Scott admin: NO state employees on unpaid leave for Covid non-compliance

by Guy Page

Of the 1100 state employees who have not attested Covid-19 vaccination, none are currently on unpaid leave for failing to comply with masking and testing requirements, a spokesman for Gov. Phil Scott said today.

“To follow up on your question yesterday, the discipline for an employee to either 1) refusing to attest to being fully vaccinated, or 2) refusing to wear a mask at the worksite and undergo weekly COVID-19 testing, is to go on unpaid leave status. There are currently no employees on unpaid leave for violating this policy,” Press Secretary Jason Maulucci told the Chronicle today.

The Scott administration announced Sept. 15 all State of Vermont Executive Branch employees would be required to attest that they are fully vaccinated from COVID-19 or comply with mitigating measures.

At yesterday’s press conference, the Chronicle asked how many state employees are on unpaid suspension or indefinite leave due to not meeting mandatory attesting or testing, Gov. Scott said, “I am not sure at this point in time. I believe there have been over 86% who have attested to have been vaccinated. Which leaves us with 1100 who have not.”

According to an Oct. 1 Associated Press report, three University of Vermont Medical Center employees have resigned rather than submit to the vax-or-test policy. 250 are unvaccinated and undergoing weekly testing, 250 are partially vaccinated and undergoing testing, another 250 have not yet decided, and 12 have requested a religious exemption, the report said. 93% of employees are fully compliant.

State employees and other working Vermonters are welcome to report their workplace mask/vaccination experiences for possible future publication by emailing

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  1. Governor Scott,

    Why aren’t you standing up to Tyranny King Biden and fighting for the Constitutional Freedoms and Rights of Vermont Citizens?

    Why are you silent as so many Individual Rights, Policies and Laws are being ignored by Tyranny King Biden?

    Why are you going along with the mandate from Tyranny King Biden of forcing experimental shots on Vermont Citizens?

    Why are you silent as Vermont Citizens loose their jobs for choosing not to take an experimental shot into their bodies?

    Attention ALL Vermont Citizens!! We need change!! We NEED Leadership that Believes in our Constitution, Laws and Individual Rights! We need Leadership that serves We The People!!


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