Scott still opposes TCI carbon tax – but doubts he can stop it

By Guy Page

Gov. Phil Scott still opposes the carbon taxation scheme known as the Transportation and Climate Initiative. However, he conceded Tuesday that his opposition might not be enough to stop it. In fact, Vermont’s involvement may not even have to be approved by the Legislature.

The TCI is a 12-state plan to impose a fossil fuel assessment on Northeastern fuel dealers, who would then recover the cost from consumers at the pump. The hefty proceeds (estimated $20-40 million) would be handed over to state governments and spent on carbon emissions reduction programs such as electric car charging infrastructure, bikepaths, and public transportation. 

Regional Response to the TCI has been tepid, even in the Blue States of New England. However, the TCI is being enthusiastically considered by the Vermont Climate Council, which was empowered by the Vermont Legislature’s Global Warming Solutions Act to reduce Vermont’s carbon footprint. The TCI is, in effect, carbon taxation without the Vermont Legislature having to go on record as voting for a carbon tax. At his press conference on Tuesday, Vermont Daily Chronicle asked Scott for an update. 

VDC: Governor, the Transportation and Climate Initiative is getting a lot of support from the Vermont Climate Council. What is the Scott administration’s official position on the TCI? Will you accept or oppose the TCI mandate from the Climate Council and, presumably, the Legislature?

 “I think I’ve been fairly clear on TCI,” Scott said. “I don’t think it works for Vermont. I don’t think it solves the problem in many respects, and I think it just wouldn’t have any net benefit to us financially or from an emissions standpoint. So I would be opposed to it, as I’ve said before.

“But part of the problem with the Climate Council is that I don’t know as we have a choice. That was part of my problem with how it was developed. If they impose this, then i don’t know what the recourse is, to be honest with you.”

“I  thought it had to be approved by the Legislature,” Vermont Daily Chronicle said. 

“I’m not sure that it does,” Scott responded. “That’s that was part of my issue – that it does not have to come back to the Legislature. They may take it up, they may decide to insert themselves, but the way the legislation was written they don’t have to come back and get approval from the legislature. That’s why I vetoed it.” 

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  1. I emailed my views on this to my senators and reps from Windsor county. The only reply back was from Senator McCormick , who has NO RESPECT for anyone that isn’t part of his DNC camp. Rude and condescending is what I got. Nothing back from the rest on them.

    There really ARENT enough people in my county that will STAND for their rights and stand AGAINST this legislative lunacy that ONLY threatens the well-being of Vermonters and our economy.

    • For what it’s worth, I experienced the same non-response in Windham county. The senate and house can’t be bothered to respond to the people who pay the bills for their grand stupidity…

  2. Scott does not get to pass the buck on this. The Climate Council does not have the power to make Vermont participate in TCI. Nine members of the Council are MEMBERS OF HIS ADMINISTRATION!!! Is he directing them to oppose this thing before it makes its way into the final recommendation from the council? Or not? If it’s a bad idea, as he admits, what measures will he take to fight for what’s best for Vermonters? Or is he just going to shrug his shoulders and let us all get screwed? Scott can formally pull VT out of TCI now and force the Council and the Legislature to make the case for us putting us back in. Will he do so?

    • Interesting information… If he can do this, why isn’t he? Would it cost political capital? Shouldn’t matter, as it’s in the best interest of all Vermonter’s to stop the TCI…but that’s not the way of modern Vermont politics.

    • This is good to know, the question is: how do we force his hand since his response follows his typical pattern of rolling over and playing dead for the progs? At best, Phil Scott is merely an ineffective speed bump for politicians pushing radical leftist political agendas.

  3. More proof Vermont has been taken hostage by the fringe alt left children of mittens sanders. I guess the fools will continue to vote for these avowed marxists and spineless leadership like scott who boldly voted for a dementia puppet to lead our Nation sadly.

  4. I’ll become my own oil man and buy in an another state, and my vehicles will be fueled in NH. Not bending to the commies.

  5. Poor helpless Phil Scott. What happened to the fearless driver who won all those races at Thunder Road?

    • A legit question! I think we can safely surmise that he cares more about racing than he does promoting livable policies in the best interest of all Vermonters.

  6. I hope Governor Scott can stop anything to I do with the GWSA,especially a carbon tax!!But it is not up to him but up to we the people.This must be opposed at all cost,even if we not comply.The actions of our legislators and leadership has been awful,and we need not let them go on any further,for the constitution is there to protect us from tyranny.But we must act,now,together!!

  7. We effectively already have a TCI carbon tax thanks to Joe Biden’s inept energy polices.

    When Biden was inaugurated on 1/20/21, the price of West Texas Intermediate crude oil was $53 a barrel…….Today it’s $75, a 42% increase since Biden took office.

    That’s a de facto TCI carbon tax on all Vermonters with more to come as Biden’s energy polices exact further damage on the US economy and all American’s pocketbooks.

  8. We effectively already have a TCI carbon tax as a result of Joe Biden’s inept energy policies.

    When Joe Biden was inaugurated on 1/20/21, the price of a barrel of West Texas intermediate oil was $53, today it’s $75 an increase of 42%.

    This oil price increase is a de facto TCI tax that exacts damage to the US economy and all Vermonters with more to come as Biden’s polices drive oil prices even higher.

  9. Scott cannot be trusted to do anything even if he can do it. The comment that said it has to come from the voters is absolutely correct. There should be a referendum vote taken at town meeting this coming March to give this the boot it needs. It will not be binding, but anyone who reads the results of this vote had better sit up and take notice. This is probably the first and last opportunity the grassroots will have to be heard.

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