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Sanders urges protections of “innocent people on both sides” in Israel and Gaza

WASHINGTON, Oct. 11 – Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) on Wednesday issued the following statement on the continuing violence in Israel and Gaza following Hamas’ horrific attack on Saturday:

Hamas’ terrorist assault on Israel will have horrific short- and long-term consequences.

As a result of this attack, thousands of Israelis and Palestinians – including many women and children – have been killed and injured. That toll will rise. The gunning down of young Israelis at a music festival is an image the world will not soon forget.

Longer term, this attack is a major setback for any hope of peace and reconciliation in the region – and justice for the Palestinian people. For years, people of good will throughout the world, including some brave Israelis, have struggled against the blockade of Gaza, the daily humiliations of occupation in the West Bank, and the horrendous living conditions faced by so many Palestinians. For many, it is no secret that Gaza has been an open-air prison, with millions of people struggling to secure basic necessities. Hamas’ terrorism will make it much more difficult to address that tragic reality and will embolden extremists on both sides, continuing the cycle of violence.

Right now, the international community must focus on reducing humanitarian suffering and protecting innocent people on both sides of this conflict. The targeting of civilians is a war crime, no matter who does it. Israel’s blanket denial of food, water, and other necessities to Gaza is a serious violation of international law and will do nothing but harm innocent civilians. The United States has rightly offered solidarity and support to Israel in responding to Hamas’ attack. But we must also insist on restraint from Israeli forces attacking Gaza and work to secure UN humanitarian access. Let us not forget that half of the two million people in Gaza are children. Children and innocent people do not deserve to be punished for the acts of Hamas.

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  1. We are long past the time of innocent people on both sides. Equivocation such as Senator Sanders suggests only to serves to enable those that wish to perpetuate the evil which has initiated the current round of cowardly attacks.

    America needs to support, without hesitation, those that openly support us. Trying to be a balancer does not work. We have few true friends an allies . We better start recognizing the dancing in the streets that occurred post 9-11. These are the same players only to be passed down to another generation.

    There is not doubt that Palestinian parents love their children much as the Israelis and we love ours. Golda Meir pointed out decades ago that she did not want to condemn generations of children to the cycle of hate. She also felt Israel’s enemies did not as well. Unfortunate, the cycle continues.

    Now we all at a crossroad that has led to a sad forced response.

    Sanders is not alone in his misguided thoughts. Members of our Congress who are on the squad , the Burlington city council progressive socialists, Ivy League schools such as Yale and Harvard have all boxed themselves into a corner with their irrational pronouncements. I guess continues slaughter of innocent people is ok with them.

    This will not end well. I only can hope it ends better for those aligned with us.

    There is good and there is evil. In no uncertain terms.

  2. Much of the problems in Gaza are due to Hamas and other groups seizing the money provided by Israel and others to completely rebuild the infrastructure. Their agendas aren’t to help the masses of Palestinians.

  3. Unfortunately Hamas remains in control. Either the elections are rigged or the people keep voting in the incumbents. Now where have I seen this problem before. 🤔

  4. Bernie, you make me sick. Gaza has been under the control of their fellow Moslem Arabs for 18 years. For nearly all of that, Hamas has been in charge, ELECTED by the Gazans. They chose this. They chose hate. They chose the murder of Jews and destruction of Israel over an agenda that would allow Gaza to prosper. They chose genocidal maniacs to run the place who used the money received to build terror tunnels, missiles and weapons. At any time they could have made better choices. And worst of all they chose to raise their children to hate Jews and Israel and to work for its destruction. These choices have consequences. They have asked for everything that will befall them. Your misguided pity for their wellbeing makes me sick. What about the innocent people that their leaders butchered the past few days? Direct your concern to them!

  5. Re: Sanders urges protections of “innocent people on both sides” in Israel and Gaza.

    Well, of course. This is, yet again, a classic false equivalence. Innocent people should always be protected. So – who are the ‘innocent’ people Sanders is referring to? All children? Those indoctrinated to hate others and attack them?

    It’s complicated. And Sanders is just talking to have us believe he’s a worthwhile representative. Never mind that since Sanders and the Biden administration have been in power, the Israeli/Gaza relationship has significantly deteriorated.

  6. Does Bernie realize that those Palestinians are the same ones that voted Hamas in and most offer their full support for Hamas and against Israel. Time to bomb Gaza into rubble and then bull doze that rubble into the sea.

