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Rutland man held for robbery, heroin possession dies in prison

The Vermont State Police is investigating the death of a man who had been incarcerated at Marble Valley Regional Correctional Facility in Rutland. 

Jack Martin, 49, of Rutland City informed Department of Corrections staff on Friday morning, Dec. 9 he was having difficulty breathing, and he was subsequently transported to Rutland Regional Medical Center for treatment. He died at the hospital Sunday afternoon.

The preliminary investigation does not indicate that the death is suspicious. An autopsy will be performed at the Vermont Chief Medical Examiner’s Office in Burlington to determine the cause and manner of death.

Martin has been in custody of the Department of Corrections since Oct. 11 following his arrest on Vermont charges of assault and robbery, and possession of heroin.

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  1. This is sad & we all should pray for his soul. However, but of course, human beings die every day.

    Sadder as well is the fact is that the left will use this death to reinforce their bizarre & dangerous proposal that no criminals ought to be incarcerated.

    Contrarily, they of course do not ever use this style of rudimentary “cause & effect” conclusion to even consider the much GREATER likelihood that the Covid19 virus was man-made in a lab in China or that the readily available drugs on the market in 2019 & beyond could have made a difference in the number of fatalities. Instead? They banned them.

    This are instead highly selective conclusions made by people on a mission. A very dangerous mission indeed.

  2. Perhaps his life was prolonged by incarceration given the life style he was forced to abandon by being tried and convicted and jailed for his crimes .

    His previous crowd he had been running with were less forgiving than our legal system.

    There is always a flip side depending how one looks at it.