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Scott bemoans one-party rule, but says answer isn’t necessarily more Republicans in Legislature

By Guy Page

A WCAX reporter yesterday asked Gov. Phil Scott the question on the minds of many politically active Vermont Republicans: could he do more to get Republicans elected to the Legislature?

Scott’s answer: the solution isn’t necessarily more Republicans. 

Gov. Scott, like his Republican predecessor James Douglas, has enjoyed personal popularity and relatively easy re-elections marked by strong support from moderate Democrats and independents and short coattails for other Republican candidates. Some of the party faithful quietly – and occasionally not so quietly – wished their popular Republican governors would do more to elect GOP legislators. 

But whatever the reason, the number of Republicans in the House and Senate has steadily dwindled. Their inability to sustain gubernatorial vetos frustrates Scott.

“Some [Vermonters] have come to me unsolicited and said, ‘I can’t believe what they’re doing in Montpelier. Can’t you do something about that?,’” Scott said at a June 29 press conference. “They just assume that the governor has the power to stop anything from happening that is detrimental to the state. We’re so out of balance that that’s just not the case,”

“Let’s see what happens in the next election. Hopefully we’ll get some balance,” Scott said. “I don’t think any one party should have that much power, that they can just sidestep the governor. I just think that the governor has a role to play.” 

After hearing Scott explain what a governor couldn’t do, WCAX reporter Calvin Cutler asked the popular incumbent Republican governor what he could do:

“What are you doing to reach out to more Republican candidates to get more Republicans -”

“I’ve said this before, it doesn’t have to be Republicans,” Scott interrupted Cutler in mid-sentence. “I just want more legislators with common sense. More Centrist moderates who understand how to balance a checkbook.”

See Gov. Scott’s June 29 press briefing here

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  1. It’s hard to support a governor who insists that his own party has “lost its way”.

      • Well then, just let the Democrats keep doing this fantabulous job they are currently doing handling it all – taxes of gas, home heating oil, propane, CRT in schools, not prosecuting criminals, unconstitutional bills, race hustling, legislative pay raises & benefits, Vermonters paying for free lunches for millionaire’s kids in schools…….Yep. Democrats are doin’ their usual fine job. Now if ONLY they could figure out what a woman is. What a massive joke each & every one of them is to this Republic.

  2. Representatives voted for by the people, for the people, supposedly working for the people. Our representatives have already voted this session for costly “clean heat” initiatives that won’t be affordable for a good 90% of Vermonters. With a possible impending food shortage later this year have “our” legislators and governor considered plans for an impending crisis, or will we kick that can down the road like our budget crisis?

    • This state if your not in the Burlington area you get no say and no funding. And yes Scottis a De.ocrat no 2 ways around it

  3. Scott and Douglas are both rinos. The VT I moved to in ’72 is no where near what it is today and that, for me, is not good. Vermont was wide open freedom. The only restriction was getting your immediate neighbors okay and acceptance of any hairbrained idea that rattled around in your head. Then some idiot came up with an act250, great on paper, not really good for VT. As far as the irresponsible democratic legislature, it is what the public wants and therefore is. Like it or leave.

    • Sadly people just automatically vote (D) without giving it a huge amount of thought. (R’s) have been so lied about therefore too many ppl think they’re bad. Just wait to see the repercussions of voting straight (D). Time for ppl to wake up.

  4. Simple answer. Get Republicans who are at least somewhere close to moderate to run. I’ve wanted to vote for Republicans in state elections but, other than Scott, the candidates all seem like mini MAGAs which just isn’t an electable stance in VT.

    • Scott is a Democrat so that explains why you like him. So let me get this straight. You rather be under communist Democrats than Comservative Republicans who want to go back to smaller government and more power to the people? You definitely should keep voting Democrat then cause mini Maga as you label us are way better than you Communists.

    • I hate to break it to you, but he’s no Republican. He doesn’t support any republicans running for office, he gives money to PP, schools as incentive to jab the kids, and something like 70% of demoncrats vote for him…..OH and lest I forget….HE VOTED FOR BIDEN. What more proof do you need???