  7. Those Hamas terrorists that slaughtered, raped, kidnapped, tortured and desecrated those families were of primarily of the 18-30 age group. Which means that they were the “innocent children” when Hamas took over 18-years ago . . . they have been groomed to hate and kill Jews. So, it only follows to reason that the “innocent children” Bernie is referring to are the next generation of terrorists being groomed by Hamas. If Israel and the U.S. do not rid the earth of factions such as Hamas, Hezbollah, Isis, and the Iranian Ayatollahs we will continue to witness such atrocities carried out by those that only seek to kill Jews and Americans, not to live in peace. Sanders, Tlaib, Omar, AOC, and anyone else that tries to justify the actions of terrorists under the guise of “the Palestinian people” has the blood of Israelis, Americans, and several other nations on their hands today.

  8. Bernie Sanders could come out in favor of pizza and ice cream and you guys would still complain.

    • Your right because Bernie would only give me two choices Pineapple Pizza & Ben & Jerry’s icecream, that’s what Communists do.

  9. Astonishing to me that a Jew, such as Mr. Sanders, would love his political standing so much that he is willing to say such incredibly and blatantly misguided things is beyond belief. Utterly reprehensible.
    There is war… then there is terror. What the Hamas did was not an act of war, it was an act of terrorism. What kind of monster beheads a child? What kind of monster condones the beheading of a child?
    This coming from a man who lost most of his family in the Holocaust. Unbelievable. The cost of a political career is the loss of his soul.

    • @pams

      It’s unclear to me whether Bernie is actually so devoid of a soul that he truly believes what he says and supports homicidal maniacs or if he is just saying what his base wants and approves of. I do hope though that one thing that comes from this is that we can clearly see politicians for who they are.

  10. Let’s be clear – the war machine and ensuing bloodbaths in the Middle East and beyond is courtesy of the USA selling our weapons on both sides of the fence. Lindsey Graham and his mentor, No Name McCain set this up long ago and there are photos to show it to be so- aka War, Inc. The USA has sent funds to Isreal since 1947. Why? Reparations? Hush-Hush money? Make no mistake, this is a war set up by 5 eyes + 1 or 2 more. Defense stocks are up! Gee I wonder why? Which Senators and Congressmen have the over/under odds covered? Why did Egypt bow out and declare neutrality? There is much, much more behind this than people want to face or dare admit. Isn’t it interesting the threats against the USA and Canada (where the new arrivals poured in for years from parts unknown) do not include China, Korea, the Eastern Block, South America, Mexico, or Russia? Gee, I wonder why? By the way, what is going on in Ukraine? Notice how fast the flags got swapped out from one proxy war to the next?

    • Sometimes I get so very tired of the conspiracy theory false flags sorts that post here and elsewhere. Sadly the right has a full complement of them. Sometimes Melissa, “a cigar is just a cigar “.

      There really isn’t a lot of need to look deeper into what’s been happening since Saturday in Israel. Trying to attribute it to all the deep state stuff that too many are posting and writing about really misses the point. Hamas is a terrorist organization. They hate Jews and Israel and have long been open about their intentions to kill all Jews and destroy Israel. They also hate Christians btw and are open about their desires to kill them or force convert them to Islam. You should believe what they say; just the barbarism they inflicted in Israel the past few days should show you clearly what they would happily do to you. Yes, here in the US.

      I wish you and others would recognize this and throw your support to Israel; it is but the canary in the coal mine. First they came for the Jews………

      • Please forgive us if we feel we’ve seen this play before.

        Hill and Knowlton was hired in 2020 by the WHO, “…in order to ensure there is trust in the WHO’s advice and that its guidance on public health is followed.” (Quote from the contract)

        H&K was also associated with the “throwing babies from incubators” testimony that was shown to be false long after Operation Desert Storm was being mopped up. But the war lust had been achieved.

        Now we have beheaded babies. Wash, rinse, repeat.

        All of a sudden, conservatives think war is great again.


      • The problem with the “conspiracy theory” ding is since the “grassy knoll” many turn out to be accurate, do they not? I support the United States of America because I was born here and I live here. I do not support blood baths in the name of religion, political theater, or financial shenanigans. The problem is short-term memory loss – “weapons of mass destruction” and images of beheadings and massive blood spilled in the sand from the Arab Spring. Shock and awe televised for our consumption! Why is the USA hated so much overseas? Can’t imagine and neither can most Americans because they’re too dumbed-down by their “smart” phones. Besides, being an Irish decendent, my ancestors were starved nearly to death by the Crown and their land stolen and occupied this very day. How is Ireland doing these days? Not too well from what I hear. Enjoy the destruction of America and ignore who is responsible for it and above all, good luck!