Rutland man indicted for drug trafficking, unlawful gun possession

Lawrence Jackson

RUTLAND — Lawrence Jackson, aka “Boo-Bee,” 50, of Rutland, was indicted by a federal grand jury on December 29, 2021.

The indictment alleges that Jackson engaged in drug trafficking and unlawfully possessed a Judge .410/.45 caliber revolver. Jackson is currently detained on related state charges. He is scheduled to be arraigned in federal court on January 25, 2022. The government has moved for Jackson’s continued detention pending trial.

According to court records, Jackson was arrested on November 23, 2021, while in possession of approximately 430 grams of powder cocaine and 33 grams of cocaine base.

The revolver was seized during a law enforcement search of Jackson’s Rutland residence. The Judge revolver was located in a bedroom identified by witnesses as belonging to Jackson. At the time it was seized, the revolver was loaded with both .45-Long Colt bullets and .410 shotshells.

Jackson is prohibited from possessing a firearm due to his extensive criminal history.

In its detention motion, the government asserted that Jackson has recently been the perpetrator of significant violence in the Rutland community. Witnesses have reported that Jackson has “pistol-whipped” multiple people with The Judge revolver and held a woman at gunpoint.

Witnesses have reported that Jackson has raped and sexually assaulted multiple women in the Rutland area.

In addition, Jackson is being investigated for using drugs to coerce women to perform commercial sex acts and for his involvement in the facilitation of prostitution. Due to his criminal history, Jackson faces a mandatory 15 years of imprisonment if convicted on the firearm violation.

The Rutland Police Department is requesting that anyone with information regarding Jackson’s criminal activities, including any involvement in coercing women to perform commercial sex acts, to contact either Detective Corporal Adam Lucia or Detective Tyler Billings.

Rutland detectives can be reached at (802) 773-1816.

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  1. When are our legislators and Governor going to pay attention to this? VT has become a mecca for drug dealers from certain states in the Northeast. We have got a serious uptick in drugs, crime and violence all around the state. Instead they are fixated on mandatory face diapers and injecting kids with dangerous “vaccines” for a disease that won’t harm them. Truly fiddling while Rome burns……

    • We seem to be going out of our way to attract the element of the population that participates in many areas of criminality and mental derangement. The Burlington area, thanks to their city council, has become an incubator of most any kind of detrimental or criminal behavior that could be imagined. Until the residents of that area declare, “Enough” and vote those responsible out of office, decent citizens will not find relief. And that includes the Essex Board of Education. The sad part is that the attitude and condition is creeping through the remainder of our state. With our small population it does not take many to radically affect our dismal plight!

  2. Thankfully the Feds will handle this matter, since most of our local prosecutors seem to regard behavior like this as just fun and games, and are deftly afraid to bring charges against people of color, lest they be seen as insensitive and racist. The firearm charges alone can get him 10 years in a federal slammer and I can see no good reason why that should not happen. Any additional charges would be icing on the cake. Any Vermont demoprog who has a problem with guns and gun violence should realize that this predatory maggot is a poster child for the problem. They should realize that this is how to handle the issue…by locking up the worst of the worst using our EXISTING,TOUGH gun laws. The Feds also have a better grasp on when it is appropriate to deny bail.

  3. A question for Perri Freeman, Burlington City Council member and Rep. Selene Colburn:
    Regarding your actions to legalize prostitution- Is this the type of treatment of women that you seek? The accusations leveled in this indictment occur in Burlington as well as Rutland. Do you, Ms. Colburn find that eliminating “offensive language” is more important than the damage done to people forced into prostitution? To legalize such is to condone this type of servitude. The cost to those trafficked and forced into prostitution far exceeds anything caused by language that offends you. The Burlington City Council, in it’s fervor to achieve a socialist nirvana for their city- become complicit in the crime of human trafficking by establishing policies that condone prostitution and restrict policing and enforcement of current law. By continuing to hamper Burlington Police with cumbersome requirements and lack of funding, you as elected officials are enabling crimes such as human trafficking to occur. Ms. Colburn, as the Vermont legislature looks at legislation to remove qualified indemnity from police, further hampering law enforcement- any legislation you approve that results in criminal activity make you complicit in that crime. It’s not a stretch to accuse lawmakers that approve such actions as racketeers, under federal RICO laws. It is unfortunate that laws are in place to indemnify your actions as lawmakers- that contribute to criminal acts such as this man is accused of.

