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“Be heroic against evil,” Metaxas urges Vermonters

by Guy Page

Friday night and Saturday morning, Vermonters packed into two of Vermont’s larger meeting venues to hear national experts talk about the threats from abroad (the Chinese government) and at home (infringement of Constitutional freedoms by leftist leaders.) These experts did more than frame the problem. They proposed grassroots solutions that inspired many attendees to consider taking action.

This week Vermont Daily Chronicle will provide coverage in depth about what the experts said, and how Vermonters are responding with organization and action. Today, below are selected photos, videos, and excerpts from a two-day event, the likes of which this generation of traditional, conservative Vermonters has never seen.

Friday night, an overflow, engaged crowd of almost 300 packed into the biggest ballroom available at Capitol Plaza in Montpelier to hear:

  • biographer/radio show host Eric Metaxas, who on Thursday interviewed President Donald Trump and the next day would speak on the National Mall in Washington DC before 19,000 people and a national TV audience.
  • China policy expert Gordon Chang, frequent guest on Fox News and other cable news networks.

The capacity crowd loved them all but saved their most enthusiastic stand, stomp, whistle and shout for CVU high school senior Ray Bowen of Shelburne, who belted out Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless the USA.” Video on my Facebook page here and to be downloaded soon – and worth the wait!

Scenes from Friday night, September 10, Capitol Plaza Ballroom:

OLD FRIENDS – Eric Metaxas (left) and Phil Zaldatte of Burlington. “I come up to Vermont and right when I walk in the door I see someone I know,” Metaxas enthused when he saw Zaldatte. The two know each other from a New England prayer group.

Will Johnson (left) told how Democrats and Progressives, black and white, turned on him angrily after he developed more conservative views. At right, Lydia Chang said Communist China is putting her native city of Hong Kong under totalitarian government. Husband Gordon Chang described how the People’s Republic of China is developing influence in American culture, academia, business, and government.

Saturday September 11, Ignite Church, Williston:

Eric Metaxas encourages packed crowd at Ignite Church in Williston to heroically hold on to freedom

“You’re obliged to give your life to be heroic against evil. And somehow that heroic manly virtue has gone out of the culture. We saw firefighters and policemen running into the buildings 20 years ago today.”

– Eric Metaxas

Will Johnson, United America First: what does Vermont need to know?

Editor – more detail and depth to come tomorrow!

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  1. Vermonters and all Americans need to WAKE UP to the realization of what a danger to our nation and our way of life the Communist Chinese government is. They are attacking us in every way possible using asymmetrical warfare tactics. These events helped to educate hundreds about the CCP’s anti-freedom agenda. And in Vermont, beware of the Progressive agenda as well. Many of the goals of Communism, Socialism, and Progressivism are similar.

  2. What a sad statement it makes that none of the major local TV stations or print media chose to cover this great event. Shame on them!

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