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Sanders highlights teacher ‘pay crisis’

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NBC 5Castleton students checking out stacks of books Monday to protest library decision
VT DiggerPublic meeting to discuss proposed wake boat rules for Vermont lakes set for Wednesday
WCAXBalint hears refugee resettlement success stories, challenges
WCAXSen. Sanders hosts town hall advocating for teacher’s pay
NBC 5Vermont releases top scams of 2022, FBI in New York warn of romance scams ahead of Valentine’s Day
WCAXPolice release cause of deaths for fishermen in ice rescues
WCAXSwanton Border Patrol reports historic high number of illegal crossings
WCAXSen. Sanders joins legislation to extend social security benefits
WCAXFederal funds go to testing Vt. drinking water for P-FAS

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    • Record breaking month: Despite area temps reaching -4 degrees, our #BorderPatrol Agents apprehended 367 subjects in January—MORE than 12 preceding years of January totals COMBINED! For the period OCT-JAN, encounters rose 846% against the same prior-year timeframe.

  1. Sanders, states a teacher’s pay crisis, my God what rock has climbed out
    from under, all grade levels are in the tank, and US kids are far below all
    major countries in learning levels, now that’s a crisis.

    It doesn’t sound like we are getting our money’s worth, and Sanders wants
    to give them a raise……..Socialism at its best Vermont’s barking buffoon !!

    • Chenry, Unfortunately your blasting the wrong population. Teachers aren’t why students aren’t learning, although in some cases that may be true. It’s the leadership and fat in schools. Proficiency based learning is a train wreck (teachers forced to do this, not a “want”). Curriculum and expectations are in the toilet thanks to Stephanie Seguino and Restorative Practices handling discipline. All a fail and all cost $$$$. Add the “support team”, DEI department doing nothing, “English curriculum” that looks more like a LGBTQ+ playbook and Social Studies curriculum to match. All anti-Trumpers teaching victimhood and protest instead of achievement and merit. This is what Vermont has created through its voting. Teachers will do what they’re told to do and these days they’re told not to expect anything from the “marginalized populations” which is damn near everyone now. Add a bunch of white superintendents who spout that white supremacy culture is the biggest problem in schools and you’ve got a perfect storm of underachieving victims.

      • School Choice means that teachers will have choices too. But at some point, they have to step up to the plate, as the rest of us are doing, and support the School Choice governance.

  2. Has Sanders superior judgement ever earned him a place on a corporate board or science foundation? Wouldn’t he be the unanimous choice to be thrown from the proverbial, lifeboat? Here’s the thing, no one that’s ever personally EARNED success in life cares what Sanders says about anything. He’s useless.

  3. Here goes your socialist senator trying to buy more votes. He is good at it. Biden learned from him. Don’t know for sure if teachers are the full blame for low test scores or the NEA. Maybe threaten them with a pay cut and they will buckle down and teach our children correctly. Oh, I forgot they are in control now. WE let them!!!