Scott signs mailed ballot, equity-in-schools bills

Gov. Phil Scott yesterday signed into law S15, universal mailed ballots, and S115, providing more funding and regulation for equity and inclusion programs in Vermont schools and libraries.

On June 7, Governor Scott signed bills of the following titles:      

  • S.7, An act relating to expanding access to expungement and sealing of criminal history records
  • S.13, An act relating to Pupil Weighting Factors Report
  • S.22, An act relating to health care practitioners administering stem cell products not approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration
  • S.25, An act relating to miscellaneous cannabis regulation procedures
  • S.47, An act relating to motor vehicle manufacturers, dealers, and warranty or service facilities
  • S.97, An act relating to miscellaneous judiciary procedures
  • S.115, An act relating to making miscellaneous changes in education laws
  • S.3, An act relating to competency to stand trial and insanity as a defense

Governor Scott issued this statement when signing S.15, the universal mailed ballot bill:

“I’m signing this bill because I believe making sure voting is easy and accessible, and increasing voter participation, is important. Having said that, we should not limit this expansion of access to general elections alone, which already have the highest voter turnout.

“For greater consistency and to expand access further, I am asking the General Assembly to extend the provisions of this bill to primary elections, local elections and school budget votes when they return to session in January.”

Governor Scott issued this statement when signing S.3, insanity defense:

“Public safety is a top priority for my Administration, as is the mental health of Vermonters. This important piece of legislation will help address the limitations of our current systems by lessening the gap between the criminal justice and mental health systems. It also takes steps to ensure due process in the criminal system, protect public safety, and ensure that those experiencing mental illness receive appropriate treatment. I want to thank our partners and members of the judiciary committees for their work.”

Governor Scott issued this statement when signing S.48, adoption of interstate nurse licensure compact, which makes it easier for nurses from out-of-state to work in Vermont:

“Making it easier to live and work in Vermont to address our demographic and workforce crisis has been a top priority for my Administration. I am proud of the work we have done in previous years with the Secretary of State’s Office to make it easier for servicemen and women to transition into the civilian workforce in Vermont, and reforming rules to make it easier for people with licenses in other states to become licensed in Vermont.

“After all we’ve been through the past 15 months, it is more clear than ever how important nurses are to our communities, and we need to continue to add tools to attract more to the Green Mountain State. Joining the compact will help us do that, while also ensuring more uniform standards and protecting public health.”

To view a complete list of action on bills passed during the 2021 legislative session, click here.

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  1. Scott’s slimey ass should be kicked out of the Republican Party. He’s inadequate and a rino.

  2. Screwball Scott RUINING the state with the rest of the moronic legislature wherein 2/3% came from out-of-state to get out of THERE to come HERE, in order to make HERE just like THERE, kinda quoting Stowe’s town clerk from months ago. She was: CORRECT.

    Scott is a catastrophe and an embarrassment.

    Hey, Scott: Notice VIOLENT CRIME INCREASING in VT? Boy….these conservative lawyers & doctors & semi-professionals & farmers & the retired – are sure troublemakers, huh Scott?

  3. RINO Governor Scott met with China in 2019 along with Jim Condos, Secretary of State and the previous Attorney General in Montpelier. The Chinese delegate came from the NY Chapter. Now that S15 is signed, Election Fraud will continue from 2020 and be more rampant in the next election. This Bill will cement future rigged Elections and will keep the current Commie majority in power. There are ZERO SAFEGUARDS against FRAUD in S15. The Bill is utterly illogical as there are No Signature Verifications and No Voter IDs. There are Drop Boxes, Drive-Thru Voting, and Ballot Harvesting. What are the options for the conservative, constitutionalists, hardworking, taxpaying, law-abiding citizens of Vermont?

    A. Move-Out
    B. Lawsuits
    C. Audits
    D. Nothing

    The people have to rise-up, Constitutional Attorneys have to rise-up, previous retired house and senate conservatives, constitutionalists have to rise-up. Grassroots efforts need to be done. Look at the people of NH. They are pushing for their State. Vermont has it harder as NH has a trifecta government, all republican control of house, senate and governor (assuming he won’t turn to be a RINO). The Truth Must Be Shown. The Harder the Fight, the Tougher the People!

  4. Exposed enough yet folks? The trail is becoming so much clearer, which will make it so much easier to make far better choices as soon as the opportunity presents itself and it will. Their plans will go up in smoke – it’s coming! Glad people are keeping an eye on NH.

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