School board, administrators bicker in Barre / St. Albans school board ponders citizen petition

Also, Burlington ‘playing chicken with a wrecking ball,’ Monsanto says

It’s getting tense between citizen-elected boards, the community, and appointed administrators in at least two Vermont cities, as reported in the 802 Ed Newsletter prepared by Steve Berbeco.

“We Don’t Have to Listen to Them”
According to Bridget Higdon’s recent article in the St. Albans Messenger, Maple Run’s school board is tackling an issue that may be all-too familiar to other boards: how much weight to give a petition that comes from the community, whether it’s to reinstate a School Resource Officer or other heated topics.

Troubles for the Purple Knights
The credit rating for Saint Michael’s College recently dropped to a “negative” financial outlook, according to the bond rating firm Moody’s. Working against the college are declining enrollment numbers and carrying more than $40 million of debt.

Getting a Degree with Cash in Hand
A recent article in Diverse Education highlights an innovative Vermont partnership meant to support early childhood education, where classes are not only tuition-free but students are paid to learn.

Burlington vs. Monsanto

Gloves are coming off in Burlington School District’s lawsuit against Monsanto for PCB contamination. The latest is Monsanto’s request for an emergency hearing to request a delay in the demolition of the Burlington High School buildings in order to preserve evidence: “The stakes are simply too high to play a game of chicken with a wrecking ball.”

Budget Bickering in Barre

Sparks flew at a recent Barre Unified School Board meeting, David Delcore writes in the Times Argus, with one board member admonishing members of the administration: “We’re the board. We’re supposed to ask tough questions … [Your] negativity towards board members needs to get in check.”

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  1. Are you a concerned parent? How about a taxpayer who is upset seeing what is happening in Vermont schools? Come, tell you story and share it with others all around the state at SoS – Save Our Schoolchildren Facebook site – prepared by a lifelong, now retired teacher who shares your concerns.

    Dr. James Lindsay,renowned expert on all things Marxist/Communist says it point blank – They are after our children. They want to divide our families and our communities with their CCP/Woke agendas.…/groomer-schools-3-the…/.

    Every school board of the state should hear from people like the citizens of Barre, St. Albans, and Milton. The petion circulated and signed by 1000 parents in Milton can be found at this True North link –

    Make a difference. Team and stand behind solid school board candidates. In most Vermont communities, candidates must submit signatures to their town clerk by Jan. 30. Candidates should not have to stand alone. Team with them and be prepared to help make phone calls, put up posters, attend a board meeting. To help people understand what changes in the schools should be concerning and to find a downloadable candidate form, go to