be a tried and true vaccine BECAUSE it is the FIRST one ever used on HUMAN BEINGS. It is UNPROVEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Please continue to supply the death data which is showing that although the unvaccinated continue to test positive along with the vaccinated, why is the death toll among the vaccinated higher than the unvaccinated? Please explain this phenomenon where Israel is the clearest example. Maybe Vermonters are different genetically than Israeli Jews? Maybe its because Vermonters have a better life style? Please Dr. Levine, I would love to hear you spin that one.
    Authorities have a major problem. If it is exposed that variants are caused by the corona virus trying to survive by mutating around the mRNA vaccine. If it is exposed that the vaccinated are dying from antibody-dependent enhance syndrome during flu season. If it is exposed that with every booster shot the population of immune response killer T-cells go down. These theories must be discredited now or their mandate will be discredited. These researchers and doctors who propose such things are already being threatened by having their funding or license taken away. So the only recourse for the President is to blame the deaths on the UNVACCINATED instead of admitting he was wrong and his mandate harmed more Americans. He is demonizing a single group by fear, not by science. There was a gentleman in Germany during the 1930s that did the same thing. Unfortunately a lie will travel around the world twice before the truth gets out of bed.

  7. God gave man the knowledge to make vaccines to protect us. We already require vaccines among students to protect students and staff. No one yelled Marxism or the like. Why now?

    Because you are following the lead of the lead of the most lying President (Trump) in modern American history. You want to believe the lie and ignore the truth.

    Get vaccinated and be a superhero. Superheroes are super helpers. By vaccinating you help protect your fellow Americans. There will always be cases of breakthroughs because no vaccine is 100% effective. J and J is 64% and Moderna and Pfiezer are 94%. Most breakthroughs happen to those who had J and J according to a person who works in infection control. When you get a flu shot it doesn’t have 100% effectiveness. I don’t hear people arguing about that.

    This is politically motivated which it should not be because this is a public health issue.

    • That was Louis Pasteur in the 19th century, and as far as I know, he was not God.

      Donald Trump championed the vaccines, encouraged (and still encourages) people to take the vaccine, and got it himself in January.

      You sound like a bot.

      • Wow, your response is pretty insulting in many ways. Why even bring up Trump’s name? He has nothing to do with the guidelines set by the current administration nor the State of Vermont. He is not the one mandating that every American take an experimental vaccine that by definition is not a vaccine. The truth is there are no long-term studies on the impact of these shots. People have the right to be concerned.

        Many qualified medical professionals have come forward with concerns. These people are being silenced and threatened with job loss or having their licenses revoked for speaking out. The media is now allowed to censor science, no debate, no discussion, no review of the facts. When in America have we experienced such coercion. Any person with any critical thinking skills that reads patents and medical/scientific materials should be concerned. Believe it or not, the spike protein in the COVID-19 shot was patented before the COVID-19 pandemic even occured. I recommend that you stop watching corporate media. I do not watch any news media outlet, as they offer no legitimate information that is not politically or financially motivated in their best interest.

        Best wishes!

    • Do some research MM. Get the facts. The “Covid Gene Therapy Shots” are NOT like other vaccines. They are VERY DIFFERENT. Because they are a VERY DIFFERENT Technology they warrant EXTRA TESTING NOT INSUFFICIENT TESTING. There has NOT been enough time for fully testing the safety of this NEW TECHNOLOGY. Many DO NOT want to be guinea pigs for the drug companies.

      Get out of your FEAR MODE and open your mind to think. There have always been people who have opted out of taking vaccines/shots. It’s part of our Constitutional Individual Freedom in the USA. ALL 50 states have exemptions for this reason.

      Also, I think your TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME is showing. He is the one who had the Covid Shots made, remember? So …….. if we are listening and agreeing with Trump, we would all get the shots …. right?

      Biden is NOT A KING! Honest People who are paying attention also KNOW HE IS NOT THE LEGITIMATE PRESIDENT! Elections have consequences and STOLEN ELECTIONS, REALLY have consequences!

      • It is incorrect to say they have not been through testing. A series of tests were conducted but they were done in a shorter time span. We have heard about the J and J stoppage before it went public. That is because something happened in one of the tests that was deemed a possible safety risk and all individual stopped the trial so it could be investigated. It was discovered it was unrelated to the drug and it continued. This was the same protocol used in all tests.

        When Pfiezer got full approval, it had to provide months of data on the product and its usage. Astrzenicka was denied because the information provided was outdated.

        You are entitled to your opinion on the time but if we waited months for approvals we would have a lot more people dead or infected now. My only concern is the health and safety of all people.

        I am not against people having exemptions, however, if they do they should wear a mask to reduce the spread of the virus. WCAX showed visually early in the pandemic that masks do reduce spread.

    • MM – it’s time to get a bit of some information that has never nor probably will never surface on main stream media. There is a world war that has gone on for some time – rather than an invasion it has been an infiltration methodically orchestrated. The White House has been basically empty since Pres. Trump departed. What you are served is a 24/7 dose of tell-a vision so you (and too many others) have been “programmed” to believe what they (evil) want you to believe. Secret Societies – 13 bloodlines – Illuminati – The Jesus Strand (killing of his bloodline), what is taking place is one of the biggest sting operations in history. Biden is gone – Harris is gone – Clintons are gone – the list is enormous (people you think are alive are not and those you thought were dead are very much alive in witness protection).

