School changes records to reflect student’s gender identity

by Guy Page

A school in the Essex-Westford school district changed its records to reflect the gender identity of the student, according to an approving letter published in the 2022-23 Annual Report.

Teachers were also very active in promoting different and non-gender language, the letter claims.

According to the photo of the published letter, provided by an interested Essex resident, the letter praises both the classroom teachers and the school administration.

“The registrar let me know via a supportive email that my student’s gender in their school records had been changed to reflect their gender identity. She reiterated that the school respects and supports children’s authentic gender identities,” the letter says.

It also stresses that teachers taught all students how to address students claiming non-traditional gender identities. “My child’s Spanish teacher taught the class about recent changes in the language to include non-gendered endings, which gives my child and their classmates messages of both acceptance as well as appropriate language to use for all students.”

The publication of the letter drew criticism from the parent who provided it to Vermont Daily Chronicle. “This district is so confident that nobody will stand up that they put it out there for everyone to see… even going so far as to teach children a made up language,” the parent said.

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  1. This is exploitation of vulnerable children and should be considered a form of abuse. Obviously, the school is not getting permission from parents to change the gender of their children. Permission should be obtained by parents, period, as parents register their children and pay for this horrific education in wokeness. Who do parents turn to? The attorney general?

    • Governments and other agencies have followed the agenda, regardless of public opinion, although lawsuits in England and Scotland have been successful. The “Great Reset” is not mere “conspiracy theory”.

  2. So glad I went to school at a time when my teachers were basically concerned with my reading, writing and math skills and didn’t concern themselves with whether I thought I had been assigned the “correct” sex at birth or not! I suspect the idea of that never even crossed their minds. It’s just so “lovely” that my tax dollars go to support this nonsense.

  3. Meanwhile ewsd current math and reading scores are a disaster. But no one cares.
    Parents take your kids out. The grooming – and that is exactly what it is – is far worse than this. This is only what you are privy to.

    Your kids want order and boundaries. Make whatever sacrifices you need to to provide these for them. You are their only protection as the govt schools want to dumb them down and make them numb to what’s right and wrong regarding personal boundaries – regardless of gender and age. They are slowly normalizing and graying age/gender boundaries.

    Pretty soon ewsd will be inviting the tik tok star lgbt rights kindergarten teacher who also moonlights as a porn star to their teacher convention like the state of Illinois did.

  4. The $ needs to follow the child any school of the parents choosing from beginning to end; end of story. what would be created is a “competitive” environment in education; which is SORELY needed….NOW

  5. How utterly ridiculous. Why do VT Parents permit this idiocy to public school Progressives? It’s way way overdue for Parents to stand up to these Public administration bullies who continue to push their agenda and partisan politics (extreme Leftists). Rather than “guess” or self identify, gender should be science based. Have DNA testing for children in public school (follow the science)… XX chromosome pair then your female, XY pair and your a male. It’s that easy.

  6. Whether we live in Essex or not, we, collectively have voted for this. Did we not know there would be consequences?

    • Please don’t say we, I’ve never voted for this or any of the current crazy we are living through. The majority of Vermont voters did this but I’m not in the majority as are many others. The Vermont voter on the left and in the middle fell for this and we the minority are living in their hell created by progressive carpetbaggers, trust fund babies and the progressive totalitarians they elected. Now everyone, suffer on and enjoy your Stockholm Syndrome. Don’t forget to give your children to the government for reeducation in the Vermont Twilight Zone.

      • I couldn’t agree with you more, as I have been actively fighting this for two years. I didn’t vote for these people and I took an active part in school board meetings relative to the equity agenda in our schools. I even questioned election integrity in the last presidential election. In Essex, the school board is so worried that another person will be voted in that opposes their equity program that they are creating a board policy that requires all board members to vote with and support whatever the majority of the members want. This is how they plan to maintain control should their leftist radical and preferred candidate should loose the election. These people are the true danger to our election process. Their moto is maintain power at all costs!

      • the key word is COLLECTIVELY…we as a majority of voters brought this on.
        Obviously I and most other intelligent readers of this forum didn’t vote for this nonsense.
        As disturbing as it may be, go to the grocery or the gas station or the town meeting and look to your right and look to your left and you will see someone who to this day would answer a survey saying they think Joe Biden is doing a good job. Yes, it is disturbing that we live on a planet and in a country where apparently the MAJORITY of people are IDIOTS who should not be trusted with a can opener.

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