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Scott gets disaster cash from Biden, authorizes expedited help

Cleanup in front of Capitol Grounds coffee shop on State Street, Montpelier Thursday July 13. Page photo

Governor Phil Scott’s formal request to President Joseph R. Biden for federal disaster funds, to assist individuals and communities recover from the historic flood from July 7-12, has been approved, Scott said at his press briefing today.

The declaration request asked for funding under the federal Public Assistance (PA) and Individual Assistance (IA) programs. Details are due later today, press secretary Jason Maulucci said at noontime.

The approved Public Assistance disaster declaration will allow communities in declared counties to receive at least 75% reimbursement for storm response and recovery, including repairs to public infrastructure. 

The Individual Assistance program will help individuals impacted by the disaster seek reimbursement for necessary expenses and serious needs that cannot be met through insurance or other forms of assistance. Eligible expenses include rental assistance, home repair, home replacement, and lodging, among other expenses. 

Kevin Ellis says flood-stricken downtown businesses need cash, now, to recover. VDC video

Thursday in downtown Montpelier, a former lobbyist/journalist took a break from helping local businesses clean out to speculate on what they need most to recover: cash. Now.

“They don’t need a loan program, they need cash. They need money. And that’s what FEMA and the state and federal government need to deliver,” said Kevin Ellis, standing at a downtown street corner. Ellis, an East Montpelier resident, is also co-host of WDEV’s Vermont Viewpoint. He reports that WDEV studios in Waterbury have remained open.

Individuals who suffered losses in the storm should report that damage to Vermont 211, either by dialing 2-1-1 or by visiting This data will be used to inform a decision whether the state qualifies for a declaration. Governor Scott’s request was sent to FEMA. FEMA will send a recommendation to President Biden, who has ultimate authority to approve or reject the request. Vermont counties should continue making repairs to public infrastructure, documenting all work carefully for possible future reimbursement.

Eligible reimbursement costs include repair work on public roads and buildings, tree, and debris removal from public rights of way, municipal employee overtime spent working on recovery, contractor help, equipment rentals, and other costs associated with the storm. Click here to view the Governor’s letter to the President.

Scott also directed state agencies and departments to provide specific and temporary regulatory relief to expedite the state’s response to damage resulting from the severe storms.

Under authority provided by the state of emergency, the Governor also is providing certain temporary regulatory relief critical to response and recovery work, including for:

  • timely access to gravel and rock fill, asphalt and concrete for road and infrastructure repair;
  • facilitating commercial motor vehicle operations needed to support emergency relief efforts transporting supplies, goods, materials, equipment, and fuel into Vermont;
  • facilitating transportation of materials and equipment; and
  • professional service licensing flexibility.

 For more information, click here to view Addendum 1, Regulatory Relief for Infrastructure Rebuild. The Governor will consider additional regulatory relief and action to ensure the state can promptly respond to the significant damage and rebuilding efforts.

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  1. Should have asked long before the rain came with the current state of Vt

  2. Might be time for a lot of these folks to pack up and move. Especially the Mount Peculiar crowd.
    Texas is real nice this time of year….

  3. Later on, Biden called up military reserves to send to Europe. Starting WW3 is more important than our pesky flood damage. We are not the only ones with weather disasters in the United States – it’s happening every day. Who do you think is a priority? Ukraine and coke-head Zelensky of course. They are all coke-heads apparently. I cringe everytime a leader talks about keeping people safe. See the story in the Wall Street journal regarding biological warfare China has lined up and all ready started in the USA. The kicker being – the USA funded and developed the weapons! The hits just keep on coming! No one is coming to save us – they’re trying to kill us.

  4. Is every piece of news, good or bad, an opportunity to start up with the usual rants and raves? Give it a break and thank the Good Lord you are safe and dry enough to have time for this blather. Better yet, in addition to all the “Thoughts and Prayers”, make a donation to The Vermont recovery and Response Fund:!/donation/checkout

    • A better idea is go directly to someone with damage and hand them cash. Reality is sometimes hard to bare, but bare and face it we must – some standing knee deep in mud and water. While our Country is being destroyed, our money is being squandered and stolen here and abroad. For the past 3 1/2 years, the leaders maligned and gaslighted us with pysops and information warfare. Perhaps Senator MacDonald can hand out sump pumps and shovels in addition to his extra blanket initiative. The day of reckoning is here. I can deal with it, but I see a great many in the coming weeks that will likely go sideways and this is only the beginning. Perfect storm indeed. No amount of flood water or landslides can stop what is coming.