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Scott airs billion-dollar infrastructure plan

Governor Phil Scott and his administration today presented a plan to invest $1 billion in one-time federal money to jumpstart economic recovery and support long-term economic growth.

The proposals would spend one-time federal money – which is not permanent, ongoing funding – on one-time transformations rather than programs the State would have to continue to support with other sources of funding once this federal money is gone, a press release issued Tuesday said.

Through the American Recovery Plan Act (ARPA), Vermont received $1,029,500,000, which it has until December 2024 to allocate. The Administration’s plan recommends using the funds in five strategic categories:

  • $250.5 million for broadband and wireless connectivity
  • $249 million for housing
  • $200 million for climate change mitigation measures
  • $170 million for water and sewer infrastructure
  • $143 million for further economic development and recovery

The proposal also includes $17 million to cover administration and successful deployment of funds. The plan will need legislative approval. Click here for an overview of the proposals and funding breakdown.

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  1. I’ve been checking all the greenhouses, nurseries, and landscapers and I just can’t seem to find one of those money trees anywhere. Maybe Slo Joe, or the Gov. could point me the direction where they got their’s ?

  2. What a plan to make Vermont a police state,and we need no longer think,just follow orders!This free money has already ruined America,and it may never recover!We need to come up with a plan to recover from Governor Scott’s tyranny under the guise of health care,right from the top,Joe Biden whom Scott made it clear he voted for even though Scott claims he is a Republican!I just have to wonder if anyone in our Vermont Government knows we have a Constitution ,or that their power comes from the will of the people?We need not rebell against our State,but we need to hold them accountable to God,the Constitution,and to the will of the people,that means we have the right to freedom of religion,free speech,and the pursuit of life,liberty ,and the pursuit of happiness,and to work hard to do it without the burden of the government on our backs!!

  3. Ready for it? Here come the low income “housing” projects into a once otherwise lovely VT neighborhood near yours! Dimocrats could care LESS about your Real Estate property investments OR your quality of life — what matters is paving the way for people from 3rd world countries here, making criminals feel at ease, and forcing socioeconomic “diversity” —- Except where folks such as Biden, Pelosi, Obama, etc. LIVE!

    • Our Governor requests refugees for “economic development”, which is a politically correct phrase meaning “cheap labor”, to make up for all the productive Vermonters who have left the state for political reasons and the outrageous tax burden. The national democrat leadership has little interest in bringing “new Americans” to Vermont since their party already has a lock on us. They do plan to bring hundreds of thousands of new democrat voters to states like Florida, Texas and Georgia however, and they will use HUD money and programs and force municipalities to change zoning laws regarding multi-unit housing to do it. Vermont’s burdensome newcomers are all the well-to-do COVID refugees from the NYC and Boston areas and even California, who will no-doubt bring their liberal voting habits with them. They are the ones driving up the price of housing, maintaining Vermont’s lack of affordability. Elections have consequences.

  4. The Voters of Vermont must go RINO hunting next Election. TAX and SPEND How will our economy ever GROW when they keep finding NEW TAXES to Impose on our COMPANIES.. Our GREAT GRAND children will be BURDENED by the Tax load our Govt has laid upon our Backs and Wallets. This speaks of a plan of TOTYAL CONTROL of the CITIZENS of VERMONT.

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