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Scott lifts mask mandate for vaccinated people

Moves Follow Updated CDC Guidance

Governor Phil Scott announced Friday that because Vermont has already hit its necessary vaccination threshold with over 60% of the population receiving at least one dose, it will move into Step 3 of the Vermont Forward Plan more than two weeks ahead of the anticipated schedule.

Additionally, following updated guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Governor signed an executive order lifting the State’s masking and physical distancing requirements for fully vaccinated individuals in Vermont. You are considered fully vaccinated two weeks after the final dose of your COVID-19 vaccine.

Both steps are effective today.

“Today marks a major step forward in our efforts to end this pandemic and get back to doing more of the things we’ve missed over the past 14 months,” said Governor Scott. “Vermont has led the nation in many ways throughout the pandemic, including our vaccination efforts. This puts us in the best position in the nation to safely take these steps based on the CDC guidance.”

“We have been eagerly awaiting this, and know that it is based on current science, research and data,” said Health Commissioner Mark Levine, MD. “This guidance makes sense for Vermont, because as thousands more Vermonters become fully vaccinated each day, life can, and should, begin to look normal again.”

Governor Scott emphasized that Vermonters’ commitment to getting vaccinated is critical to the state meeting its goal for lifting all remaining requirements on, or before, the 4th of July.

“Your shot is safe, easy and effective,” said Dr. Levine. “So, whether you prefer to make an appointment, go to a walk-in or mobile clinic, a partner pharmacy or any of the special vaccination events happening around the state, go to or call 855-722-7878 to find a vaccination opportunity near you.”


Following CDC guidance, masking and physical distancing for fully vaccinated Vermonters – except in limited circumstances like in schools, on public transportation, healthcare settings, long term care facilities, prisons etc. – is no longer required. The mandate remains in place for those who are unvaccinated or partially vaccinated, including children who are not yet eligible for a vaccine. 

Consistent with previous steps forward, businesses and municipalities can implement stricter guidance, if they choose.


Step 3 of the Vermont Forward plan removes the testing requirement for travel and increases event and gathering capacity restrictions.

The new gathering sizes will allow for one unvaccinated person per 50 square feet, up to 300, plus any number of vaccinated people for indoor events; and 900 people, plus any number of vaccinated people, outdoors.

State websites are currently being updated to reflect the updated guidance and acceleration of Step 3. 

To view the full Vermont Forward Plan, visit

To view the updated executive order, click here.

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  1. Wow, so we should all depend on the government to grant us our Liberty. I think NOT. If you got the experimental shot you are now “free” says the governor. That means our local government (and federal) is granting you your Liberty, Freedom, which you already HAVE and should NEVER GIVE UP.

    Another point, the person who didn’t get the experimental shot has to wear a mask because the person who got the experimental shot is not immune to what they got the experimental shot for in the first place – should I mention scare tactic – creating fear amongst the people, creating division from lies, that’s what this does. It’s obvious and right in your face.

    Shame on the governor and his administration! They are liars. Let’s follow the money trail from the before the 2020 Election to today. Hmmmmmm . . . . .

    The survival rate is 99.9 – 99.5% depending on your age (besides co-morbidities, which applies to all viruses, the flu, etc.), so why even get an experimental shot? These experimental shots are not FDA approved and under an Emergency Use Authorization. Why be a guinea pig? It’s well over a year, everyone has had this virus one way or the other, it’s just common sense, it’s in the air. We’ve all had it and it’s now past. Whatever happened to the flu?

    This whole scene from our local government spells COERCION, which is against the Law. You cannot coerce anyone into taking these experimental shots by “granting” them their Liberty, Freedom which they already have!

    Also making businesses the primary source for putting mandates upon citizens’ Freedom is also coercion. It comes from the Governor’s statements and makes a full circle from him to the businesses and back to him. It is against the Law.

