Scammer “cops” threaten to arrest senior citizens

Vermont State Police are currently investigating a telephone scam/fraud incident involving unknown individual(s) targeting senior citizens in Vermont.

According to police, the scammer advises that they are a Deputy with the Franklin County Sheriff’s Department (Civil Warrant Processing Unit). The scammer subsequently requests monetary funds via Western Union. The victims are advised that Franklin County Deputies will arrest them in person at their residence if the fines are not paid.

The scam involves the automated telephone line 802-242-0377 which sounds like a Franklin County Sheriff Department automated line. This is not the actual Franklin County Sheriff Department telephone number. Vermont State Police have notified The Franklin County Sheriff’s Department regarding this scam and will be working in conjunction with their Deputies and The Attorney General’s Office is being notified of this investigation.

Vermonters are reminded that this is not standard police practice. If you ever receive calls such as this one demanding immediate payment you should contact your local police agency directly. If anyone has recently experienced a similar incident, please contact your local police department to report the matter.   

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