    • Those awful words ringing in Mikes head, MAGA for make America great again. So scary that free Americans could possibly live in freedom from the oppression of carpetbagger progressives. Mike, can you elaborate how you know anything about republicans in Vermont since we have had no government power for decades? How can anyone believe that America is doing well under Joe Biden? How can anyone believe that Vermont is doing well under Democrat/Progressive government? I can not understand how Vermont voters are so unable to see the destruction of a once beautiful, free state. It is so frustrating to see comments like the one from Mike. The government is not your parents or your nanny. They should not be allowed to make every decision for you. For Gods sake, move to California or Cuba if you hate freedom.

    • I agree with you. I think that we also have to recognize that while Scott is a fiscal conservative, he’s not truly a social conservative. While he’s definitely not a flaming leftist, he’s a lot more to the left on many social issues. This is the only reason he’s electable here in VT and that moderate Democrats vote for him. So we desperately need to recognize that we need to run Republicans who are actually ELECTABLE. Otherwise we’ll just keep getting what we’ve got now. And while it might not be exactly what we desire, it’s got to be better than having a super majority of leftists as we do now. Don’t let perfect be the enemy of the good.

      • And my comment of agreement was directed to Mike, not the others. It’s never apparent, at least on my phone if someone is replying to a comment above. Wish that would get tweaked.

  5. The way governor Scott phrases his statements about republicans does huge damage to the party as a whole. Instead of saying the party is over run with extremists, what he should say (and what’s more accurate) is that most republicans are decent, hard working, center to center right people who want real solutions that’ll actually solve problems, rather than emotion driven solutions that continue to exacerbate existing problems. This is especially true of GOP legislators, who actually get elected and reelected. There absolutely are extremists and people who just don’t seem to comprehend that no matter how ardently they believe in a position, does not mean as one that the majority of people agree with and that that majority is who votes you in the office. You don’t win elections when only a few die hard agree with you or when you run on fringe issues that do not resonate with the majority of voters. No one should bend their principles to the point that they’re lying about who they are, but mature people are able to measure their statements and moderate their tones to be able to have more effective discussions, and to actually win races that get them into positions where they can help slow the democratic machine down. The 100% of your principles sitting on your couch does not stop a left winger. 85% of your principles and winning an election put you in a place to make a difference.

  6. We definitely need more candidates with common sense on both sides of the aisle. At this point it appears that the more extreme the better for Democrats. Many Republicans or Conservatives don’t even bother to vote anymore which isn’t helpful. And it appears that so many voters don’t use critical thinking skills to evaluate candidates and their platforms; they vote based on emotion.I’d personally like to see more Republicans run who can compellingly explain a better way forward for Vermont.

  7. If only the Republicans in this state had the cajones to remove the R by his name and call him what he is….

  8. you can only vote one way if you are on the VTDEM ticket, otherwise you are canceled. So what party does that leave to make change? Reporters need to press in more, we need to stop being so gullible. we’re being played like a cheap fiddle…it’s horrendous.

  9. Phil wants moderate representatives like himself, who can’t or won’t define what a woman is, will deny parental rights in regards to being informed about their children being castrated and mutilated, will sanction adolescent boys watching adolescent girls naked in the girls locker room, will force Vermonters into taking a deadly, experimental Mrna injection or lose their job, will encourage children to rat out their parents for having family visit during a fake pandemic, will violate your rights of free speech and a redress of grievances with the government, will deny your right to defend yourself, your property and your loved ones from criminals with very bad intentions. And will label anyone who questions this insanity as a bigot or conspiracy theorist. Yes this is what Phil Scott wants for representatives in the golden dome. And way down at the very bottom of his list, as an afterthought, he wants representatives that are fiscally conservative.

