Scott OK with voting-by-mail, unless….

By Guy Page

June 24, 2020 – At his press conference today, Governor Phil Scott left the door open – but only just a tiny crack – for a veto of S348, universal voting by mail.

The Vermont Legislature last week passed a bill taking Gov. Scott out of the approval process for Secretary of State Jim Condos’ plan to mail a Nov. 3 general election ballot to every registered voter in the state. Voters may then return it by mail, bring it to a town office, or bring it to the polls November 3. Both House and Senate rejected amendments aimed at reducing voter fraud and ballot harvesting, and requiring investigations of alleged fraud. 

Vermont Daily asked Gov. Scott today: “Two weeks ago you said that if the Legislature passed S348, the vote-by-mail bill, you would “take a look at it” then. It passed last week without any of the amendments proposed to protect against possible fraud or ballot harvest abuse. Has S348 reached your desk yet, and if so, do you think you might veto it?” 

“I have not received the bill,” Gov. Scott said. “We’ve been waiting for it since (it passed last week)…. As long as it was as we thought it was, I would not stand in the way…..I made the pledge to let it go through, and will not be vetoing it if it goes through as planned.”

After a bill is approved by the Legislature, the process of preparing it for gubernatorial review may take several days. Once it reaches his desk, Gov. Scott has five days to sign it or veto it. If he does neither, the bill becomes law. 

Rename state park to Camp Kill Kare?

NECN reporter Jack Thurston asked whether the State of Vermont might consider renaming Kamp Kill Kare State Park, given its unfortunate KKK initials. An administration official said the problematic acronym has been under discussion. Gov. Scott then suggested it could be changed to Camp Kill Kare.

The state park on St. Albans Point was named after a nearby boy’s camp that operated from the early 1900’s until the 1960’s. A quick internet search revealed no explanation of the name. However, a Kill Kare Kamp in Maine “is so named because you can go there to “kill your cares.’”

Jumping the high bar at Kamp Kill Care – UVM photo collection

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  1. Way to go Democrat / Progressive Scott. You truly have shown Vermonter’s how well you can lie to get Republican votes in 2018, only to flip flop and turn your back on the very people who voted you into office. I had a bad feeling about you in 2018, only to be confirmed these last 18 months. I will remember how well you represented Vermonter’s, and distorted laws.

    Bob Van Ornum

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