Scott signs municipal mask mandate bill, predicts it won’t work

After the close of yesterday’s Special Session, Senate President Pro Tem Becca Balint (left) and House Speaker Jill Krowinski promised more state action during the 2022 session if Covid-19 numbers climb.

By Guy Page

Gov. Phil Scott has signed into law the municipal mask mandate bill passed by the Legislature yesterday, he said today. In the same breath, he predicted it won’t work. 

“Mask mandates don’t work,” Gov. Scott said in his opening remarks at his weekly Tuesday press conference. “I think they will be divisive and counter-productive.” He introduced and signed the bill as a compromise to legislative leaders, who wanted a statewide mask mandate. 

The new law gives municipalities up to 45 days to adopt an ordinance (selectboard approval only needed, no voter referendum needed) requiring masking in indoor public places. 

Scott also said:

  • Merck and Pfizer anti-viral pills may be authorized within several weeks. The Merck pill is a ‘cousin’ of Ivermectin, which has been discouraged by American medical and government authorities but is used widely as an effective Covid treatment overseas.
  • In recent weeks 69,000 Vermonters have been tested for Covid-19 – more than 10% of the state’s entire population.
  • Covid “is going to be with us for some time, just like other viruses, just like the flu,” he said.
  • He’s watching the European “hot spots” like Germany, and the trend towards lockdowns, such as in Austria. “It’s concerning, what we’re seeing in Europe,” he said. 
  • 30 Vermonters have died of Covid-19 this month. There is no fully/partially/not vaccinated breakdown of deaths. 
  • More than two-thirds of hospitalized and ICU Covid-19 cases are unvaccinated Vermonters.
  • The State of Vermont cannot, and will not, require vaccine passports at indoor high school sporting events. However, mandatory masking will continue. It’s a decision that must be made locally, he said.
  • He said he is “sorry to see him go” when asked of the retirement of Rep. Brian Savage (R-Swanton). Savage will become the Swanton Town Administrator.

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    • He signed it to make the burqua-wearing legislators look like idiots (if they dont already), so they get off his back. He is wise to let the demo-progresso-marxists of the legislature and town selectboards enact these mandates so they look like the fascists that they are. Let these battles rage in individual towns so we can see who the real idiots are and have more opportunity to vote them out. I think that is the Governor’s strategy. Despite his shortcomings, we are lucky to have him instead of some busybody karen in his place. Better to have a half-conservative who is actually from Vermont than ANY of the realistic alternatives. Face it…Vermont will not elect a Ron DeSantis-type Governor at this point in history so stop fantasizing.

      • It reminds of a sting operation…I agree, watch the towns that support the mandates and you’ll know who not to vote for next time.

      • Yeah, I really appreciate Phil who has resisted much insanity. I like how he “gave” the towns their own emergency authority, and instead of thanking him, they’re angry! “How dare he make us do the dirty work! Who are we going to blame now? What kind of democracy is this if the local towns have to openly make their own rules?” It’s pretty funny. It’s also funny that the towns are mad because “not all the towns” will have a mandate and so then “it won’t work.” lol

  1. “Merck and Pfizer anti-viral pills may be authorized within several weeks. The Merck pill is a ‘cousin’ of Ivermectin, which has been discouraged by American medical and government authorities but is used widely as an effective Covid treatment overseas”
    This means our government literally was/is killing Americans by withholding medicine from us. But the new very expensive “cousin” of Ivermectin is just fine to use. Just let that sink in for a min……………

    Also isn’t it amazing that they have the breakdown of vaxxed/unvaxxed in the hospitals, but not for the deaths…..

    And that one is easy to explain. In the latest 2 week breakdown from the state (Nov 4-17) there were 24 deaths reported for the month of Nov, so far. In the prior 2 week period that ended Nov 3rd the deaths for Nov was stated to be 6. So between Nov 4-17th 18 people died. That same report says 13 of them were vaxxed (85 total “breakthrough” deaths reported and the previous report from 2 weeks ago stated 72. 85-72=13.)
    So to sum up, 13 of the 18 deaths in the last 2 weeks were fully vaxxed. That is why they are hiding those numbers!!