      A biblical event designed by a small group of Godly people is under way. God Bless those who were sacrificed on 9/11 – that truth will soon present itself as to who exactly caused that and how and why they did it. Many events will be revealed – what we all thought we knew – learned in school was not the truth. Schools, law enforcement, military, corporations, politicians, the entire medical industry (mafia style) pharmaceuticals – all infiltrated – Act of 1871 – dissolved – Biden was illegally INSTALLED – NOT ELECTED to a position that has been filmed on various locations where movie set White Houses exist. A mouth piece of an actor(s) playing his part – damn good I might add. Money – power, blackmail, bribes, honeypots, hand shakes – secret ones of course! Red shoe club – look it up. A very large awakening is on the horizon so start researching so the impact isn’t as intense as it will be for many. Patriots know – Anons know that you are being shown exactly what the world as you only knew it was to become – another vision in your rearview mirror as your freedoms were stripped and totalitarianism took over.

      God will have his say as well – I just hope people wake up before it really is too late for them. There are millions that will move ahead into a new world once the healing takes place from the old world you thought you knew. Slaves no more – keep in mind during you search for truth that there are many trying to silence it.

    • It doesnt concern you that the same $$$$ that CREATED Covid CREATED the “cure”???? Duh!!! Other vaccines took DECADES to create….and humans weren’t the guinea pigs!!!

  8. think it has been shown that if a person has been infected then their immunity is much greater than with vaccine so why should they have to get vaccinated if they choose not to. a result of going the vaccination route is it makes the virus mutate faster as the virus tries to work around the vaccine. that pretty much means you will never end it with vaccine.

  9. And they called Trump a “Fascist”? If the right brain controls the left side & “Left-Turn Phil” has been driving @ high speeds means his right side brain’s been squished from all those years @ Thunder Road. He’s just a Parrot, squak-ing whatever his “kids” think the polls require. Totalitarianism is the word of the day, “MAKE them EAT CAKE!” or ELSE! All their masks, social distancing, “15 days to flatten the curve”, and NOW vaccines that are NOT even “effective” (breakthrough’s) have shown their TRUE colors, will Gov. Pickle-Nose NOW reinstate the “Snitch-Line” for Vermonters to TURN in the unvaccinated? THIS is what REAL Fascism looks like, corporations PUSHING an ineffective (it’s FREE!) product and “leaders” mandating WE take the “medicine”, or ELSE! Insanity…SM.

  10. If you are an open-minded, “thinking/reasoning” person, ask yourself this question.

    Now that a large percentage of Covid Shot Recipients have/are testing positive for Covid, Biden and many others have said,”They are testing positive for the New Mutated/Changed Version of Covid.”

    Since the Covid Shots that are available were designed for the original Covid Virus, how will having more people get Covid Shots for the original Covid Virus, help in any way to lessen the spread of the “The New Mutated/Changed Version of the Covid Virus”?

      • The sources I trust say 60% of those testing positive for Covid have taken the Covid Shots.
        Biden and many others have said they are testing positive for the Delta Variant. How do we know that? Is there a test to determine the Delta Variant specifically? I am told there isn’t.

      • Scott is a HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT!! Another feckless and cowardly Politician!

        When I saw him shut down Brattleboro’s attempt at another mask mandate recently, I thought he had finally shown some courage and right action for the Freedom of We The People.
        He is SO………. SQUISHY and SPINELESS!!

        It’s obvious Scott doesn’t know who he is or what Principles he believes in, if anything at all.
        SO SAD!! This is NOT LEADERSHIP!!
        It’s not surprising Scott sticks with Biden. He is very much like Biden.

    • Very true and an excellent point. What is being proposed by Scott and the Biden Administration is the equivalent of forcing people to take last year’s flu vaccine, which is pointless.

      • Scott voted for Clinton in 2016, then he voted for Biden in 2020.. now if that’s not a RINO I don’t know what is.. Scott is just like Ole Bernie.. pretend to be an independent but is really a Nazi democrat, while Scott pretends to be a republican while he’s really a democrat…

  11. I am extremely disappointed that Governor Scott would agree with President Biden’s divisive and insulting message. Personally I was appalled by his speech, delivered as if I, along with others who haven’t gotten the shot, are solely responsible for virus spread. The last time I checked I still had the right to control what I put into my body.

    A few months ago this president said he would never enact mandates; he’s a hypocrite and, by association, so is our governor.

    Beware of politicians who think they’re smarter than you!

  12. I’m more aghast at the enforcement mechanism. It’s completely unconstitutional for us to mandate it… so they’ll just outsource it to your employer?! What an asshole. There’s no way this “mandate” would hold up in a sane courtroom.