    • I couldn’t agree more! The guy is delusional and rumor has it that his wife is a democrat. All married men know who wears the pants in a marriage. Here he is saying he doesn’t need any more republicans and wasn’t happy with the last batch that lost elections so he didn’t assist them. The state will be bankrupt soon and he will go down as the worst Vermont governor in modern times and the progs will cheer even though they equally destroyed the state. As we all eventually live check to check and credit card debt sores out of control we will hear the final flush. States can’t declare bankruptcy only cities can. The state will have to default. You will have nothing and you will be happy!

  10. I’m glad I have more years behind me than I do ahead of me.

  11. If he wants us to believe that Republicans have lost their way, then it is a bald-faced fact that Democrats have lost their MINDS!

    Anything for votes…. grovel and kowtow, even in the face of a Communist takeover.


  12. Irony – Scott calling out the One Party Rule. Phil Scott is a marxist who has betrayed every Conservative Vermonter.
    His destroy the Constitution and kill babies agenda are just the two most egregious.
    His inability to define what a Woman is has placed every school age female in danger of assault, ( proper use of term ) and unable to compete in sports.
    His support of illegal aliens reached a new low when he took $3 million from the tobacco settlement fund and $2 million from the program to protect Vermont children at risk from domestic abuse because they were not eligible for the plandemic stimulus checks.
    Scott is proactive in the disintegration of a civilized society because of his support for the domestic terrorist organization blm. He is proactive in the lawlessness in VT because of his support for Sarah George and Rory Thibault. He watched, if not participated with Donovan when he allowed the Attorney Generals office to use 19 planned parenthood staffers to write the unconstitutional Prop 5.
    He told you that You Aren’t Essential, but Government, the teachers union, VT Liquor Stores and planned parenthood all were.
    He used schoolchildren to report on whether or not Grand Ma came over for Thanksgiving and Christmas.
    He pushed the mask and jab mandates that harmed Children who were never at risk.
    He supports democrat candidates over Republican.
    He refuses to protect any VT Student or school but he sure is quick to brag about a half hour response to threats.
    ( If only he could convince a psychopath to wait 30 minutes before attacking )
    Here’s the bottom line, Scott is pro choice, anti 2A and pushes the EV lie.
    He voted for Biden and bragged about it. He is no more a Republican than Pelosi.
    He is the only Republican Governor that refused to sign a letter condemning Biden for the border crises.

    Many of the previous comments have nailed it, Scott is a traitor to every Conservative Vermonter.
    How could it get worse ? Here’s how, Dame, Koch, and two thirds of the VTGOP support him and the 24 transrepublicans that voted for H89. Scott has betrayed the VTGOP Platform multiple times. It doesn’t matter, Dame and Koch wanted their ” Big Tent ” that got them Liam Madden. Maybe Scott can appoint Madden to some cabinet position since he doesn’t believe more Republicans would help.
    The Marxists in Vermonts Legislature dominate because the VTGOP is complicit.

    Just one thing to do Scott, pull a Jeffords and make it official.

  13. Phil Scott, like many Governors in the USA, is a prime example of an unethical, immoral, broken, woefully corrupt political machine. He speaks of common sense, moderate politicians? Any of those types will never be selected to be installed in a broken, corrupted system. They really believe the majority of the electorate are stupid. Many were asleep for a very long time, but too many are awake now. Currently, the United States, and Vermont absolutely, is under seige by an installed, belligerent occupation. No amount of chicken dancing will dispel that fact. Phil and his corrupt, compromised brotheren, are fighting not only for their careers and legacies, but also for their lives. They all know it and a great many of us know it as well. Time is, indeed, running out.

  14. Scott is and always was part of the problem. His reach across the aisle he thought was mutually regarded but now laments that the other side doesn’t work in that same way. Scott had long arms in his Statehouse days but the Democrats have arms like the dinosaurs we see with the tiniest of arms.

  15. Unfortunately common sense is not so common these days, especially in Vermont.

    Lefties don’t have a clue what’s going on and they don’t care. Votes don’t change, they only care about beating Republicans, at any expense. They’ve never won anything in their lives so this is the big payback.

  16. The rhino has not served me well and continues to damage working Vermonters.Scott will eventually force Vermonters to leave Vermont .