    Look-up the U.S. Constitution, the Vermont Constitution (it’s a short read and concise), 21 U.S.C. Section 360, and the Nuremberg Code of 1947, those are just some of the areas to get vital information of your rights, your Freedom, your Liberty. There are more.

    Where are the Vermont Constitutional Attorneys? Am I mistaken, has any one of them spoken up, or are they all are chicken, no courage, “bock, bock-bock-bock-bock.”

  2. Here’s the worst part:

    The covering of one’s face is the new virtue signal so that leftists, socialists, and those who obey the government unquestioningly can recognize one another. It is already widely known – that fully vaccinated or not – the covering of your face in public is “the right thing to do” and demonstrates that you “care about other people”.

    REALLY? First of all, this contradicts “science” as there is ZERO evidence to show that vaccinated people spread this China virus other than perhaps a remote possibly that – because of how vaccines work – such transmission would not cause serious illness or death.

    Secondly, are we to believe that leftists suddenly “care” about others? Certainly not the elderly who are welcome to off themselves in VT & whom NY’s Cuomo murdered by the thousands with his nursing home policy. And they don’t care at ALL about babies who are unborn as it’s great to have the “freedom” to slaughter them at ANY point during gestation. And they don’t care about FEMALES, as half of those babies would have been born as baby girls, but what the heck? Males can play on female’s athletic teams now, enter their rest rooms, and VT is hoping to “allow” women to use even more “freedom” by using their body’s for prostitution. So, you don’t really need a whole lot of them around, anyway.

  3. Has it struck anyone how supposedly anti-government comments are confused at best? Don’t get the vaccine! Why? Because a big government agency, the CDC, recommends it. And we should refuse a vaccine because *another* big government agency—the FDA— hasn’t given the vaccines their unconditional approval. As for me, I’m glad to have been vaccinated against numerous diseases that used to sicken or even kill, & now one more disease has a treatment. The good old days weren’t so good if you were ill or prone to illness, & I refuse to avoid a vaccine because it’s new. As for the Left liking the vaccine, who cares? Viruses don’t have political views.

    • God Bless You Joel and always remember each of us are entitled to an opinion and decision STILL!

  4. Someone please help me understand this. Our governor is now graciously giving some of us back some of our rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution, that he illegally denied us for over a year. School children are still required to wear masks and social distance, although they are the least likely population group to suffer serious consequences from the virus or spread it to anyone else.

    Individuals who do not consent to take a medical treatment in the form of a shot that has been classified by the FDA as experimental, and any coercion to take such treatment is a violation of the Nuremberg Code, are likewise required to still mask and distance. The pharmaceutical companies and WHO have never claimed that these “vaccines” will prevent any person from contracting or spreading the virus, or reduce the hospitalization or death rates. In fact, increasing evidence shows that they can turn out to be more deadly than the disease they are supposed to prevent.

    How much longer will we be forced to endure these mandates that are not only unlawful, but in direct contradiction to any real science? Maybe after enough people have died from this horrific experiment that is neither safe nor effective, those remaining can reclaim their freedom to make their own health decisions, which should never have been denied in the first place. It should not have to be this way.

  5. “Your shot is safe, easy and effective,” said Dr. Levine

    Has he even read the paperwork on the vaccines. They are proven to be none of those:

    Go read it for yourself… Levine and any other official should be removed from office for such a blatant lie to the public.

    Go take a look at the VAERS system used to report injury from vaccines it’s been used since 1980 and only complained about for under-reporting the actual vaccine issues: It has hundreds of thousands of reports in it about side effects and deaths. Go look up Eric Clapton, he’s calling the media propaganda for “disastrous results” after his vaccine.

    Just for more proof that this is a rigged game, look here:

    You mean to tell me that a mysterious virus also happened to mimick nov 3rd to Jan 26th? I didn’t know that Covid was rooting for Biden.

  6. we locked down the whole state of Vt. for 252 deaths since day one? that amount could happen in any normal flu season!

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