  13. Mandates, federal or state, requiring the injection of an Emergency Use Authorization (EAU) product as a condition of employment are illegal and it is just a matter of time before a court makes it clear that is so. Employees who are being forced to submit or be fired, have a right to refuse and should see a lawyer. Beside the fact that this is and should be a personal medical choice, there is no fully FDA approved vaccine available (Comirnaty) for use by September 15th and there probably will not be for some time.

  14. We don’t need a rino governor in the supposedly free state of Vermont. Mail in ballots are against the constitution, we need an el,entions audit, and a governor who stands for Vermonter righ.ts! We don’t need. A dufus in our st ate like we have in washington

  15. That choice is up to every person personal choice. So just stay out of our business and tend to running the state, but run it with what we the people of Vermont want.. time for new government employees

  16. It is not for the government to tell us that we need something when it is so deadly. Of course we aren’t able to think for ourselves, the so called higher ups need to think for us, as they are so much smarter. JUST SAY NO AND LET THEM FIRE YOU AND THEN CLASS ACTION LAW S.

  17. Biden and Scott have poked the BEAR! We the people have just begun to fight. I have concluded a house to house poll within my neighborhood and 80% of my community told me that they DO NOT agree with Biden’s mandate. That is unheard of especially in such a progressive state. I also heard many stories from people who had adverse reactions to the vaccine and said they will refuse to get a booster shot. Two people told me they had a relative that died one month after they took the vaccine. More than half the people got the vaccine because they wanted to be able to travel, go to school or keep their job, not because they needed it for health reasons. I had no idea that my neighbors and I shared many of they same concerns. Some were willing to share information via e-mail. My faith in humanity has been restored.

  18. For everyone who is out to say that the vaccine doesn’t work, here is the published study of the CDC. For the record, that post was edited by the moderator. It was more detailed and longer.

    In this article, by the way, it says the “large percent” of people who were vaccinated that caught the virus was 8%. This study takes place down south where Covid is running rampant.

    The Pfiezer vaccine has been fully approved by the FDA just like the flu vaccine. Full approval removes the experimental tag. Moderna is applying for full approval and has come up with a combonation flu and Covid vaccine. I am not saying that there are not medical concerns, There are with any vaccine. However, people are refusing to take it for the wrong reasons. My only concern is to protect Americans from Covid. Pure and simple.

    I also want to talk efficancy one second, which was edited out. Pfiezer and Moderna are both about 94% effective where J and J is only 64% effective. Most of the breakthroughs are related to J and J (due to it’s lower effectiveness) and then the other two. This is confirmed by a member of an infection control team at a hospital I talked with recently.

    However, most of the people who do not want the vaccine are also refusing masks. They claim it interferes with personal liberty in most cases. Yet you wear masks on Halloween. Surgeons, nurses, wielders, and many other professions wear masks on a regular basis for safety. Why should we not to keep each other safe? If you are not going to do one then you must do the other or we will never beat this virus.

    • You have to go to reliable, trusted sources to get facts. Most times they are the persons being censored, oppressed, maligned and canceled.

      Look up Dr. Robert Malone MD. He is the inventor of the mRNA Technology. He is very vocal and warning as much as he can that the Covid Shots are dangerous. He is advocating for ending their use immediately.

      More specifically, he says the shots were engineered to stay at the point of injection and it’s not working that way. Instead, it’s traveling throughout the body. In many cases it has concentrated in ovaries and heart blood vessels causing varied adverse affects and injuries to many. A large number of the Covid Shot reactions, injuries and deaths are not being acknowledged or reported.

    • #1…I do NOT trust ANTHING the CDC has to say…..#2….we will NEVER “beat” this virus because it’s not about the virus….It’s about compliance and control so the powers that (think) are in control can bring us into The One World Government led by China! WAKE UP!!!

  19. Well, Briben excluded the unionized/fake ballet delivery mailmen & illegal immigrants, who’s Scott gonna exclude, the junkies and their dealers?

  20. President Biden and Governor Scott are targeting the most singular group of non-vaccinated. 75% of Black Americans have exercised their right of refusal. The Black community is well informed and I respect that. Anyone voicing an opinion to the contrary must be considered a racist IMHO. The Black community got Biden elected and this is how he treats them? Threats of job loss, denial of therapeutics, denial of access to travel, denial of health benefits and SNAP. We made Biden work for us. He has abused his oath of office by threatening to remove Governors that don’t comply with any and all of his illegal mandates. We must not become violent. We must carry on to provide healthcare, food, electricity, computer chips to keep society running despite Joe and Phil trying to pit vaccinated against unvaccinated. Just like the over use of anti-biotics causes new virulent strains to emerge so has the proliferation of the spike protein vaccine. Do not allow authorities to demonize “resisters” because dictators don’t stop mandating and their will be no one left to help you when you decide the mandates have gone too far! We will win against racism. We will win against totalitarianism. We will win against the eugenics mentality. It won’t be easy but freedom is not given, it is taken.

  21. Phil supports Biden in all sorts of ways. This is not a surprise as he is obviously compromised and controlled – he is carrying out the DNC plans and thumbing his nose at us. Why doesn’t the VT RNC kick him out or sensor him?

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