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Scott, Condos to formally enroll ‘reproductive liberty’ and anti-slavery amendments into Vermont Constitution

Governor Phil Scott and Secretary of State Jim Condos will meet at the Vermont State House at 10:30 AM Tuesday, December 13 where Secretary Condos will officially present Governor Scott with the official results of the 2022 Constitutional Amendment ballot questions, Proposition 2 and Proposition 5, for certification and enrollment onto the parchment as official.

Prior to the presentation and enrollment, Governor Scott, Secretary Condos, Speaker of the House Jill Krowinski and Senate President Pro Tempore Becca Balint will deliver remarks.

The event is open to the public to attend in person. It will also be livestreamed on the Governor’s Facebook page and by ORCA Media.

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  1. How about we all gather on the State House lawn and open their ceremony by cutting an enormous black ribbon ?

  2. They couldn’t have picked a more appropriate day, the 13th. Perhaps, this day of the 13th will mark this amendment as bad luck and Karma will take notice of those who use this abomination.

  3. The words “liberty”, “abortion”, “women” and “choose” are not in Article 22. Then there are these 2 pesky 3-word phrases, “personal reproductive autonomy” and “compelling state interest”. These are undefined, so this amendment does nothing except muddy the waters.

    None of these bozos can defend this amendment as written. It does not say what they think it says. It does not say what they say it says. It’s meaningless fluff. And the chief proponent actually says that it is for the courts to decide. What a clown show.

  4. ? A Day of Infamy ? 212,323 of us Vermonters have enshrined our endangered right to reproduce by ensuring that we can kill whatever we produce with this right. So the right to bodily intrgrety has no limit…we can kill unwanted children. At the same time we’ve recognized tht there is limit to property rights…people cant be property…no more slaves. I’m choking on the cloud of irony here.

  5. Let’s all celebrate sex without consequences and dead babies. Yay Vermont….you’ve come so far.

    Sarcasm off.

  6. History will not look kindly on Vermont. It’s no wonder violence and the diminish value on life are permeated in our society. These are morally repugnant people who believe they carry high ideals (their feeling of being morally superior) but have no principles (killing defenseless infants without consequence). It a sad testament to a once great State that valued life.

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