School board to hold forums on principal fired for BLM comments

Republished from online newsletter of May 11 Vermont Standard, an award-winning weekly newspaper serving Windsor County

WINDSOR — The Mount Ascutney School Board, which has found itself in the hotseat in recent weeks for multiple Open Meeting law violations, election law shortcomings and its plan to use a secret process to fill a board seat, will have a full agenda when it meets Monday evening.

Tiffany Riley at MLK memorial in Georgia, before she was fired for making statements perceived as critical of BLM

The session is set for 6:30 p.m. at the Windsor High School and the public can tune in to watch over Google Meets. The link is on the agenda posted on the school district website. 

The board plans to continue to discuss the possibility of having a series of forums to try to bring closure to the remaining fallout from the firing of former Windsor High School Principal Tiffany Riley in June 2020 and the subsequent $650,000 out-of-court settlement in January to her.

Riley said her firing was over a misunderstood Facebook message about Black Lives Matter and she was dismissed without a chance to explain her side of the story. A federal judge agreed in a pre-trial ruling. 

Chair Rebecca Burrows proposed — and the board agreed — that the district consider hosting three forums. There would be one directed at faculty and staff, another for students and the final for the community.

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  1. Will former Superintendent David Baker, who appeared to lead the board in botching his matter, and then slithered off to another job, be there to answer?

  2. Huh. Upwards of One Million Dollars of taxpayer funds gone, because some people cannot understand what free speech is, nor the affirmed right to speak it and become offended at speech that disagrees with their indoctrination.
    The tolerant left and their elitist dogma strikes again.
    Windsor/Ascutney’s taxpayers really ought to think before they vote.
    Embrace the suck