Scott signs Burlington prostitution bill

By Guy Page

Gov. Phil Scott on June 7 signed into law H746, removing language from the Burlington city charter that made prostitution illegal in the Queen City. 

Supporters say the language was ‘racist’ and that it will have no legal bearing on prostitution law enforcement because state law continues to prohibit the practice. Opponents say it opens the door to statewide legalization of prostitution. 

Gov. Scott signed H746 and these other bills: 

  • H727, the exploration, formation, and organization of union school districts and unified union school districts.
  • H730, alcoholic beverages and the Department of Liquor and Lottery. Among other changes, this bill allows packaged mixed drinks to be sold in supermarkets and other retail stores.
  • H737, setting the homestead property tax yields and the nonhomestead property tax rate, saying: “For years I’ve discussed the need to provide tax relief for Vermonters, and property taxes in particular contribute to the state’s crisis of affordability. Although my proposal to send every residential property taxpayer a rebate check would have been more impactful, I’m pleased the Legislature at least used a portion of the surplus to provide relief.”
  • H738, technical and administrative changes to Vermont’s tax laws, saying: “I’m happy that this bill makes helpful changes to provide additional tax relief for some student loan borrowers and an important clarification for manufacturers in Vermont. It also will help Communications Union Districts to obtain necessary financing to expand broadband access throughout the state.”
  • H739, capital construction and State bonding budget adjustment.
  • H743, amending the charter of Hardwick.
  • H745, approval of the adoption of the charter of the Town of Montgomery.
  • S210, rental housing health and safety and affordable housing.
  • S226, expanding access to safe and affordable housing.

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  1. Unbelievable — The Vermont CONSTITUTION prohibits prostitution!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This law is now unlawful!

    WHERE are the GOP lawyers?????????????????????????????????????????

    Mr. Dame? Where are the attorneys to bring this to court?

  2. God’s Wrath on Unrighteousness Romans 1:18-32.

    Read the Word of God, Be Saved, Hell is real, so is Heaven and Eternity is forever.

    John 3:16.

  3. Well so much for Vermont being a good family state. Also is gone Vermont being a safe state.. Now Vermont will be known as the prostitution state……
    Now I have some questions…
    Who’s going to be making the money on this..
    a) the Democrats in the state house
    b) some low life from another state
    c) Will drugs be part of the business
    d) Will there be a rise in shooting/murders
    e) and most important how many of our young girls and boys be roped into doing prostitution?
    These are just a few questions …there’s plenty more..
    This is the most STUPID BILL that these friggin democrats have passed and Scott is a democrat not a Republican..

    • Burlington hasn’t been a good place to raise a family since Bernie Sanders was mayor.

  4. Well now, Vermont will beat out Texas and have “The Best Little Whorehouse”. Progress(ive).

  5. Human Sex Trafficking, Child Sex Trafficking – it’s real. The proof is in front of you.

  6. Time to look at Other states more in line with my values and morality. VT is a lost cause….

  7. Duh can’t imagine why so much crime ,addiction ,shootings, gangs ,exploitation in Burlington ,The new Sodom .
    A Vermont Politician that doesn’t support the Vermont Constitution has no right to serve Vermont .

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