  2. Scott stated he wasn’t worried about the issue of penalties for mask non-compliance when it was asked of him. Prodded further on the topic, he stated that penalties were not an issue previously, under the Emergency Order and don’t concern him now. We shall see. Progressives and some Dem’s like the idea of punishment in general- I’d be surprised if left to their own to create an ordinance on masking, that penalties were included in progressive held territory.
    As to the Phizermectin pill and Merck’s molnupiravir- these drugs are protease inhibitors. They function the same way Ivermectin does with SARS-CoV-2 virus. The difference? Billions in profit.
    There are multiple facets to this virus, with the common denominator being money.
    RFK Jr. shines a light on the corruption, just a few articles down…How these drugs work is here:
    https://www.cnbc.com/2021/11/17/how-covid-antiviral-drugs-from-merck-and-pfizer-work-effectiveness.html ( From CNBC of all places!)
    and here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ufy2AweXRkc
    You judge for yourself, for reasons unknown (but easily guessed) Vermont politicians would prefer to quote the party line and Vax, Vax, Vax.

    It’s amazing what was regarded as conspiracy theories 18 months ago now are coming true. What, exactly is so important in the “vaccine” that these be forced on every American?

  3. Towns that enact mask mandates will harm businesses and make people more miserable. Those that do not will help businesses and people be happier. The death rate in Vermont, despite increased infection numbers, is less than one percent. Florida, not California, shows how to deal with Covid.

    • Is it really increased infections numbers, or just them doing more testing, testing, testing with swabs that never did pick up the covid virus but just under lying dormant viruses that everyone has. It’s all a ploy to get people to think they need another lockdown and more masks. Wake up people…

  4. Could you get us the number again of how many people have been re-infected? It seems that number is low and many of us have natural immunity now!


  6. Ivermectin worked from the beginning but people died because it was denied to them! Everyone has been seriously, tragically and criminally fooled.

    This whole Plandemic is a crime against humanity and all involved know that it is and are guilty. Their only concern is MONEY and POWER, not YOU, never was.

    Liberty is from God not man.

  7. Dear Lord when will this scam EVER end? Everyone wearing a mask has been triple vaxxed or more by now. It’s clear that the Vaxxes also have many side effects. When will the people in this state EVER wake up and realize they’ve been played by big Pharma?

  8. Scott must have taken Leadership 101 in our esteemed education system. Now he’s an ‘expert’ too.

  9. So now we get to see which cities and towns are run by commie fascists. I don’t think it’s any surprise that Brattleboro was first up to enact this. Coming up behind them will likely be Burlington and Montpelier. I have zero need to have to shop at any of those places. I’m already effectively banned from many venues there already. What I need to buy I can buy in stores in towns that still allow people to make their own choices about masks and vaxes. And then there is always NH ;I’ll spend my money there before I’ll spend a dime in one of our commie cities.

    Scott, you needed to man up, grow a pair and just say no. By giving in to their fears you have strengthened them. What will you say when they beg for vax mandates for all? Suggest we be like Austria? Build some little “camps” like in Australia?

    For me and mine, Covid has been the last straw. Time to sell up and move to a state that has more of a respect for personal freedoms.

    • Yep, NH has been a breath of fresh air. And I shop online now or Saratoga Springs. Now even Rutland Town put a mask mandate back. Disapointing. It’s been two years already! We have to just move on. Maybe they were threatening Scott with impeachment?

  10. Will the mask mandate help lower the amount of fatal drug overdoses in Vermont? We are the laughing stock of the nation and rightly so – it is a total clown show!

  11. He signs knowing masks don’t work, and probably wonders why people with brains think he is an idiot.

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