    • What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. If we remove qualified immunity from our police, only makes sense to do the same with elected officials of the Burlington City Council.
      A federal RICO prosecution of these leftist agitators on the City Council would be appropriate.

  4. Please always understand: The hatred & bullying of the police and laws attempting to undermine their ability to do their jobs, along with George Soros-funded State Attorneys who refuse to prosecute, and a legislature that seeks to pass all manner of laws that enable crime, wanton murder (abortion), and prostitution that desecrates and disgraces womanhood – are all INTENTIONALLY being implemented to destroy VT and the USA in order to usher in Socialism/Marxism/Communism.

    NONE of this is “liberal” or even “leftist”: It is pure evil being criminally committed in contradiction of the laws of God AND man by violation of our State & U.S. Constitution!

    In the end….in the most literal sense – these traitors to the American culture & rule of law shall proclaim that God doesn’t exist & that “they” (or so they believe they will be included) the “government” is the new “god” as all hell breaks loose and the nation falls. THIS and this ALONE is what is purposely being committed in Montpelier, in Burlington, in Brattleboro, and in Bennington.

    NONE of this is being perpetrated by fools, but rather by the diabolic.

  5. We can be happy as old people, that our future is not here.

    We had the best of times, we created and nurtured these good time.

    We need not endure this next generation’s creations.

    Best Wishes, if you can use them.

  6. I wonder is this report will even be read much less considered by the Burlington city council? Facts are something that liberals choose to ignore.

  7. This guy may have a bright political future ahead of him as the next Democrat candidate for Vermont Attorney General.

  8. This is a glaring example of how gun control does not work. A law abiding citizen can not own a rifle magazine that holds more than ten rounds. Many 22 caliber rifles come with tube magazines holding 16 or more. But a felon operating an illegal drug and apparently a prostitution ring, convicted of numerous felonies has in his possession a Smith & Wesson Governor 45/410 revolver that costs new about $800.00. This is a 5 shot short barreled 410 shotgun also capable of firing 45 Long Colt ammunition witch is as powerful as a 45 ACP cartridge. Criminals do not obey laws, that’s why they are called criminals. Obviously, the criminal justice system isn’t working either. Why is this predator allowed to roam the streets to harm others. While the Dem/progs are trying to disarm Americans they are also busy putting these people back on the streets to prey on their next victims or to sell them poison, Think about your safety. Gun control is for people who aren’t the problem it’s for control and it is not working to keep anyone safe.

  9. I grew up in a God Fearing law abiding state of Vermont. Many years ago a private cab owner use to meet the late train and bring them safely home. Everyone knew Beck Teelion, a persoal friend of my grandfather. late one night he gave a ride the guy said he lived by the country club. He killed beck for his money, was caught, tried, found guilty. and executed in Windsor. There was no analysing his early life, etc. He killed a good man and paid for it.
    Now, where did this pistol whipping thug come from? What is he doing here? Try him; sentence him; have him imprisoned in the state he came from; not on our dollar; ban him from our state; Bernie, he has no rights!! He’s a detriment to society!! The governor wants to bring more people into the state! A sanctuary! Rutland use to be a good town! Strangers have taken over our state! Tell us we are backward. They make pot available to our youth! Kill babies in and out of the womb. I could go on, but you get the gist. Moved back to Vermont to raise our children in a good God fearing state. Thank God they have grown, excelled and live in other states! We are devastated!

    • I am shocked and saddened. How racist of you to inquire: “what is he doing here?”. You saw the headline…he is a “Rutland man”. And hopefully soon he will be a resident of a Federal prison.

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